How To Check Easypaisa Balance 2024 (Full Guide)

Mahnoor Ali
How To Check Easypaisa Balance
How To Check Easypaisa Balance

How To Check Easypaisa Balance

Easypaisa is the most popular account in Pakistan. People use an easypaisa account to receive or send money through easypaisa. This account is more useful for all telenor sim users. You can get loan through easypaisa account. You can load on your sim through easypaisa account. You can pay the bill with an easypaisa account. Easypaisa is an important account for all telenor sim users. Most people use easypaisa and get benefits through it.

I'm sharing two methods of checking easypaisa balance:

1. By Dialing USSD Code

2. Check Easypaisa balance through Easypasia app.

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Check Easypaisa Balance By Dial *786#: Full Guide Step By Step.

How Can You Check Your Easypaisa Remaining Balance By Dialing *786# We are Guide You step by Step Below.

  •    Dial *786# on your smartphone, which will show several options.
  •    Now select the sixth option "my account" from all the options displayed on your mobile screen.
  •    Pop-up window will open and show many options, from where option 2 will be "check balance" Select option 2 and press send.
  • .  You will receive an OTP pin on the phone that should be typed on the next screen.
  •    Within a few seconds, your balance details will be shown on the screen plus an SMS will be sent to you.

Check Your Easypaisa Balance By Using Easypaisa App.

Check Your Easypaisa Remaining Balance By Following These Steps we are Also Mentioned How You Create Your Account On Easypaisa App.

  • Download & Install the Easypaisa App
  • Register your account on Easypaisa App
  • After registration, open your account to see the balance
  • It will appear on the main screen of the application along with the username.

How To Create Easypaisa Account?

  • Download the Easypaisa app from Play Store (Android) or
  • the iOS App Store (iPhone).
  • Open the Easypaisa application on your smartphone.
  • Enter your mobile number and click ‘Next’.
  • Enter your CNIC number and Date of Issuance as shown in the
  • application and click ‘Register.
  • Wait while the OTP is auto-fetched.
  • Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Create your 5-digit PIN and you are ready to login to your
  • easypaisa mobile account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my Easypaisa balance without Easypaisa app?

By Dialing *786#.

How can I check my Easypaisa account?

How can I access my easypaisa account? Telenor users can access your account by dialing *786# from their device. In addition, it can be accessed through the easypaisa app, SMS interface (for non-telenor users) and phone banking.

How can I use Easypaisa account without app?

How can I use an easypaisa account without the app?

  •  Without easypaisa app: (using mobile phone sim)
  •  Dial *786# from your phone first.
  •  Then you will be asked to create a five-digit pin code.
  •  For verification, you'll need to re-enter the pin code.
  •  After verification, your easypaisa account will be activated.

What is Code of Easypaisa?

Just dial *786# to get all the services or go to any easypaisa retailer or telenor franchise in the country. If you are a customer of telenor sim you can also open an easypaisa account by visiting the nearest telenor franchise or easypaisa retailer in the country.

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