Sonic The HEDGEHOG 2020 Download Full Movie In Hindi

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Sonic The HEDGEHOG Download Full Movie In Hindi


Sonic The HEDGEHOG Download Full Movie In Hindi
Sonic The HEDGEHOG Download Full Movie In Hindi 

Hello everyone. Hum Sab Ne Bachpan me video games to kheli e ha hum my se boht log Game Sonic k fans he ab 2020 me hum sonic ke Movie dekhy gy.


Movie Original Storyline: Sonic tries to navigate the complexities of life on Earth with his newfound best friend a human named Tom Wachowski. They must soon join forces to prevent the evil Dr. Robotnik from capturing Sonic and using his powers for world domination.

Sonic The HEDGEHOG Download Full Movie In Hindi
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Our thoughts about the movie Storyline and rumours

Sonic k First trailer or second trailer ko Dekha jiy to esa lgta he jesy Dono alag alag movies ke trailer he aj se 6month pehly hum ny Jo trailer Dekha tha osy dekhny k baad esa lg he nehi reha tha k yeh Paramount picture ke film he movie k first trailer ko boht unlike kia gia or film k director n b is mamlly ko boht serious lia onho n tweet kerty hoy keha k Sonic character ko redesign kia ja reha he or film ke releasing date ko 14-February-2020 ko Valentine’s day per release Kia jay ga or next trailer me humny Sonic ko achi Animation k sath Dekha jesa hum sub dekhna chatty theey or is baar sonic k pory world film me daal dia gia he arcade waly Jo hum log game me khel chuky he.

Sonic The HEDGEHOG Download Full Movie In Hindi
Sonic The HEDGEHOG Download Full Movie In Hindi 

Movie Cast & Crew

This Movie releasing on : 14-February-2020.

Movie Category : Animation, Action, SciFi.

This Movie Directed by:  Jeff Fowler.

This Movie Produces by:  Takeshi Ito, Mie Onishi, Toru Nakahara, Neal H. Moritz.

This Movie Distribute by: Paramount picture.

Production Companies: Sega, Marza Animation Planet , Blur Studio, Original film, DJ2 Entertainment.

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Movie Edited by : Stacey Schroeder.

This Movie Music From: Junkie XL.

Cinematography :  Stephen E. Windon.

Movie Story by :  Patrick Casey, Josh Miller

Movie Screenplay by:   Patrick Casey, Josh Miller, Oren Uziel.

Movie Based on : Sonic The Hedgehog by, yuji Naka Naoto Ohshima, Hirokazu yasuhara.

 This Movie Starring : James MARSDON(Tom Wachowski), Jim Carrey(Dr Robotnik)  , Ben Schwartz(Sonic The Hedgehog) , Adam pally , Tika Sumpter (Tika Wachowski ) .

Movie Bugged : 95million dollars.

Country & Language: United States of America & English language.


Sonic The HEDGEHOG Movie Review

The live-action film Sonic The Hedgehog hit cinemas in February of 2020. Based on the popular Sega video game character that arrived on Sega Mega Drive back in 1991 and has had endless amounts of sequels and spins offs released over the years. Just recently it arrived on Bluray and is also available to rent on streaming platforms. The film was directed by Jeff Fowler who had only directed a short movie called   Gopher Broke which received an academy award nomination.

 Budgeted at around $90 million it managed to gross over $300 worldwide making it the most successful video game to movie adaptation released in the USA. It could’ve been a massive failure. Once the first trailer hit the internet in April of 2019 the look of sonic was universally panned and it wasn’t just the fans of Sonic complaining. Apparently, Paramount Pictures expected Sonics fans to object to the new look but they felt general audiences wouldn’t care but they were wrong.   

Sega themselves weren’t entirely happy with the redesign either especially Sonics eyes. Paramount made the right decision to delay the movie by 3 months and spent an additional $5 million to redesign  Sonic to mirror his classic image. There has been talk of a sonic movie, since the mid-90s following a similar approach to Roger Rabbit with the animated version of Sonic interacting with actors or to go in the direction of a fully animated movie, but there was a reluctancy from Sega due to the failure of Super Mario Bros,   they didn’t want the reputation and image of their character to be damaged and the rights to develop a live-action movie was shelved.  

Interest grew again in 2013 when Sony had wanted to push forward with the feature but again the idea was put on hold and it was Paramount Pictures who gave it the green light and got the film off the ground in 2017. The majority of the cast signed on by August 2018,   and principal photography took place between September and October in Vancouver. For the film's plot, Sonic has been living on Earth since he was a kid, he escaped from his homeworld having been sought after by the tribe for his power. 

His guardian an owl called Longclaw gives him a bag of rings which he can use to create portals between worlds. Stuck on earth by himself for the remaining years in the town of Green Hills in Montana, he has been keeping an eye on the locals but longs to make a friend. 

He idolizes the local sheriff, Tom, and his veterinarian wife, Maddie,   unaware the pair are planning to relocate to  San Francisco soon. One night, Sonic becomes frustrated by his loneliness when playing baseball by himself, and runs at supersonic speed as a result, accidentally triggering an electromagnetic pulse that knocks out power across the Pacific Northwest. Doctor Robotnik is enlisted by the United States Department of Defense to uncover the source of the outage.  

Robotnik discovers and tracks Sonic footprints to Green Hills thanks to his drone technology.  Sonic spots the government are on his case and he hides in Tom’s shed. Tom discovers Sonic and accidentally shoots him with a tranquillizer, causing him to send his bag of rings through a portal to San Francisco. Tom reluctantly agrees to help Sonic to get his rings back. As the pair evade Robotnik, Robotnik comes across one of Sonic's quills, discovering the power in it has the potential to fuel his robots,   

he then becomes obsessed with capturing  Sonic to harness his power for himself! Now I didn’t get the chance to see Sonic in  theatres, I wasn’t desperate to rush out and   see it, I grew up playing Sonic and its sequels on the Mega Drive and Sonic Adventure when it hit   the Dreamcast, I enjoyed those games but I never considered myself a super fan of the character, the games were just fun to play, I’ve been a bit surprised Sonic has continued to have a strong fanbase over  the years especially with younger audiences, from what I've seen and played of the more  recent Sonics games the last decade or so they have largely been rubbish or just lack 

 the charm and strong gameplay of the earlier titles from the 90s. Sonic has somewhat struggled with the leap from 2D to 3D,   far less successful than Mario who has had hit after hit. The recent release of Sonic   Mania demonstrated that Sonic works best in a 2D medium and its probably the best Sonic game I’ve played since Sonic 2. I just wish this game came out on the Sega Saturn in the late 90s. 

I had heard from many people that this Sonic film wasn’t too bad and certainly wasn’t the disaster many people were expecting and those opinions are true, it's perfectly fine, is it however average and plays it very safe and doesn’t do anything original with its story. Sonic with the early games never really had a plot, things were of course expanded over the years in further games and the long-running comic book series but the film just follows a very familiar storyline that is very predictable, cliched and doesn’t make any large attempts to spend time in the world of Sonic, it quickly gets to Earth and spends 95% of the time there.

 The films most frustrating aspect is Sonic himself sadly, he does have some gags that work and got a few chuckles from me but the majority of the time I just found him a bit irritating, he’s hyperactive, never shuts up, it's like you’re dealing with a kid high on sugar. Also, I didn’t think the voice fit the character. Its always been a bit weird once Sonic started speaking in the games, of course, there had been a cartoon, but I don’t think they have never fully got his voice right, their direction from it appears to me is to have him sound cool and edgy. 

To me, I felt Sonic should be a bit sarcastic and witty, a bit like Raphael from Ninja Turtles. He should be a bit lazy as well, making it ironic that he is the faster thing on the planet but he is a bit of a slob. His whole goal and the theme of the movie is about friendship, not the most exciting idea put to film, Sonic just wishes to make a friend so he doesn’t feel so alone.

 Thankfully the redesign makes his CG counterpart look more familiar to his classic video game image but Sonic has always looked a bit off in 3D, I prefer the chubby  2D version of Sonic from his early days. Despite being nicely animated he doesn’t quite fit the live-action elements very well, he doesn’t seem to blend naturally and looks like a cartoon character that has just been superimposed into the movie. 

Jim Carrey is certainly the highlight as Dr  Robotnik, he brings back his over the top comedic style from his 90s output of movies such as Ace  Ventura and Batman Forever which was nice to see again, the comedy doesn’t quite hit the mark in all his scenes, he is trying his best to elevate the comedy but the jokes aren’t strong enough in the script. It was nice to touch to have Sonic refer to him as Eggman which is his name in Japan.  

Robotnik is supposed to be an overweight man and Jim Carrey is far from it, but he does look more like the classic villain by the end of the film. James Marsden who I'm always happy to see, a good actor and has great comedic timing but he doesn’t really get the chance to be funny, he is just playing a generic nice guy who is stuck in a boring town as a police officer who wants to escape to the big city and comes to the help of sonic and befriends him, it's just a forgettable role for James. One of my  favourite characters is the cop called Wade played   by Adam Pally, a small role but his character  is great and got a lot of laughs from me,   

 I just wish he was in it more. He should’ve joined Sonic for his adventure, to be honest. When Sonic utilizes his super-speed, we end up with sequences we’ve seen before in recent movies and even TV shows, watching Sonic play baseball by himself feels like a scene ripped from the old Lois and Clark show, seeing the scene of him moving at normal speed with everyone essentially frozen in time is ripped off from X-Men days of future past. its stuff you’ve seen before. 

I suppose this was the difficult aspect for the filmmakers, what else can you do with Sonic that hasn’t already been done before with say The Flash or Quicksilver? So in this area, they seem to struggle to do anything original. The films visual effects are overall okay, they do the job but nothing looks photo-realistic, it very much looks you’re staring at computer effects, the score my Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL does a serviceable job, he provides a classic symphonic score with some soft rock, a big departure from his electronic approach, his stuff on Batman V Superman was headache-inducing, felt like I was being bashed over the head with a keyboard. 

Oddly Tom doesn’t take any inspiration from the Sonic games using the very recognise themes and melodies. 

I did hear one theme near the end that is a slow rendition of the sonic main theme but that was all I noticed. For once Tom should’ve gone with an electronic score with some jazz thrown in and adapted many of the classic themes from the game to please the fans. What we get seems like a missed opportunity. The film leaves it open for a sequel  and from its success at the box office,   

 I would imagine that Paramount would want to do a follow-up and hopefully, they will feature more of Sonics world. If you have children then  I'm sure they will have a lot of fun watching it,   Since Super Mario Bros there has been a lot of movies based on video games, most of the time they fail at capturing the games as its difficult medium to translate and often the filmmakers don’t really care about the game but just see an easy opportunity to profit from the IP. 

Sonic doesn’t come across as a cynical cash grab but it doesn’t really do anything interesting with the famous Hedgehog,  its understandable that they wouldn’t want push things too far with the first film because there is a risk it could be a disaster and to their benefit, it worked in their favour. It's definitely up there as one of the stronger adaptations but that isn’t really saying much considering the best of the video game movies for me is Mortal Kombat which isn’t a cinematic masterpiece but just an enjoyable action film. 

Thankfully Sonic is far better than say Double Dragon, the resident evil movies, Dead or Alive and MK annihilation. I do have to remind myself this is a film aimed at kids and not people who are in their late 30s but then again, that age bracket who grew up on Sonic during his golden years are in their 30s to 40s so it would still appeal to them in some way and I did laugh a few times watching it, it wasn’t an embarrassing mess put it that way.  

It was a strange experience for me however, I would flip flop a lot, there would be a scene that irritated me and was way too cheesy then the next scene was good, just back and forth a lot but the general enjoyable aspects outweighed the clumsy and negative stuff. If you’re a hardcore Sonic fan then I'm sure you will enjoy it but for everyone else, it’s a harmless movie that will generate some laughs but is ultimately throwaway entertainment.