Vegetable Price List in Lahore Today 2022

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Vegetable Price List in Lahore Today
Vegetable Price List in Lahore Today

Vegetable Rates Today in Lahore

If You are From Lahore, Pakistan And Looking For Today Vegetable Price List So You are At The Right Page In this Page You Will Get The Latest Rates List Of Retailer List and Wholesale Rate List as well.

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Vegetable Price List in Lahore Today

We provide the Potato, Onion, Tomato, Garlic, Ginger, Cucumber, Fenugreek, eggplant/Aubergine, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Capsicum, Okra, Turnip, Yam, pea, Bitter Gourd, Green chilli, Luffa Gourd, Luffa, Lemon, Zucchini, Green Bean, Radish, Spinach, Raw Mango, Coriander, Carrot, Squash, Latest Rates For Lahore.

Vegetable Name Weight Price
Potato - آلو 1 KG Rs.65
Onion - پیاز 1 KG Rs.70
Tomato - ٹماٹر 1 KG Rs.70
Garlic - لہسن 1 KG Rs.150-250
Ginger - ادرک 1 KG Rs.215-230
Cucumber - کھیرا 1 KG Rs.50-60
Fenugreek - میتھی 1 KG Rs.160-170
eggplant/Aubergine - بینگن 1 KG Rs.50-60
Cabbage - بند گوبھی 1 KG Rs.50-60
Cauliflower - پھول گوبھی 1 KG Rs.70-80
Capsicum - شملہ مرچ 1KG Rs.100
Okra - بھنڈی 1 KG Rs.90
Turnip - شلجم 1 KG Rs.90
Yam - اروی 1 KG Rs.90
pea - مٹر 1 KG Rs.190
Bitter Gourd - کریلا 1 KG Rs.100
Green chilli - سبز مرچ 1 KG Rs.70-130
Luffa Gourd - کدو 1 KG Rs.100
Luffa - توری 1 KG Rs.70
Lemon - لیموں 1 KG Rs.200
Zucchini - تری 1 KG Rs.50
Green Bean - سبز پھلی 1 KG Rs.200
Radish - مولی 1 KG Not Available
Spinach - پالک 1 KG Rs.60
Raw Mango - کیری 1 KG Rs.70
Coriander - دھنیا 1 KG Rs.110
Carrot - گاجر 1 KG Rs.100
Squash - حلوہ کدو 1 KG Rs.50

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