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"News of the world (2020)" Movie
 "News of the world (2020)" Movie

News Of The World (2020)

Hello Dosto aj hum baat Kearny ja rehy he Upcoming Drama Movie News of the world ke ye Movie Based he 2016 k Novel same name News of the World by Paulette Jiles is Movie ke storey Kuch is terha he k Civil War k Baad Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd Jo Texan Traveler he or west k logo ko News dety he Ek Larki jo Kidnaped ho gai he os ke Maded Kearny ka Fasla kerty he is Movie ke Co-written or Directer he Paul Greengrass or ye Movie Release ho ge 25 December 2020 ko.

News of The World Movie Review

today I'm here to tell you whether or not news of the world is worth a watch today so we have news of the world directed by Paul Greengrass and starring tom hanks as captain Jefferson kyle Kidd now tom hanks is one of my favourite actors if not my favourite actor of all time 

so casting him in your movie especially as the lead which he almost always plays the lead let's be honest that's always a checkmark in my book because tom hanks is always able to bring such a vulnerability a likability, uh and empathy and sympathy to almost every single role that he portrays and here is no different having a likeable main character goes pretty far in a movie like this so checkmark there 

but starring alongside him as johanna is helena zengel one of her first roles i believe and she plays a girl who is lost who is half native american and half white that tom hanks has to take back to her home and obviously because of the character's language barrier she doesn't actually speak much in the movie but she is still able to give a wonderful performance because of just the look and the facial expressions that are able to say 1 000 words right sometimes a look can say so much and it's amazing to see their bond progress throughout the entire movie 

through all these ups and downs and twists and turns and different events that happen along the story but where does our story take place well it takes place in 1870 in texas and i love it when the location of the movie acts as a character in itself because the world building in this movie is really excellent and i love how subtle it is it's not hitting you over the head with so many people going these are hard times and we live in texas and nothing is great and we're doing this and doing that it's told to us visually and through different situations 

the vast emptiness between the towns allows time for our characters to bond but it also allows our story to portray challenges of that time you know travelling by horseback is not the most convenient level of travel by today's standards 

but you also have sandstorms and you have bandits which leads to a really exciting intense action set piece but in the towns, you get the sense that these are hard times and you get the sense of how life was like in post-civil war texas you can hear it amongst the people when captain Kidd is telling his stories and you can hear how the certain people are reacting to the new way of life that their country is moving towards and that general consensus creates an aura around the film 

that it all comes into play  but the main reason why I really enjoyed this movie is that it captures the essence and the wonder of storytelling the spirit of storytelling and how powerful can be you know back then there wasn't much time for reading books a lot of the people were illiterate and when tom hanks's character came to town and would tell stories. 

it was this escape for these people it was a way for them to learn more about the world and escape their little small town struggles and the whole act of storytelling is one of the reasons why Johanna really comes to know captain Kidd and really takes a liking to him in the first place because she loves stories she loves being taken off on an adventure and that's what stories can really do but this also brings up another point it also shows that when he goes to a small town 

which is run by this not really much of a dictator but this guy who really runs the town and he controls what news is being told to these people you can really control the way the  people think when you control the media  when you control the news being told to them which is eerily prevalent today but I won't get too political on you guys when you control the stories being told you control the people but when stories are being told it captures the imagination and seeing tom hanks' character read just these almost mundane stories 

that we see on the news all the time of these tragedies when the whole audience goes to a really tragic event but when they start to clap and cheer when something amazing happens it brings me back to when I was a kid and when i was starting to really love movies like that's the reason why we love movies right to be immersed in the storytelling 

it's really magical to see and this movie really captures the essence of storytelling and i find it just mesmerizing to see so all in all i'm gonna give the news of the world a 4 5. i really can't think of a problem with this movie maybe some people might find it boring because it's just two characters going from town to town and there's a lot of downtime in between the travels 

but to be honest man I found this movie just completely mesmerizing from beginning to end but what about you guys what is your favourite movie taking place in the post-civil war south times what's your favourite tom hanks movie what's your favourite paul Greengrass movie what's your favourite movie tell me whatever you want down in the comment section down below

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Movie Original Storyline: A Texan travelling across the wild West bringing the news of the world to local townspeople, agrees to help rescue a young girl who was kidnapped.

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  Movie Cast & Crew 

This Movie releasing on : 25-December-2020.

Movie Category : Drama, Western.

This Movie Directed by : 
Paul Greengrass.

This Movie Produces by : Gary Goetzman, Gregory Goodman, Tom Hanks, Gail Mutrux.

This Movie Distribute by : Universel Pictures.

Production Companies : Playtone, pretty pictures.

Movie Edited by : William Goldenberg.

This Movie Music From : James Newton Howard.

Cinematography : Dariusz Wolski.

Movie Screenplay : Luke Davies, Paul Greengrass.

Movie Based on : News of the World by Paulette Jiles.

Country & Language :
 United States of America & English language.

This Movie Starring : 
  • Tom Hanks as Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd.
  • Helena Zengel as Johanna Leonberger.
  • Fred Hechinger as Thomas Kidd.
  • Michael Covino as Ron Avalon.
  • Thomas Francis Murphy as Merritt Farley.
  • Neil Sandilands as Wilhelm Leonberger.
  • Elizabeth Marvel as Gannett.
  • Mare Winningham as Jane.
  • Chukwudi Iwuji as Charles Edgefield.