Jahan Chah Wahan Raah In English/Urdu/Hindi - جہاں چاہ وہاں راہ

Mahnoor Ali

Jahan Chah Wahan Raah

Jahan Chah Wahan Raah

No matter where you go in life, there is a path that will lead you there. The same can be said for love; no matter where it may take you, the journey is always worth taking. This philosophy is beautifully expressed in the Hindi proverb "Jahan Chah Wahan Raah," which translates to "Wherever there is love, there is the way." This proverb reminds us that wherever we go and whatever we do, as long as we are with the person we love, we will find our way. So embrace your wanderlust and follow your heart – it will always lead you home.

Idiom/Word Meaning
Jahan Chah Wahan Raah جہاں چاہ وہاں راہ where there’s a will there’s a way
Jahan Chah Wahan Raah जहाँ चाह वहाँ राह
Jahan Chah Wahan Raah جَہاں چاہ وَہاں راہ

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"Jahan chah wahan raah" is a Persian phrase which means "where there's a will, there's a way". The phrase is often used to encourage someone to never give up on their dreams and goals.

The phrase can be traced back to the 14th century Persian poet Hafez. In one of his poems, Hafez writes:

"Do not despair of the darkness of the night, for dawn is sure to come. And when you have lost your way, trust in the guiding light within you."

This phrase is also popular in Urdu and Hindi, where it is known as "jahan chah wahan raasta". In English, it is sometimes translated as "where there's a will, there's a way".

This phrase is a reminder that no matter how difficult something may seem, if you have the determination and willpower, you will find a way to achieve it. So never give up on your dreams and persist in the face of adversity. Jahan chah wahan raah!

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