The Best Movies Of 2020

Saad Ali
The Best Movies Of 2020
The Best Movies Of 2020 

Best Movies Of 2020 

Today I talk about the best movies of the worst year now there were a lot of films that were pushed back there were many films I was very excited to see like saint Maude for instance that may or may not have ended up on this list and that's just the luck of the draw so I was left to choose from a lot of films that I didn't review this year there were many indie films I missed that I've caught up on over the past two months and so the majority of the movies on this list do not have formal reviews on my Site.

 I've taken on also a lot of extra responsibilities in my personal life and in my professional life this year and in some cases, I just simply didn't have the time to review some of these movies but I wanted to make sure that I got to talk about them now so without further ado

Let's start with some honourable mentions 


One of brian Dennehy's last performances and a film in 2020 that successfully depicts human kindness and empathy without a hint of cynicism 

Yes god yes 

A hilarious look at a strict catholic girl who discovers porn in the early 2000s 

One night in Miami 

Regina king's exciting directorial debut that imagines a conversation between Muhammad ali Malcolm x sam cook and Jim brown 

Pieces of a woman 

Which features a visually arresting first half-hour and stunning performances throughout 

Hunter hunter 

Hunter Hunter Not the anime one of the best endings of the year and a star-making performance by Camille Sullivan 

Let him go 

Kevin Costner and Diane lane do some of their best work in this old-fashioned western 

The wolf of snow hollow 

A thoroughly original werewolf tale Jim cummings sophomore film was even better than his last 


My favourite thriller of the whole year 

Totally under control 

A must-see documentary on covid19 it clinically and factually dissects the information we had early on what could have been done and what was actually done it makes for a fascinating if disturbing watch 


A devastating and also rejuvenating documentary about racial discrimination in the justice system and 


The best-animated film 2020 gave us I recommend checking out all those films they're all worth seeing if you thought some of them should be on my list I think by now you guys kind of know-how this goes this is my list this is going to be completely subjective to me it's the movies that affected me the most it's the ones that I enjoyed the most it's the ones that gave me something it's the ones that made me inspired about film writing-directing in general and I'm excited to talk about them 

So let's get started with number 10. 

The Best Movies Of 2020
The Best Movies Of 2020 


This is one of a group of five films streaming on amazon prime right now in steve McQueen's small acts series depicting a 1970 trial in London mangrove details the unjust and frankly sickening treatment of an innocent black business owner who's constantly harassed by the London police the ensuing trial is compelling not just for the importance of the story but for the distinction of McQueen's unconventional vision he lingers on shots that burn into your mind and he is not afraid to have long sequences of silence

The Vast of  Night

A loving tribute to 1950's sci-fi the vast of the night is the debut film from Andrew Patterson and I sure hope there's more to come almost immediately while watching this film I was brought back to the days of researching alleged ufo sightings as a child the excitement that came from that moment when just for a second you believed something was out there watching Patterson's excellent indie swept me up in those feelings again it's also ingenious from a budgetary perspective particularly one long tracking shot and how he went about attaining it's inspiring stuff for hopeful filmmakers 

DA 5 Bloods

Spike lee's searing drama about the repercussions of the Vietnam war showed us a perspective that we don't commonly see from Hollywood when they try to depict this era interspliced with haunting real-life footage lee's film manages to be terrifying enthralling and somehow really goddamn funny Delroy Lindo deserves best-supporting actor consideration and if nominated this is probably the scene they'll use

Sound of Metal

In this quietly devastating drama Riz Ahmed plays a heavy metal drummer who begins to lose his hearing, as a result, his entire life is overhauled the film's real heart and soul lies in his interactions with those in the deaf community attempting to help deaf children and adults these scenes are honestly educational but the film doesn't hold our hands this isn't a greeting card it pulls no punches showing what this can do to a person the sound design too is stunning weaving us in and out of his new perspective seamlessly we understand exactly what he's going

The Trail of Chicago 7

Through Aaron Sorkin's signature, rapid-fire dialogue returns for a thrilling look at a widely publicized trial an improvement on the already great molly's game the trial of the Chicago seven although changing a few things gives an insightful and often maddening look into an embarrassing moment for the justice system Sasha baron cohen steals nearly every scene he's in and frank Langella plays a villain so shockingly vile that I struggle to comprehend that this person actually existed despite the subject matter Sorkin keeps the film accessible some might wish for a different tone but if more people watch it and learn the story, as a result, I say that's a win

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

After Denzel Washington masterfully brought fences to the life he returns once again as a producer this time to adapt another one of august Wilson's place after the sudden and tragic loss of Chadwick Boseman this year it was euphoric to see him give the best performance of his career as levy a musician struggling to be heard in a world that doesn't want to listen viola Davis somehow keeps topping herself as ma Rainey the mother of the blues a fearsome singer who won't take [ __ ] from anybody riveting performances from the entire cast and two heartbreaking monologues from Bozeman made this one of the most memorable films of the year

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

In 6th-grade health class, I was shown a slide show and then a video designed to teach us about safe sex but from now on school should just show their classes this film never rarely sometimes always is a story about a teenage girl attempting to get an abortion but check your stance on this topic at the door when you watch this movie because the film is designed to depict just how difficult that actually is to do for a girl it's not preachy in the slightest it doesn't tell you how to feel and it doesn't tell you what to think we're a fly on the wall for the duration observing autumn played masterfully by Sydney Flanagan in her first role answering invasive questions about how the baby was conceived it's the film's best scene and it speaks volumes about a hidden backstory we never fully understand but that doesn't matter it says enough this film has not left my mind since seeing it

Bad Education

A film from HBO bad education was an early gift this year giving us an awards-worthy contender back in April I love stories about true crime especially unusual ones like this sometimes the greatest crimes are committed in the plain sight of friends family and co-workers on a daily basis this film puts a face to those crimes and asks us if we're willing to sympathize or condemn Hugh jackman and Allison Janey both do incredible work in this underrated film that hopefully won't be swept under the rug in the coming years 


When a Korean family moves to Arkansas in the 1980s they discovered that the so-called American dream doesn't always come easy a subtle quiet film minari is one of the few movies released this year that actually made me feel happy and even hopeful when it was over beautifully shot and understated in almost every way minari feels like the kind of film no one's making anymore a wholesome family-oriented drama with hidden pain under the surface please don't miss this one.

Now it's time to talk about my favourite film of 2020.

The Father 

I saw The Father at tiff this year virtually and was blown away by it not just by the performances but by the presentation in his best performance since silence of the lambs anthony hopkins plays a father dealing with dementia he forgets where he is mistakes his daughter for someone else and loses touch with reality what makes this film so unique though is that the story is told entirely from his perspective his confusion and disorientation becomes ours his daughter played wonderfully by olivia coleman will at times be replaced by a different actress I was initially startled by this but soon realized that this film like no other before it was making the viewer comprehend what having something like dementia or alzheimer's is really like this movie made you feel like you were living in a fantasy world because you're inside his head and it really helped me understand things and deal with things and come to terms with things I think it's a marvellous movie with an oscar-worthy performance by Anthony Hopkins he could be nominated and he could even win he's really brilliant in the film and I can't wait for you guys to see it  because it's a marvellous movie and it meant a lot to me guys thank you so much 


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