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The Empty Man

Hello Guy's today we are talking about upcoming Horror Movie the Empty Man this Movie Directed by David Prior and also Written by David Prior this Movie Based on The Empty Man By Cullen Bunn, Vanesa R. Del Rey we will see this movie in theatres on 23-October-2020.

The Empty Man Review

Hello everybody so new review for you guys there the upcoming horror film the empty man up until about a week ago, I had absolutely no idea that this film existed 20th-century studios aka Disney just pulled this out of their vault and dropped a trailer for this film and it's like oh, by the way, it's coming out the following week so there's really not too much building up that they really had to do it's just here's the movie one week later 

so I mean it was a little intriguing kind of a red flag release strategy in my opinion but I like horror I mean it's almost Halloween time so why not talk about another horror film this film centres around an ex-cop while on the trail of a missing girl comes across a secretive group that is attempting to summon a terrifying supernatural entity known as the empty man 

Now while doing research I actually did come to find that this is actually based off of a comic book series from boom studios and by that margin, I guess I have to say this is probably the worst comic book film that I've seen in 2020. if you've ever heard of any of those articles where a person makes this sort of a i bot watch a bunch of videos of something and then makes the bot make a script for something that's what it feels like here with the empty man 

where they made some bot in 20th-century studios and they just threw all these different horror cliches into it and they were like just make a script and you have the empty man every horror cliche is in this it feels like the most unoriginal generic horror movie that i could have possibly ever imagined you have the generic antagonist with his set of rules before he comes and gets you much like samara from the ring but in the empty man you blow into a bottle and then you hear him the first day and then the second day 

He comes and chases you he's some sort of hobo genie it's really awful it almost reminded me of the bob by man we got a couple years back some of the phrasing they have in this film reminds me of it like you know don't think it don't say it when it comes to the bye bye man and this time it's like you know all these different whispering things if you find whispering scary you know in the asmr style i think that you're going to be absolutely horrified by the whispering and all of that because that's the majority of the scares other than 

the jump scares just whispering it's really ridiculous and then you also have the generic jump scares you see in all of these the google research scenes anything you could possibly imagine that's super cliche it's here it's frustrating the bulk of the film is a mystery where the guy is trying to find this girl but the mystery it's some of the most dull stuff put the screen there's nothing about it that actually keeps you captivated and wanting to actually find this girl and unravel the mystery of the empty man 

It doesn't help that the actual actor in this he's probably one of the most boring lifeless no personality actors I've seen in a  major film this year and he showed us the bulk of the workload here because there really aren't too many big supporting roles in the film for him to bounce off of I mean steven roots in this for like one section as this really weird speaker guy 

but that's it like he never comes back it's just this random like b, c, less actor cameo like a lot of these horror films had like ba batman had like Carrie Anne wall there's always like these generic movies that have like one or two bc-list actors in them if you ever look up the horror films they almost always have one and it's no you know it's the same here 

I suppose this could mainly be the marketing's problem just because this film is obviously being marketed more as a horror film especially since it got dropped within a week of halloween out of nowhere but it's really not that scary there's really more crime drama elements than horror and i think that they're definitely not selling this film on it being a crime drama mystery kind of element 

it's more of the straight up horror i think people are going to be really bored by it especially as it's quite a long film because it's like two hours and 17 minutes with credits which is a very long time especially with this film being so uninteresting the lore behind the empty empty man it's so convoluted by the end that you really just don't care

 I haven't read the empty man graphic novel so I don't know you know what's accurate and what not to the actual source material but you could have easily shaved off a good 25 30 minutes of this to get it down to a more reasonable pace if you really had to because i mean the beginning of the film there's like a 15 20 minute sequence that before the title card mind you because you don't see the empty until the first 20 minutes of the movie 

i think you could have easily shaved that down in many different sections along the way into this mystery that doesn't really go anywhere and I think would have been a much more tightly knit film because of it because the pacing is downright awful because there are so many long stretches on the mystery path that we go on with this empty man stuff where i wanted to walkout 

Because I just was not interested and it didn't look like it was going to get any better and it definitely didn't get better because it didn't end very well either I left the theater very unsatisfied I really don't recommend you check out this film I would definitely wait until it's on tv maybe at the very most, I don't think you  should really spend money on it in any shape or form, you can definitely tell it was kind of just thrown in theaters didn't really care about it just have something in theaters around Halloween time 

I definitely don't recommend it empty man joins the long laundry list of something man movies that just aren't very good like the slender man the bye bye man you know anything with the man in it it's just not very scary whether it be like you know Michelin man turbo man anything man I really don't think you can do a very good job keeping something scary and having man after it this has just been my thoughts on the empty man make sure to comment.

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Movie Original Storyline: On the path of a missing young lady, an ex-cop, who saw the brutal passings of his significant other and child, runs over a mysterious gathering endeavoring to bring an unnerving extraordinary substance

  Movie Cast & Crew 

This Movie releasing on : 23-October-2020.

Movie Category : Horror, SuperNatural.

This Movie Directed by : David Prior.

This Movie Produces by : Stephen Christy, Adam Friedlander, Ross Richie, Philip Waley, Adam Yoelin.

This Movie Distribute by : 20th Century Studios.

Production Companies : Boom Studios.

Movie Edited by : Andrew Buckland, David Prior.

This Movie Music From : Christopher young.

Cinematography : Anastas N. Michos.

Movie Screenplay : David Prior.

Movie Based on : The Empty Man By Cullen Bunn, Vanesa R. Del Rey.

Country & Language : United States of America & English language.

The Empty Man Movie Cast
  • James Badge Dale as James Lasombra.
  • Samantha Logan as Davara Walsh.
  • Joel Courtney as Brandon Maibum.
  • Stephen Root as Arthur Parsons.
  • Aaron Poole as Paul.
  • Marin Ireland as Nora Quail.
  • Owen Teague as Duncan West.
  • Adam Ferguson as The Tulpa.
  • Tanya van Graan as Allison Lasombra.
  • Evan Jonigkeit as Greg.
  • Robert Coutts as The Empty Man.
  • Ron Canada as Detective Villiers.
  • Robert Aramayo as Garrett.