the croods 2 full movie in Hindi dubbed watch online l The Crood 2 Movie Review

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the croods 2 full movie Detail cast crew releasing date
the croods 2 full movie Detail cast crew releasing date

The Croods 2

Hello, Guys Today We are Going To Talk About Hollywood Animated Movie The Crood Part Two This Is Really awesome Movie.

The Croods 2 Movie Review

The croods are finally back I don't think this is the movie that I was really wanting a sequel for I mean the cruise was a fine Dreamworks animated film I thought it was decent nothing truly memorable so I always knew that they wanted to make a sequel but it was surprising when they did announce a sequel to this film seven years after the first one I felt like this movie should have came out a few years ago nonetheless I was still excited to see the film we have the betterments in here a new family, 

We have Peter Dinklage Leslie Mann and Kelly Marie Tran in the film voicing the betterments we also have Nicolas cage, Ryan Reynolds and Emma stone returning for the croods characters and so we have this rival family who think that they are better than the croods 

they're more evolved they have a way of living they have like toilets that they've made they have dishwashers and trash cans and everything they've built a community for themselves and the croods really like that except for the father who wants to still be part of his own pack and not have other people be part of it but the film they kind of separate the characters the father of both families kind of argue and the mothers argue and there's teen drama for everybody but really deep down shows what family is and what you do appreciate for your family 

I think this has a more compelling and tight story compared to that first movie i did enjoy the first move but I felt like the story was really loose and it's kind of all over the place and not a lot of the vents were strung together and this film i thought was much tighter the script was easier to follow and more compelling too there were some moments for the characters both 

the croods and the betterments that really kind of tested them individually like i said they really did separate them there weren't many scenes that the croods were together as a family and the betterments weren't much as a family together because the fathers were off doing something and the mothers and the teenagers were off doing something as well so they're kind of all doing their own thing but it really built the characters up more individually to where you appreciate them as part of that family unit and seeing how they are completely different from each other 

Because the crews are like cavemen people and the betterments are more evolved and they have this community and this way of living that's way more advanced than the croods could ever imagine and so it's fun to kind of watch the different ways that they've built things for themselves like the toilet and trash can and beds a tv and a window and different things like that 

it's kind of all fun reminds me of how the flintstones live it's kind of fun to see how the croods reacted to that as well especially the sun who was obsessed with the window which he thought was like a tv so they're kind of throwing in modern parts to this movie and how people act now i thought the betterments were fun characters they were like the rival for them so you know there's going to be like a competition and them arguing a lot as well 

But it really brought out some of the best moments for the crews and the betterments as well when they were really trying to understand each other and we had one opinion about the betterments in the beginning and then once we got to know them and they got to understand the crews and they do not just cave people they have feelings and everything and they want to kind of work together you have a better understanding of the betterments and they become compelling characters with a deeper connection to the crews and 

i like how they all kind of work together at the end of the film the animation works great once again i love the prehistoric designs for the croods and some of the brighter moments come when they enter the better men's house and they have like the bright landscape and some of the animals and creatures in here have really good designs and they're bright too 

I thought that the animation was way more upbeat and colorful and just popped a lot more compared to that first film it was funny too i laughed quite often with in i think more than i did for the first film i just recently watched the first film for the first time in a while actually it was just on tv and i watched it and the second film there's a lot of times i did laugh especially with the sun who's voiced by clark duke and emma stone and ryan reynolds they're funny in the film and kelly marie tran and peter dinklage they're all pretty funny 

there's a side story involving some bananas that really eats up a lot of the later half of the movie and i think it really challenges both of the families and they must work together so i thought the story line at first was a little bit confusing where they were going to go kind of remind me of the first film just a little side story that really didn't mean much but it ended up being a integral part of the story and i thought it definitely did work out so overall the croods a new age was a film

 I wasn't fully expecting to enjoy i think a seven-year gap between a film like this is not something that you know people are going to go out and want to see most people probably look at the cruises and say oh yeah that was an animated film from many years ago and so i don't think it's going gonna drive a lot of people in but it was entertaining i thought it was much better than the first film the storyline was stronger than the first one i liked the characters and i like the betterments in the film as well and where they took the characters at the end it was funny it was bright all around a really entertaining movie better Dreamworks sequel as well.

Hello Dosto Aj Hum Baat Kearny ja rehy he Upcoming Animated Movie The Croods 2 ke jo k Sequal he The Croods (2013) ka is Movie ko Direct Kia he Jole Crawford ny or is Movie k Story Writer he Dan Hageman or Kevin Hageman yeh Movie Based on he Characters by Kirk DeMicco, Chris Sanders py is movie ke Story Kuch is terha he k Crood Family jo Caves me rehti thee first part me apny caves se Bahir a chuki he or ab Crood Family or Prehistoric family my challenge he k konsi family better he.

I Hope Guy's apko yeh information Achi LGI ho egr ap Kisi or Movie ke bary me information chahty he ya is Movie k bary me to ap humari is site py check ker skty he or egr koi information jo nehi majood ap humy humary FB page ProSaad py a ker req ker skty he.

Movie Original Storyline: The prehistoric family the Croods are challenged by a rival family the Betterman's, who claim to be better and more evolved.

This is Not A Crood Movie But This is Also an Animated Movie If You Want to See You Will Enjoy this.

The Croods 2 full movie in Hindi dubbed watch online

  Movie Cast & Crew 

This Movie releasing on : 23-December-2020.

Movie Category : Comedy , Family.

This Movie Directed by : Joel Crawford. 

This Movie Produces by : Mark Swift.

This Movie Distribute by : Universal Pictures.

Production Companies : Dream works Animation.

Movie Edited by : James Ryan.

This Movie Music From : Alan Silvestri.

Movie Story Written by : Dan Hageman , Kevin Hageman.

Movie Based on : Characters by kirk Demicco, Chris Sanders.

This Movie Starring : (
Nicolas Cage as Grug Crood) , (Emma Stone as Eep Crood) , (Ryan Reynolds as Guy) , (Catherine Keener as Ugga Crood) , (Clark Duke as Thunk Crood) , (Cloris Leachman as Gran) , (Leslie Mann as Hope Betterman) , (Kelly Marie Tran as Dawn Betterman) , (Peter Dinklage as Phil Betterman).

Country & Language : United States of America & English language.