Zong Number Check Code 2024 - 7 Methods Of Checking Your Zong Number

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Zong Number Check Code
Zong Number Check Code

If you guys have forgotten your Zong sim number and are now looking for ways to know your zong number, you are in the right place. In this article, you will find all the ways to check the zong sim number. We have collected all the ways and told you in this post. Hope you like it.

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We have collected all the easy ways to find your zong sim number. There are 7 ways and all work 100%, which shows the sim number in seconds. If you have forgotten your current number, don't worry because with these methods below you can find your unknown number in seconds.

#1.Method: How to Check Zong Number.

To know your own mobile number please send "MYNO" to 777. Charges are Rs.2+Tax

#2.Method: Check Your Any SIM Number Through CNIC

Free to check details of verified and unverified Numbers on your CNIC: (SMS will be sent from any registered number against your CNIC).

  • For Verified Numbers: Send "v" to 7911
  • For Unverified Numbers: Send any word or "blank SMS" to 7911

Second Method of Check Number Through CNIC

Pta (Pakistan telecommunication authority) allows customers from all over Pakistan to know how to check the Zong number owner's name online.

  •  You can check any sim number in this way.
  •  Just visit PTA's official website and follow the simple steps below:
  •  Open the link https://cnic.sims.pk/
  •  Write your valid CNIC number.
  •  Press submit button
  • All information about your phone number will be displayed.

Details: first go to PTA's official website or click https://cnic.sims.pk/. You will see the option named CNIC number. Enter your valid CNIC number to check your phone number online, check the Google captcha, and press the submit button. However, all the details about your phone number will appear on the screen.

#3.Method: Zong Number Check Karne Ka Tarika

You can check your zong number by dialing *8# for free. This is an official code from which your number can be checked without paying even a single penny. Always remember that you must have a zong prepaid sim to work *8# check the code correctly.

  •  Open the dial-pad of your mobile phone.
  •  Dial *8# from your mobile phone.
  •  After that, your zong number will automatically appear on your phone screen.

#4.Method: How To Check Zong Number Without Balance

  • First of all, open your phone dialer and dial *100# then reply with 1.
  • Or dial *100*1#) and write down your second number if you do not have any other number, you can also write your friend's or brother's mobile number.
  •  You will receive your zong number on the mobile number you entered. This method is absolutely free.

#5.Method: How Can I Check My Zong Number?

Details: first open the messenger application on your cell phone and type a new text message and write MNP and send this text message to 667. after a few seconds of the message being sent, you will receive a text message that will include your zong number, activation date, and sim owner's name. remember that small charges will apply to this message.

  • First Go To The Message Application
  • Type a new message "MNP" and Send it to 667.
  • You will receive a text message on your sim that will include your number, activation date and sim owner's name information.
  • Small charges will apply.

#6.Method: Check Your Zong Number

  • Zong's helpline is 310.
  • You can call the helpline and you can tell the customer care helpline operator that you want to know your zong sim number.
  • Then they will ask you for a number of details about yourself such as your name, your mother's name, your place of birth, and your CNIC number.
  • After asking for details they will let you know about your zong sim number.
  • This method charges you according to the duration of your call.

#7.Method: Checking the Forget Zong SIM Number

Zong number check code is a completely free way to check zong number. this method does not remove any balance from your sim. all you have to do is dial a code and then the number will come right in front of your eyes.

Follow these Steps:

  •  Open your Mobile phone dia-pad.
  •  Dial *310*9*2*4#
  •  Press the dial button (after that your number will appear in front of your screen).

Bonus Methods: How to Check Zong Prepaid/Postpaid SIM Number

Find out the number by calling a friend:

The easiest way is to dial any friend's number from your Zong sim. When the call bell rang, note your number from your friend's mobile.

Zong Number Check:

  • Code: Dial *2#
  • Price: Free

Zong Number checking through Phone:

Follow the process below, and you will get your Zong sim number in a few seconds.

  •  Go to "Settings" on your phone.
  •  Here, find the "about phone" option. It's probably in the "system" category.
  •  Here, select the "status" category where you need to tap the "sim status" option.
  •  You will see the "my phone number" option here where your zong number is appearing.

 You can know your zong sim number at any time without calling on helpline.

Check Zong MBB & Internet SIM Number

Zong 4g has also provided a code for zong MBB and Internet sim users. With which the user can easily see his number.

Now dial *8# on the Internet or MBB sim and see the number without any charge.

Check Zong Business SIM Number

Just send mail to check zong business sim number ([email protected]) or contact fax no. 051-5402002 or helpline 051-111-222-111.


How can I check my Zong number?

We have Already Mention All Method Above.

How can check my mobile number?

You Can Check Your Sim Number Through CNIC  Just Send an SMS to 7911.

How do you get a number?

By Calling Helpline.

What do I do if I forgot my phone number?

If You Forget Your Zong Sim Number You Need to Use All The Above Methods.

How do I find my SIM number on Android?

You Just Need To Go Your Android Phone Settings And In Phone About You Will Find Your Number.

Terms and Conditions

  • You are about to display your Zong SIM number on your phone for free.
  • You can only check the active SIM. Inactive SIM cannot work.
  • Zong reserves the right to modify the codes at any time. If the above code is incorrect, please check Zong's website.
  • Contact Zong Customer Service Line for more details.
  • By calling the Assistance Line, you can find out the owner of the zong sim, the registered address of the zong number, and the zong number, and the location of the zong sim.

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