Cornetto Flavours & Price in Pakistan 2024

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Cornetto Flavours & Price in Pakistan
Cornetto Flavours & Price in Pakistan

Wall's Cornetto ice cream is one of the most popular ice cream brands in Pakistan. It is available in a wide range of flavours and is reasonably priced.

If You are Looking For Cornetto's latest Rates In Pakistan So You are At The Right Place We have Mentioned All of Cornetto's Price Below.

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Cornetto Ice Cream Flavours & Rate List in Pakistan 2024 - Details

Cornetto Ice Cream Flavors Quantity Price
Wall’s Corneto Classico: 100ml PKR 150
Wall’s Cornetto Flirty Berry: 100ml PKR 150
Wall’s Cornetto Pop Cone: 1 piece PKR 130
Walls Cornetto Brownie Disc Cone Ice Cream: 100ml PKR 150
Wall’s Cornetto Vanilla Caramel Discs: 1 piece PKR 150
Walls Cornetto Double Chocolate: 100ml PKR 150
Walls Cornetto Hazelnut: 100ml PKR 150
Walls Cornetto Brownie: 100ml PKR 150

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About Cornetto

Known for its specific chocolate tip trademark, Cornetto has been for many years one the world's maximum well-known and famous ice creams. Cornetto's gentle creamy core, crunchy wafer, and scrumptious chocolate finishing make it a current adventure of tastes and textures from the primary chew to the last. Cornetto became born in 1959, while Spica, an Italian ice-cream producer primarily based totally in Naples, got here up with a groundbreaking innovation: to create the world's first packaged ice cream cone via way of means of insulating the wafer from the ice cream with a unique coating of chocolate.

The Cornetto enjoy includes a scrumptious, crispy-baked wafer, covered interior from pinnacle to backside with a chocolate layer, with wealthy creamy frozen dessert interior, and crowned off with sauce and chocolate chips, with a crunchy chocolate plug on the wafer cone from pinnacle to stop of the product completing the enjoy on a scrumptious excessive note.

Cornetto cones have been first produced in 1976 in Naples via way of means of an Italian ice-cream producer, Spica. From the time Unilever offered Spica and commenced to marketplace the product during Europe Cornetto has been one in all Wall’s largest strength manufacturers throughout severa nations world-wide. Cornetto is one of the first Brands that have been delivered on Wall’s release in Pakistan. Cornetto isn't always best to be had in conventional Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry flavors however has additionally been to be had in Caramel, Cappuccino and supplementary taste variations.

Cornetto has been selling neighborhood tune in Pakistan for years, partnering with Noori, Jal and Call to call a few. In 2013 Cornetto launched “Cornetto Music Icons” a tune display in which beyond and gift stars of the tune enterprise supplied mentoring to promising new talent.

Cornetto seeks to constantly enthrall purchasers with new flavors and maintains them engaged thru large than lifestyles campaigns, culminating with the release of Fruity Yo, a frozen yoghurt and blueberry flavoured variant, in 2012 and Black & White, a combined white chocolate and darkish chocolate flavored variant, in 2013.

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How much does a Cornetto cost in Pakistan?

We have Mentioned All Flavours Price In the Table Above Mostly prices are Rs.120 for One Cone and 100ml Price is Rs.150 to 250.

How many Cornetto flavours are there?

Cornetto Currently Have 8 Flavours 1. Corneto Classico, 2. Cornetto Flirty Berry, 3. Cornetto Pop Cone, 4. Cornetto Brownie Disc Cone, 5. Cornetto Vanilla Caramel Discs, 6. Cornetto Double Chocolate, 7. Cornetto Hazelnut, 8. Cornetto Brownie.

Which is the best flavour of Cornetto?

Cornetto's every flavour is best but I like the chocolate flavour what's your favorite tell us in the comments.

What is the price of Cornetto in Pakistan?

Cornetto Price Is Rs. 150 to 250-/per cone In Pakistan Nowadays.

What is the price of chocolate Cornetto?

Chocolate Cornetto Per Cone Price Is Rs.100 and 100ml Price is Rs.150 to 250.

What is the price of Cornetto disc?

Cornetto Vanilla Caramel Discs & Cornetto Brownie Disc Cone Ice Cream Price On Per Cone Is Rs.100.

Which flavour of Cornetto is best?

Double Chocolate is the Best I think.

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