Jazz Champion Package Unsubscribe Code 2024

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Jazz Champion Package Unsubscribe Code
Jazz Champion Package Unsubscribe Code


Jazz Champion Package Unsubscribe Code

Hello, Guys Today we are sharing Jazz champion Package Full Detail about How you can Subscribe Or Unsubscribe So If You are Searching for it Now You Have No Need To Go Any other platform we have described full detail here below.

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Jazz Champion Package - Details 

JAZZ CHAMPION Packages Details
Subscription Code: Dial *337#
Validity: Lifetime
FnF Numbers: 20
FnF Call Rates: 1.2 / 30Sec
Internet: Rs.5 / MB
Jazz + Warid Mins: Rs.3.30 / 60Sec
Other Network Mins: Rs.3.30 / 60Sec
SMS: Rs.2.5 / SMS

Confirmation of package replacement will be received in response to the dial code.

 To change your package through IVR:

 1.  Call 123 from your jazz connection.

 2.  Press 3 for package Settings.

 3.  Press "number" to select the package.

 4.  Press 1 to confirm your choice

 5.  Your package will be changed and the applicable fee will be deducted from your account.


You can turn back into your previous package through a similar process:

 1.  The first change through IVR and dial code will be free.

 2.  Rs.17.93 will be charged on conversion via IVR and dial code.

 3.  The same charges will be applied for conversion through a call center or customer representative.

How to Unsubscribe Jazz Champion Package

Jazz Champion Package can be deactivated By dialing *337*4#.

JAZZ CHAMPION Packages Details
Subscription Code: Dial *337#
Unsubscribe Code: Dial *337*4#
Info Code: *337*3#

#2 Method: Unsubscribe Jazz Champion Package

This Method We Collect From Internet So We have no Idea About It If Someone Try And Its Worked Shared with Us In the Comments

  • Jazz Champion Serice Unsubscribe code is *337#
  • Dial *337# and select “UNSUB” From the options 
  • un-subscription charges are Rs. 0.06.
  • For more details call Jazz helpline 111.

#3 Method: Unsub Champion Package

This is the third method and in this method, we are sharing the code of all jazz packages unsubscribe code this single code has the power to deactivate all jazz-activated packages so follow the instructions below.

  • Type “unsub” in the write message.
  • Send it to the 6611 service number.

You will receive a confirmation message of the unsubscription of the champion package.


How can I deactivate my jazz package?

You can unsubscribe from all jazz packages. Jazz has offered services to disable jazz packages. To disable them or unsubscribe, users can type 'unsub' and send messages to 6611.

What is Jazz Champion package?

jazz champion not only offers a low call rate to all local networks but also provides discounted mobile Internet and SMS charges.

How can I change my jazz Champion package?

Switch your package.

  •  Call 123 from your jazz connection.
  •  Press 3 for package Settings.
  •  Press "number" to select the package.
  •  Press 1 to confirm your choice.
  •  Your package will be changed and the applicable fee will be deducted from your account.

How can I unsubscribe from jazz MFS package?

To unsubscribe from a service, the user has to dial 111 or type "unsubscribe" and send 6611. Call jazz helpline number 111 if you have trouble unsubscribing from any package.

Terms and Conditions

  •  All MNP and new sales will get jazz champion by default.
  •  All voice, value-added services, SMS and data services will be terminated within 72 hours of transfer.
  •  If a user requests for membership of services/offers that are not allowed on the champion package, he has to move his package to take advantage of it.
  •  Call setup fee rs. 0.15 is applicable.
  •  Actual Internet speed will depend on a number of factors such as sim, device, access to web pages, time of day, number of simultaneous users, distance from 2g / 3g / 4g site, etc.
  •  If you have not subscribed to any bundle, base rate will be charged i.e. Rs 5 /MB. Charging plus 512 KB hogi.
  •  Dial *444# to add FNF Numbers
  •  - step 1 go to my account.
  •  - step 2 go to the FNF list.
  •  - step 3 FNF edit list.
  •  - step 4 FNF add a jazz number to the list.
  •  General terms and conditions will apply.

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