How To Get Jazz Second Number 2024 - Jazz Double Number offer

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Jazz Double Number Offer Code
Jazz Double Number Offer Code

Hello, Guys Today We are Going to Talk About How to Get Two Number On The One Sim In This Article We are Trying to Share All Details About, How To Get a Jazz Dual Number And How To Use and Other Queries.

For the convenience of its customers, Jazz introduced the Double Up Number service. You no longer need to carry two SIMs with you. Because with the help of Jazz Double Up Number service, you can enjoy two numbers on the same SIM. However, this service is only available to prepaid customers. Later, postpaid customers may enjoy the same offer, but not now.

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Jazz DoubleUp Number Full Details

Jazz Double Number offerDetails
Subscription Code:Dial 4030 and press ’1′
Subscription Fee:Rs.1.89/Day (Incl. tax)
Unsubscription Code:Dial 4030 and press ’0′
SMS Charges:Rs.0.60 per SMS
IVR Charges:Rs.0.60 per min
Prefix SMS Charges:Free
Prefix Call Charges:Rs. 0.72 per 30 seconds

Jazz doubleup number service kia hai?

Jazz doubleup number is a service that allows you to get a extra jazz number on your current jazz sim.

How can I subscribe jazz doubleup number?

Jazz Customers are Easily Subscribe this Service Through IVR(Dialing Code) or Send SMS:

Through USSD Code:

  • Dial "4030" from your jazz number and press 1 to confirm subscription.

Through SMS: 

  • Type "SUB" and send it to 4030.

In both cases when the subscription is completed, You will receive an SMS that contains your jazz double-up number.

Do I need a special sim or phone to subscribe to this service?

No, you don't need a special sim or phone to activate the doubleup number service. This service can work on any standard mobile or smartphone.

Do I have a choice to pick my doubleup number?

Currently, we don't have a number selection option in double-up Numbers.

How many doubleup Numbers can I subscribe at a time?

You can only subscribe to a double-up number compared to your regular jazz number.

Who can subscribe jazz doubleup number service?

All jazz prepaid users can subscribe jazz double-up number service.

 (Note: Jazz double-up number service is not available for postpaid users)

How can I call my jazz doubleup number?

To call your jazz double-up number, just add "88" before the number you are calling.

 For example:

If you want to call "030xxxxxxxx" you must dial "88030xxxxxxxx".

The calling party will see your double-up number on the screen, which will look like a regular jazz number. 030xxxxxxxxx;

Can I call any number from my jazz doubleup number or am I limited to calling jazz Numbers only?

As long as you have enough balance, you can call your jazz doubleup number at any local number within Pakistan. Add only 88 before the required number. Refer to the charge section for call charges. However, the international outgoing calling facility is not offered on your doubleup number.

How will someone call me on my doubleup number?

Anyone who calls you on your doubleup number, your doubleup number can dial exactly the same way they add another jazz number without any prefix

How do I know if an incoming call is on my double up number?

When you receive a call on your second number, the caller's number on cli is added before "88".

 For Example:

If you receive a call from "030xxxxxxxxx" to your doubleup number, cli 'will show "88030xxxxxxxxx".

How can I send SMS using my jazz doubleup number?

To send SMS from your jazz doubleup number, add only "88" before the required number.

 For example:

If you want to send SMS on "030xxxxxxxx" add "88" before number i.e "88030xxxxxxxxx" and SMS receiver will receive your double up number as cli

How do I know if I received an SMS on my doubleup number?

When you receive a SMS on your jazz doubleup number, 88 is added before the sender's number.

 For example:

If you receive a SMS from "030xxxxxxxx" it will show as: "88030xxxxxxxxx".

Do I need extra balance for my jazz doubleup number?

No, your current jazz Number balance will be used for jazz doubleup Numbers calls and SMS.

Can I call PTCL Numbers using my doubleup number?

Yeah. You can call PTCL Numbers using your doubleup number.

Can I receive a call from PTCL number on my double-up number?

Yeah. You can receive calls from PTCL number on your double-up number.

Can I get a call from my doubleup number on those Numbers which are on international roaming?

Yes, doubleup Numbers may be connected to calls roaming Numbers.

What value-added features will I get with a jazz doubleup number?

With jazz doubleup number you can do it:

  •  Log off your double up number.
  •  Set a schedule log off on your doubleup number.
  •  Use jazz doubleup number block service.

FeatureShort CodeCommand
To subscribe to DoubleUp Number:Dial 4030Send "SUB" to 4030
To log off your DoubleUp Number:Dial 4030Send "Logoff" to 4030
To log in your DoubleUp Number:Dial 4030Send "login" to 4030
To unsubscribe from DoubleUp Number :Dial 4030Send "UNSUB" to 4030
To subscribe to Block Number Service:Dial 5929Send "SUB" to 5929
To block any number:Dial 5929Send "Block 03XXXXXXXXX" to 5929
To unblock any number:Dial 5929Send "Unblock 03XXXXXXXXX" to 5929
To unsubscribe Block Service:Dial 5929Send "UNSUB" to 5929

How can I block any unwanted number?

Dial 5929, press 1 to select the 'block number' option and enter the full number (using your keypad). You don't need to add an ex of 88 before the number.

#2: Block Number Through SMS

  • Write a block 030xxxxxxxx to 5929 to block an unwanted number via SMS.

You will not receive calls and SMS from the blocked number on your doubleup number after the number is successfully blocked.

Will the blocked caller know if I have blocked him?

No, when someone on your block list calls you, they'll only hear the 'user busy' announcement.

How can I unblock any caller?

Dial 5929, press 2 to select 'block number' and enter the full number (using your keypad). You don't need to add 88 before the number.

    #2: Unblock Number Through SMS

    • To block a number through SMS, write unblock 030xxxxxxxx to 5929.

    Once the number is successfully unblocked, you will be able to receive calls and SMS from the unblocked number on your doubleup number.

    How can I subscribe doubleup number block service?

    To subscribe doubleup number block service dial 5929 or 'sub' SMS and send to 5929.

    How can I log off schedule for my doubleup number?

    Dial 4030 from your mobile, select 2 for scheduled log off. After selecting a scheduled log off, the time to start your log off

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