How to Share Jazz Balance 2024 - Jazz balance share karne ka tarika

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How to Share Jazz Balance 2024
How to Share Jazz Balance 2024

 Jazz Warid customers can now share their balance with others who need it in case of emergency they just need to dial *100*number*amount# and the balance will be transferred. more details are given below.

Whenever I need a balance, I take some balance from my brother or a friend from Balance Share service. This service is very good for me if any person gets stuck in someplace where he has an emergency. If he goes to call and does not have a balance, he can request a balance from his loved one, and in this way he can benefit from this service.

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Jazz Balance Share Code - Detail

If You are looking jazz warid balance share service so we are sharing all methods how you can share your balance with someone we have mentioned two methods one is by dialing the code which is mentioned below and the other is a balance request you can send a request for balance more details given below.

Jazz Balance Share Details
Share Code: Dial *100*03XXXXX*amount#
Charges: Rs 4.77 + Tax/Transaction
Max Share Limit: Rs 500/Transaction
Max amount transferred per day Rs.500
Minimum Amount: Rs.20
Usage: Dial *100** amount#

Full Method Explain Step by Step:

  • Go to the Mobile Phone Dial-pad and Dial *100*Number*Amount#.
  • After Dialing the code mini window will appear on your screen for confirming press "1" to Confirm.
  • After Dialing You will Receive a Confirmation Message.
  • You Will Be Charged Rs 4.77 + Tax/Transaction

Example: *100*03012345678*70# 

Jazz Balance Share Request 

All prepaid customers can now request a balance at any time from friends, family, and acquaintances and get the balance for free.

  • Code: Dial * 107 # and the USSD menu will appear which will prompt the user to enter Party-B MSISDN.
  • Service Charges: This service is free. Deductions will be made from the sender of Jazz share money.

Share Balance Through Jazz World app

This is a Bounce Method For Our Visiters who are Reading The Article In this method We easily share balance jazz to jazz sim you just need to download and install jazz world app from play store and iPhone user from the app store.

  • Open Jazz World app and tap the MY Jazz option at the bottom you find this option.
  • Now you see some options in these options you see the "Balance share" option tap on it.
  • Balance share window is open now
  • Enter the mobile number to that you want to send the balance
  • Now enter or select the amount and tap the confirm button 

you have done balance sharing.


What Is Jazz Balance Share Service?

jazz Share is a simple, flexible, and easy service that allows users to share balance of any amount from Rs. 15 to Rs.500. This service ensures that you are always connected and in touch with your loved ones.

What is the code of jazz balance share?

Jazz Balance Share Code is *100*number*amount#.

How do you share balance?

Jazz Has Launched the Service for sharing balance by using this we are able to share balance with jazz prepaid customers

How much are the charges for sharing the balance?

Rs 4.77 + Tax on per Transaction.

What is the Limit of Balance Share?

Customers can share the balance Rs.20 to 500 per day.

Terms and Conditions

  • Balance Share Service Is only Valid For Jazz Prepaid Customers.
  • The sender and receiver need to be prepaid customers.
  • The sender and receiver should be allowed in the respective service classes and should not have dongles, data sim, etc.
  • The recipient can receive share applications only 5 times a day.
  • Jazz Balance Sharing Charges and Codes Jazz Company may change at any time.
  • For more details, visit Jazz's official site.


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