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"kindred 2020" movie
 "kindred 2020" movie

Kindred 2020

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Kindred Movie Review

kindred originally titled Corvidae which is a much cooler title, in my opinion, is directed by joe marc Antonio it stars Tamara Lawrence and Fiona shaw and it tells the story of charlotte a recent widow who is carrying the child of her boyfriend the child that she doesn't want and how in the wake of her boyfriend's death she is absolutely smothered by his stepbrother and his mother confined to their family home for the duration of her pregnancy and 

what follows is an intense psychological cat and mouse game between charlotte and Margaret the family matriarch who is determined to care for charlotte and her unborn baby at all costs I didn't know anything of this movie going into it I don't think I even watched a trailer the only reason it was on my radar at all is 

because I'm a huge fan of Fiona shaw and seeing her on the cast list of this movie just made my ears go and now that I've seen it I can actually say that kindred is an interesting film to talk about is the directorial debut of joe marc Antonio and as far as directing goes it's pretty fantastic there's a distinct vibe here that comes from both the cinematography and the choice of location and it harkens back to like old school British folksy horror like the village of the damned the score when utilized is haunting and when not utilized is replaced with equally 

haunting classical music like claire dulune and moonlight sonata and it helps create this wonderful gothic atmospheric mood that makes the idea of this movie coupled with its themes of female hysteria give off really intense yellow wallpaper energy both performances of the leading ladies Tamara Lawrence and Fiona shaw are stellar and easily 

the best parts of this movie from the moment ben dies charlotte's entire life becomes a struggle of what she wants versus what her boyfriend's family thinks is best for her and the baby and that battle of wills between charlotte and Margaret ends up being intensely psychologically damaging to charlotte who's basically been teetering on the edge of you know stability since ben's death and Margaret who was already very controlling toward 

ben is now trying to sink her claws into his unborn child it speaks this idea similar to swallow of a woman being caged in a situation where she's being told what's best for her and not being allowed to do what she knows is best for her but that's where the movie starts falling apart a bit for me because writing-wise there isn't enough here to lend to those themes effectively it's a visually stunning movie 

but it's one that doesn't always feel focused especially when so much of it is just leaning into misery it's actually quite similar to a few other films i've talked about this year namely the dark and the wicked and the curse of audrey earnshaw and it's become sort of a running joke at this point and i call that subgenre misery porn because that's what it feels like i want to stress that kindred is better than both of those films in my eyes it definitely has a better handle on the idea that it's trying to sell but ultimately 

it does just feel like 90 minutes of an undeserving woman's suffering and it all amounts to nothing because the ending of this movie makes the entirety of what you just watched feel utterly pointless and it's kind of an anti-rosemary's baby of endings and no amount of quality gothic cinematography can rectify the fact that this movie feels like all build-up and no payoff i'm gonna say that kindred is meh it's directed incredibly and while it does manage to be an okay arc house movie in what it's trying to portray 

it fails completely in its writing ultimately leading up to an ending that feels like a zero-sum and you're just left wondering whether or not there was even any point to what you just watched but that being said I do think joe marc Antonio has a very very very interesting eye and I want to see what he does next because from a directing standpoint this movie is fantastic and I would love to see more from him as always.

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Movie Original Storyline: At the point when her kindred kicks the bucket abruptly in A mishap, mentally delicate mother-to-be Charlotte is taken in by his family - anyway they show up logically energetic about her each moves Her suspicions grow and panic builds - however simply however so much can they are going in their want to regulate her and her unborn baby?



  Movie Cast & Crew 

This Movie releasing on : 6-November-2020.

Movie Category : Thriller, Mistery.

This Movie Directed by :
 Joseph Marcantonio.

This Movie Produces by : Jack Lowden, Dominic Norris.

Movie Edited by : Fiona DeSouza.

This Movie Music From : Jack Halama, Natalie Holt.

Cinematography : Carlos Catalán.

Movie Story writer by : Joe Marcantonio, Jason McColgan.

Movie Screenplay : Joe Marcantonio, Jason McColgan.

Movie Running time : 1h 41m.

Movie Bugged : $3,000,000.

Country & Language : United States of America & English language.

This Movie Starring : 
  • Fiona Shaw as Margaret.
  • Chloe Pirrie as Jane..
  • Jack Lowden as Thomas.
  • Edward Holcroft as Ben.
  • Anton Lesser as Dr. Richards.
  • Kiran Sonia Sawar as Linsey.
  • Natalia Kostrzewa as Betty.
  • Tamara Lawrance as Charlotte.
  • Nyree Yergainharsian as Dr.Riose.
  • Toyah Frantzen as Doctor.