Zong Advance Balance Code 2024 - Get Rs. 30 plus Rs.30 Loan

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Zong Advance Balance Code 2023
Zong Advance Balance Code 2024

Zong is providing a bunch of great services and packages to its customer today we are sharing Zong's advance balance offer for our visitors and also a double advance balance offer with you guys in this offer Zong customers will get 60 rupees advance loan if they follow the full method which is mentioned below we are trying to include all method for getting an advance loan.

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Zong Advance Balance Loan - Detail

We have described two methods of zong advance balance service Zong customers easily use and get benefits in case of emergency.

Service details:

  • Customers with a monthly recharge amount of more than Rs.660 in the last 3 months will be eligible for a Super advance loan of Rs.60.  Rs. 30/ loan transaction per recharge.
  • Customers with monthly recharge amounts less than PKR 660 will be eligible for a loan of PKR 30 i.e. PKR 15 per transaction per recharge.
  • Every user of zong is now eligible for 2 advance loan transactions per recharge.
  • The loan amount per advance loan transaction is Rs 15 for low recharge users and Rs. 30 per transaction for High recharge customers.
  • The advance service fee for the standard customers is Rs 3.5 + tax per advance loan transaction.
  • The advance service fee is Rs 6 + tax per advance loan transaction for super advance customers.
  • Customers can get single or double advance loans according to their needs.

Service Name Subscription Code Charges
Zong Advance Loan Dial *911# Rs.3.5+ Tax

#1. Method

Zong Customers Will Get Zong Super Loan and Double Loan Offer in this Method.


  • For Getting a Zong Advance Loan Dial *911# and You will Get Rs.30 Loan Credit.
  • Charges of Getting a Loan is Rs.3.5+tax.
  • And When You Next Recharge your Account 33.5+tax will be Automatically Deducted from your Account.

Get Zong Double Advance Loan:

  • When You Received your First Rs.30 Loan You Need to Send a "Blank Message" to 911
  • For Receiving again Rs.30 Loan.
  • This Service Charges Will Be Rs.7+Tax will be deducted from your Next Recharge.


#2. Method

In this Method, People Will Get Rs.15 standard Loan Price But We have Described The Method of How You Can Get a 30 Rupees Balance Just Follow the Steps.

  • Dial *0# from your Zong sim to get Zong advance loan.
  • Now You Will Get an instant loan of Rs. 15 in your account
  • Service charges Rs. 3.5+ tax will be deducted on your next recharge.
  • To get more than 15 advance loans, dial *911# after getting the first dial by dialing *0#.
  • You will get one more time rupees 15 as zong advance
  • You have taken Rs.30 Balance as zong advance loan
  • You will refund the advance loan amount of 30 on your next recharge and services charges.

Bonus Method: How to Get Advance Loan Through My Zong App

In this method, Zong Customers Will Get an Advance Loan By Using My Zong App. Customers Easily Get This App From Playstore and App Store.

  • Download the "MY ZONG" application and go to the Loan section from the home screen and tap the "Get Loan" button.
  • If you want another advance loan, tap the "Get Loan" button again after getting the first advance loan balance.

Charges of Zong Advance Loan and Double Loan Offer

 On recharge, the amount below is deducted from the customer's account.

 If a single advance loan is taken:

  •  Standard advance loan amount Rs 15.
  •  Standard service charges Rs 3.5 + tax.

 If two standard advance loans are taken:

  •  Advance loan amount Rs 30.
  •  Service charges: Rs. 7.0+ tax.

 If a single super advance loan is taken:

  •  Super advance loan amount Rs. 30.
  •  Super service charges Rs. 6 + tax.

 If two super advance loans have been taken:

  •  Advance loan amount Rs. 60.
  •  Services charges are Rs.12 + tax.

Terms and Conditions

  • Terms and conditions will apply.
  • Go to zong near the retailer for more details.
  • For normal Internet usage without an Internet package, Rs 1 per MB will be charged.
  • If you need any additional information, please contact zong helpline at 310.
  • Dial *222# to check your balance.
  • It is illegal to use a sim card without enough papers - PTA
  • Text the sender's number to 9000 -PTA to report unwanted or unfair text.
  • When you use zong advance service, you will see a deduction of Rs 20 on your next recharge.
  • From your prepaid phone, dial *911#. When you recharge at the following time, Rs 3.5+tax will be debited with the deposit tax advance amount.
  • All prepaid subscribers will have access to zong advance balance of Rs. 20/-
  • Every recharge is subject to 12.5% advance income tax (ait).
  • On usage, there is a 19.5% sales tax (GST).


How can I deactivate my Zong loan?

Zong Customers can unsubscribe/deactivate Zong Advance loan By Sending an SMS "UNSUB" to 911 or Calling Zong Helpline 310.

How can we get a Zong loan?

By Dial *911# You Can Get Zond Advance 15 Rupees.

How can I save my balance in Zong?

The free service only allows internet access from bundles and saves your mobile balance. Dial * 4004 # to subscribe.

How much can I get Zong Advance Loan?

You can get Rs.15 as a Standard and if you recharge Rs.660 in 3 Months so you will Get Rs.30.

Can postpaid customers also get Zong advance loan?

No, Zong Postpaid customers are not eligible for this service.

How will the Zong Advance Balance payment be refunded?

When You Next Time Recharge Your Account The Advance Amount with Charges Will be Deduct.

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