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Thor 4 is happening and it'll be called love and thunder not only that but Taika Waititi is coming back to write and direct and we'll finally see Lady Thor in the MCU this news got us so happy that we actually started dancing for brill no no joke my feet are so sore for love and thunder sounds pretty cool 

but you're probably wondering what all the love and thunder will be about well it's a good thing you decided to watch this video because we got some ideas and they include a war of realms beta ray bill and much more Marvel Studios made some major announcements in this year San Diego comic-con included the confirmation that Thor love and thunder is happening 

but that's not all we now know that Natalie Portman will be back as Jane Foster and she will get her own hammer and become the Mighty Thor Thor Ragnarok was a really fun movie and the completely reinvented - Thor as a character Tyko ytg gave us an awesome thrill ride so it goes without saying that we are super happy that 

he's coming back to direct and right Thor for the god of thunder became a really great character in recent films and much of it is thanks to Chris Hemsworth amazing energy and charisma last we saw the god of thunder it was clear that his story was far from over mass Thor seemingly joined the team formerly known as the guardians of the galaxy with the announcement that 

Thor Love & Thunder is coming out in 2021 we have to wonder which film will get first guardians of the galaxy vol 3 or 4 for James Gunn is currently busy with DC's Suicide Squad - so it might be a while before volume 3 will even go into production Plus while Kevin Feige did confirm guardians of the galaxy vol 3 

we still don't have an actual release date and this means that love and thunder will most likely come out first that being said it's always possible that the guardians of the galaxy will actually appear in Thor 4 YTV style will certainly fit the Guardians perfectly but the hoon only time will tell in Hall H tygo ITT hinted that love and thunder will take notes from the Mighty Thor a story 

that introduced B female Thor in the comics after Thor becomes on worthy Jane Foster picked up Mjolnir and became the new goddess of thunder seeing Lady Thor in the MCU will be great and while Jane Foster was underwhelming in the first two 

Thor films we're sure that white titi will be able to completely reinvent the character just like he did for Thor himself while the Mighty Thor story could be the basis for Lady Thor in the movie we hope Marvel will adapt more stories for Thor for Marvel Comics really step their game up in recent years 

when it comes to Thor stories and one storyline, in particular, that stands out is the war of the realms Jason Aaron's 2019 war of the realm series was a blast and we think it'll be a great choice for the plot of love and thunder we won't be getting too much into the story since the MCU version will need to be heavily adjusted like most things do in Marvel movies but there's no doubt that war of the realms is one of the best Thor stories to date to make a long story 

short war the realms is a story about how Malekith the accursed 'it takes over the nine realms something that leads to an epic war across the realms but it's so much more than that but if we try to explain it all we won't have a whole lot of time to talk about Thor for the way the MCU swore of the realms could work is if after spending some time in space with the guardians of the galaxy 

Thor will return to Earth only to find the other realms in chaos Asgard is meant to protect the people of the nine realms and since Thor is somewhat of a champion of the realms Oda son will need to take responsibility and go on an adventure with his friends while trying to bring order to the people in realms 

he's meant to defend we would love to see Thor loved and Thunder dive into the other realms and showcase the mystical worlds from the Thor comics when you think about it the Thor movies barely scratched the surface when it comes to the nine realms and the four mythology and the fourth movie could finally give us all of that in Ragnarok certain or destroyed Asgard while the surviving as Guardians found a new home on earth 

we're pretty sure that things didn't go well for the other realms Asgard's destruction and the snap must have thrown the realms into chaos and with the majority of the Asgardians either dead or on earth, it's likely that the other realms are unprotected and it won't be hard for a new villain to rise up and conquer them all while Thor decided to step down as king he's still responsible for the nine realms and game made it seem like Thor is at the end of the line 

he blamed himself for all the death and infinity war and the five-year time jump didn't do in any favors he felt like he betrayed his people and he didn't really do much to help them following the snap so it'll be great to see Thor coming into his own becoming the hero that he really is since Jane Foster will be getting her own hammer we think that Marvel Studios will finally be bringing beta ray bill to the MCU beta ray bill is a major player in the comics

 who has similar powers to Thor including his own magical hema seeing beta ray bill and Thor for is a must and he'll be a great ally during the war of the realms and let's be honest after seeing what a kowai TT did with Korg we can't wait to see his take on the bill with both Jane and beta ray bill getting their own hammers it's possible that Thor will need to place an order for some room metal from a tree and go all Oprah give it all his friends their own magical hammers you get a hammer the big question is who should be the main villain of the fourth 

Thor film well the god of thunder has many adversaries in the comics but most of them aren't as well known as Loki one villain that stands out is amaura aka The Enchantress amaura and Thor have a very complicated and intense relationship in the comics amaura is an extremely powerful sorceress who's obsessed with thor and constantly tries to win his affection even if it means doing some really messed-up things well a more a 

Thor usually end up on opposing sides the two are also lovers which makes their relationship extremely interesting kind of like Batman and Catwoman not only could a mora be a fantastic female villain but her relationship with thor could be something unique in the MCU with Jane coming back 

Thor's love life might get very complicated The Enchantress rarely works alone and considering the fact that the MCU already killed off scourge the executioner who's her main henchman but more amend up teaming up with another villain while it's always a possibility we'll see mangog we'd much prefer seeing villains like Aerys null org or the God butcher with 

the God of War Ares will be introduced to Olympians and other gods and deities from Greek mythology in the comics and with Ares around we could see Thor teaming up with Hercules something that would be amazing no and gore the god butcher are fantastic villains in their own right and both of them could set up the symbiotes in the MCU and who knows if love and thunder takes notes from the war of the realms 

we can see King Thor who has played a major role in the story during the comic-con panel Tessa Thompson announced that with Valkyrie being the king of Asgard she'll be looking for a queen which is an official confirmation that Valkyrie is indeed the first LGBTQ hero in the MCU many fans have been rooting for a relationship between Valkyrie and Captain Marvel a ship that both Tessa Thompson and brie Larson have been supporting and we think seeing that come to play in the MCU would be awesome another potential Queen for Valkyrie could be Angela who's Thor's long-lost sister in the comics Angela ends up forming a team called the as guardians of the galaxy a team that Valkyrie ends up joining and Evangeline and her team joined the MCU 

it's always possible that she could be Valkyries Queen speaking of Angela she's just one of Thor's lost siblings who didn't come from the same mother there's also Balder who's Thor secret half-brother and a major character in the Thor series Man Thor has a lot of secret siblings Odin you were a naughty boy a very naughty boy ah there are many other great characters in the Thor comics that we hope will show up in Thor 4 and 

we also hope to see some returning ones like Lady SIF who pretty much disappeared after the dark world with the possibility that all of these characters will show up in Thor love and thunder we could see the formation of a whole new team we already mentioned as guardians of the galaxy but the team could be mixed with other teams such as the Thor core the God Squad a combination of all three teams could be awesome and it could open the door to other amazing characters including the Silver Surfer who shared many adventures with 

Thor and was also a part of the God Squad the Silver Surfer could eventually lead to the arrival of Galactus with Thor's adventures continuing in the MCU one has to wonder if Loki will make his return Nagata mischief was killed by Thanos and infinity warp and it appears like his death was permanent Moki will be getting his own series on the new Disney streaming service but it was confirmed that the show will follow the Loki we saw in the endgame 

who is from a different timeline so the Loki in the main MCU timeline is really dead well at least for now if we're being honest we think it'll be good to allow some space between Loki and Thor don't get us wrong we love Loki but after Ragnarok and infinity war we think it'll be interesting to see the two brothers go on separate adventures it's always possible that Loki will return as kid Loki or even as the female Loki 

but that might be too weird which is why it'll be perfect for taiko Itt style in short even if half of these things happen in love and thunder we have no doubt that the fourth Thor movie will be something out of this world November 2021 can't come soon enough what do you think about all this and what do you hope will happen in Thor love and thunder let us know in the comments below.

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Taika waititi.

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  Movie Cast & Crew 

This Movie releasing on : 11-February-2022.

Movie Category: Action,  Adventure, Fantasy.

This Movie Directed by: Taika waititi. 

This Movie Produces by: Kevin Fegie.

This Movie is Distribute by: Marvel Universe Studio.

Production Companies: Marvel Studio, Walt Disney Pictures.

Movie Story by: Jennifer kaytin Robinson, Taika waititi.

Movie Screenplay: Taika Waititi, Stan LeeJennifer Kaytin RobinsonJack KirbyLarry Lieber. 

Movie Based on: Marvel Universe Comic.

This Movie Starring: Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, Taika Waititi, Tessa Thompson.

Country & Language: United States of America & English language.