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Jazz Choose Number
Jazz Choose Number

 Hello Guys If You are Looking For How to Get a Jazz Number Online So You Are At the Right Place In this post We Described How You can Choose Golden, Premium, and Normal Numbers and How To Booked Them Online So Read The Full Post.

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How to Booked Jazz Number Online - Details

For Ordering Jazz Sim Customers Need to Check the Availability of their Number To Check Your Favorite Number Follow The Simple Step Mentioned Below, After Checking You Guys Need to Follow the Procedure of How to Order Jazz SIM Online Below.

Step 1:

Search Criteria

In the Search Criteria, You Will See These Options

Select Prefix

  • 0300
  • 0301
  • 0302
  • 0303
  • 0304
  • 0305
  • 0306
  • 0307
  • 0308
  • 0309
  • 0320
  • 0321
  • 0322
  • 0323
  • 0324
  • 0325
  • 0326

Choose The First Digit Of Your Number From the Given Numbers.

Step 2:

Select Criteria

  • First 3 Digits
  • First 4 Digits
  • Middle 3 Digits
  • Middle 4 Digits
  • Last 3 Digits
  • Last 4 Digits
  • All 7 Digits

Step 3:

Required Number

You Need to Enter The Number Digits as Your Choice

After These Simple Steps Tap The Search Button and You Will See The Availability Of The Number.

Types Of Number Categories 

You will Get The Different Categories Of SIM Number In Jazz So Choose Your Favourite Number.

SIM Categories Price
GOLDEN Rs.1,000
PENTA Rs.50,000
HEXA Rs.100,000
HEPTA Rs.1,000,000
OCTA Not Available


Well Guys After Check Your Number availability You Need to Dial *5299# and Fil the Form and your sim will be delivered to you after paying the charges.

Customer Home Delivery Prices
Prepaid New Sim Starting from PKR 300/SIM - Max (Depends on Number)
Postpaid New Sim Starting from PKR 300/SIM
Postpaid New Sim Security Deposit Starting from PKR 1000
Pre to Post conversion PKR 300/Conversion
Data SIM PKR 300/SIM
Convert to Jazz PKR 300/MNP
Change of SIM PKR 350/SIM
JazzCash Mobile Wallet Registration PKR 200/Mobile wallet
Jazz Super 4G Mifi Device PKR 4400/Mifi
Jazz Super 4G Wingle Device PKR 3200/Wingle
Jazz Digit4G Power Phone Handset Cost – PKR 5150
Jazz Digit4G Power Phone Bundle price – PKR 340


How can I choose my jazz number?

First, open the official website.

Then select the option mentioned as "Search Criteria".

Now select a previous one which is 0300, 301, 0302 etc.

Then select the "All 7 digits" option.

Press the search button, and then it will show you the number and price.

How can I buy jazz number online?

Dial *5299# from your Jazz number, fill in the required info to purchase Jazz SIM / WiFi Devices, and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Is 0300 a jazz?

Yes If You want 0300 In Your Number First Digits So You can Get it.

How can I get jazz 2nd number?

  • Subscription Code Dial 4030 and press '1′
  • Subscription Fee Rs.1.89/Day (Incl. tax)

Terms and Conditions

  • You can choose your number, as there is a full range of options and options to choose from, prepaid and postpaid numbers (Normal, Gold, Platinum, etc.).
  • Numbers cannot be saved from the website
  • The availability of selected numbers for sale depends on a first come first served basis.
  • Postpaid numbers are available for sale at Jazz Experimental Centers, franchises and select retailers.
  • A one-time sale number from any Jazz office will not be displayed Select your number repository.
  • Prices for selected numbers are also settled for your convenience, however, prices may vary according to company policy.
  • The rest of the new SIM process and policies will remain the same.

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