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Raya and the Last Dragon
Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya and the Last Dragon

today we are breaking down the entirety of the riot and the last dragon teaser trailer using everything we know about the film right now when the trailer began the tone and setting of this teaser were fantastically set up through an intro with a castle on a whole mountain and a blasting instrument which were so decisively disruptive to what we typically expect to see from a walt disney studios logo but the true fun hadn't even begun yet next we see a young raya preparing for battle as she looks through her armory puts on her proper warrior attire and gets ready for a fight what's important to note though is that 

she doesn't choose deadly weapons and instead goes with two wooden sticks which would be useful later following this moment she ran through an ornate hallway catapulted herself onto rooftops as it rained and somehow entered a circular hallway that looked like some type of hidden temple navigating through that dimly lit place Raya took off her face covering and looked upon a long hallway with a gateway at the end while the string instruments were playing through every moment everything picks up in a whole new way

when Raya springs a variety of traps on her path to the door like she's Indiana Jones or the tomb raider which eventually leads us to meet the very adorable little tuk-tuk now I don't really know what tuk-tuk is but he kind of seems like this little mammalian armadillo thing who seems to be a great companion an incredible roller and someone who gets a bit distracted by his tummy at times through his great work 

he helps Raya through to the massive gateway that seems to kind of be an advanced vault decorated with clouds across it this barrier may have seemed formidable but with Ryze sticks she was able to unlock the complex system that laid within it, of course, we discovered that this film is brought to us by the same people as Moana and frozen while Raya enters this locked area and climbs stairs barefoot with beautiful water rushing

upwards that's a little touch I didn't notice at all when I first watched the trailer which I did record and we'll link down below if you'd like to see my initial reaction clearly something mystical was going on in this closed-off place while it seemed to be constructed in stone the whole place looked kind of alive with glowing purple spots across plant life with a bright object in the centre of the space now at first Raya seemed to be mystified by what she saw but soon a mysterious figure appeared and that feeling went away 

when we heard echoing whales in the background and she faced down that person here it's clear to tell that this is a story based off of the cultures that exist within Southeast Asia as we begin to see more overt

iconography from the regions that were studied to bring this film to life that's why there seem to be elements used that remind the internet of avatar the last Airbender legend of Korra I mean even to me as someone who wasn't a massive fan of those shows can clearly recognize that Raya was wearing something that looked like an outfit worn by katara or avatar Korra the mask that the mysterious figure wore reminded me of the blue spirit mask that Zuko wore and the moments with these warriors just felt tactical and thought through like they were trained by uncle iro flashing away from this battle

we see Raya in a desert with massive stone structures around her only now she's aged and holds the weapon that the mysterious warrior had once held which indicates that they are likely somehow connected I feel like there has to be some reason Raya would take that sword for herself and I think she has it because the masked warrior is her father we hear Raya speak about how she trained her whole life to become a guardian of the dragon gem which I would assume is the glowing orb from the temple that she entered when

she was young I believe that it makes sense that her father was the one who taught her to be a warrior and to understand her duties as a princess because Raya is supposed to be the next Disney princess I mean at first I thought that figure could have been an enemy but since she fought him with wooden sticks it seems like they were sparring more than they were trying to actually kill one another but what really solidified this thought process for me was when we saw Raya standing next to a person with a similar outfit to her own facing the people of their world to me

this man not only looks like the masked warrior's profile but because of where he and Raya stood they seemed to be a part of the family who watched over all others I think Raya's father trained her and was king we then see a cart surrounded by statues of people reaching out with open hands and this just seems weird and often disturbing i mean these people have to be turned to stone by some type of dark force or a villain I mean what else would lead to this type of scene as we see Raya fighting the figure again

we also learned that her world has changed the people have divided into four kingdoms and the only way for peace to come is if Raya finds the last dragon maybe her family has been responsible for providing guidance to the world and for protecting the dragon gem which is why it inevitably falls upon Raya to rise up above the threat to mankind all of this is juxtaposed with scenes of her riding a tuk-tuk in the desert fighting the person in the chamber of

the dragon gem and looking at some type of document either predicting the future or recording the past and after learning all of this the history of the world begins to become clear you see from the summary of a riot in the last dragon we learn that long ago in the fantasy world of camandra humans and dragons lived together in harmony until an underhanded power undermined the land to save mankind the monsters forfeited themselves yet after 500 years that equivalent evil returned and I believe is appeared in the mystery as

the black and purple darkness within Raya's scroll and with this knowledge I think what we are seeing on that document is that pairing a dragon with the dragon gem will defeat the force that threatens Raya's reality but who is the last dragon well after seeing Raya fearlessly and bravely rise against who I think is her father and declare who she is we get this really trippy moment of glass and crystal coming over the trailer 

which reminded me a lot of the mere dimensions imagery in doctor strange then after seeing that tuk-tuk has grown to be absolutely massive and are shown that riot and the last dragon will come to theatres on March 12th of 2021 we see a figure swimming through the water and this is the dragon Raya will find you see at the d23 expo in 2019 we are told about sisu a water dragon who will actually be able to transform into a human together tuk-tuk sisu and Raya will have to work together on an epic fantasy adventure to save the world.

Hello Dosto me Baat Kerny Ja reha ho Disney ke Upcoming Movie Raya and the Last Dragon k baary me ye Movie humy Next year 12 March ko dekhny ko Miley ge is Movie ko direct ker rehy he Don hall or produce ker rehy he Osnat Shurer or peter del vecho ny or is movie ky story Writer he Qui Nguyen or Adele Lim is Movie ke story Kuch is terha hony wali he k Raya the Warrior apny kingdom ko bachany k liy last dragon ko dhondny nikla he.

 I Hope Guy's apko yeh information Achi lgi ho egr ap Kisi or Movie ke bary me information chahty he ya is Movie k bary me to ap humari is site ProSaad.com py check ker skty he or egr koi information jo nehi majood ap humy humary FB page ProSaad py a ker req ker skty he.

Movie Original Storyline: In a land called Kumandra, split into five unique districts, a hero named Raya looks for the last monster on the planet

Raya and the Last Dragon 2021 Movie Trailer

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  Movie Cast & Crew 

This Movie releasing on: 12-March-2021.

Movie Category: Adventure, Fantasy.

This Movie Directed by : Don Hall.

This Movie Produces by:
 Osnat Shurer, peter del vecho.

This Movie is Distribute by: 
Walt Disney Studios, Motion Pictures.

Production Companies: 
Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios

This Movie Starring : (Kelly Marie Tran as Raya The warrior who search for the last dragon), (Awkwafina as Sisu, a water dragon who can transform into a human being and is the last of her kind).

Country & Language: United States of America & English language.