Rahim Pardesi age Net worth Family Wives and Full Biography

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Rahim Pardesi age Net worth Family Wives and Full Biography
Rahim Pardesi age Net worth Family Wives and Full Biography

Rahim Pardesi

Hello Guys Today We Are Going to Talk about Rahim Pardesi How He Starts his Carrier Where he's Born Rahim Pardesi Family Wifes Childers Net Worth And Everything About Rahim Pardesi And How To Be a  Successful Youtuber and everything about it.

Rahim Pardesi Biography

Famous Name: Rahim Pardesi
Real Name: Muhammad Amir
Date of Birth: 28April 1989
Age: 31 Years and 7 Month
Net Worth: $1.3 Million.
Religion: Islam
Weight: 78KG
Hight: 5ft9in
Eyes colour:


Hair Color: Black
Status: Married
Hobbies: GYM, Singing, Dancing
Zodiac: Taurus
Introduction: He is a Youtuber, Singer, Actor, Dancer, Comedian, And Mostly Peoples Know Him As a Nasreen & Khalid.

Pakistan & Scottland.

Rahim Pardesi BIography

Rahim Pardesi very Talented Youtuber You See His Character Nasreen Most Of the People Know The Nasreen Because of Rahim's Make the Nasreen Character and he Plays Nasreen And Khalid Character Rahim Pardesi Real Name Is Not a Rahim Pardesi His Real Name is Muhammad Amir Rahim Pardesi  Was Born 28-April-1989 In Scotland His Parents From Pakistan So That's Why He Speak Punjabi Language Perfectly Rahim Pardesi live In Pakistan Sahiwal And Rahim Complete His School Level Study In Pakistan And 

He Completed his Studies in Scotland Rahim Pardesi So Much Talented He is a Singer, Actor, Dancer, Punjabi Comedian And He Has So much Talent he Work Very Hard On Youtube Firstly His Channel Floup But After the Failed Rahim Make a New Character Nasreen And Khalid Who's Got Famous And Rahim Pardesi Making Funny Videos His Videos Everyone Love And enjoy after the hit on Youtube And Facebook he Making One More Channel Name Pardesi Squad in this Channel Rahim Uploaded Vlogs And Releasing Songs His Songs So much Popular And Hit Few Days Ago Rahim Revealed He Have Two Wives And Rahim has a Three Child with his first wife And his Second Wife Pregnant Now 

Rahim Pardesi Family Info

Father We Don't Know the Name But we have an Instagram Account link click here @chacha_chama
Mother Not Known

Not Known


Four Sisters

Rahim Pardesi Bio/Wiki

Nickname Rahim Pardesi
Gender Male
Birth Place Scottland, United Kingdom
Current Residence       Scotland and Pakistan
Hometown Scotland
Famous For Nasreen And Khalid Character 

Rahim Pardesi Education / Qualifications

School Not Known
College Not Known
University Not Known

Rahim Pardesi Favourite Things

Film / Movie Not Known
Actor Not Known
Actress Not Known
Favourite Coloure Yellow
Hobbies & Like Dancing, Acting
Food Pakistani Food Lover

Rahim Pardesi Family Info

Father: I Think His Father Name Is Maood Because of his Sister Insta Account Name =  yumnamasood
Mother: Not Known

Not Known


three Sister

Wives: Sumera and Somia

Subhan, Hiba, Aahil

Rahim Pardesi Wives

Rahim Pardesi Revealed a few Days Ago  He Have To Wives Rahim Pardesi Making Vilog Videos On Pardesi Squad Channel In this Channel He Revealed that He Has Two Wives And They Both Love Each other Rahim Pardesi Say he Reaveld About His Wives And Rahim Says He Doesn't Like Peoples Who Hide Their Second Marriage If You Want to See His Whole Vilog video So watch it here.

Rahim Pardesi Wifes And Children Pictures

Rahim Pardesi Wifes And Children Pictures
Rahim Pardesi With Wives

Rahim Pardesi Wifes And Children Pictures
Rahim Pardesi Wifes And Children Pictures

Rahim Pardesi Wifes And Children Pictures

Rahim Pardesi Wifes And Children Pictures

Some Interesting Facts About Rahim Pardesi 

Rahim Pardesi Real Name is Muhammad Amir.  

Rahim Was born 28th April 1989.

Rahim birthplace is Scotland.

Rahim 78kg of weight

Rahim eyes colour is hazel 

Rahima is a YouTuber, singer, comedian.

Rahim famous as Nasreen

Rahim active year in 2015-present

he has a Lamborghini Urus, BMW - i8, Audi-R8 and More.

Rahim Have a One Anti Naam Nasreen.

Rahim is a Qawali Lover.

Rahim SISTER  NAME on Insta yumnamasood.

Rahim Pardesi Social Media 

Rahim Pardesi Instagram

Rahim Pardesi Facebook

Rahim Pardesi Twitter

Rahim Pardesi Family Pictures

Rahim Pardesi Wifes And Children Pictures
Rahim Pardesi Parents

Rahim Pardesi Wifes And Children Pictures
Rahim Pardesi Mother

Rahim Pardesi Wifes And Children Pictures
Rahim Pardesi Father

Rahim Pardesi Wifes And Children Pictures
Rahim Pardesi With his Four Sisters

Rahim Pardesi Wifes And Children Pictures
Rahim Pardesi With His Beautiful Sister

Rahim Pardesi Granny  

Rahim Pardesi Family Parents and Sisters  

Guys If you Want to Know Everything About Rahim Pardesi So I'm Just Sharing with you His Interview He Gave in 2018.

Rahim Pardesi Aka Nasreen Interview with Samina Ma'am

We will ask him today about what kind of a person he is. Rahim Pardesi.

Where did Pardesi come from?

Pardesi is one of my favourite words. 

Samina: Ok. Did you create it?

 Rahim: Yes, I've created it.

Rahim was also created or you got it?

Rahim was given.

Did your parents give you the name?

Rahim: Yes, they gave it. 

Samina: Where were you born?

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland.

Samina: Ok.

Rahim: Yes. 

Where did your parents come from?

My mother, She's from Okara and My father is from Sahiwal. and my ancestors were from Jalandhar. Ok. Where did your parents get married?

They got married in Jalandhar. They went to Scotland from Jalandhar.

Samina: And you were born in Glasgow. 

Rahim: Yes. 

have you some Punjabi touch or you like others in Glasgow?

I am fully traditional.

Samina: Ok. Everything is same like you can say as Pakistani people have. What did your parents like about Glasgow and what did they miss in Okara?

I think, they mostly miss the tradition.

Samina: And traditional food. 

Rahim: Yes, food too. That is obvious. But I don't particularly know what they miss

Samina: Don't you talk much? 

Rahim: Not too much.

Samina Ma'am: Because I Have seen people who immigrate and go to Abroad, they missing their homeland very much.

Rahim: I think its a mixture of everything.

Samina: Everything.

Even though in Glasgow we have the Asian community. Everything is there. Traditional food too. But I think its more of an environment and feeling 

Rahim: likewise that they miss. 

Samina: What do you speak at home? Punjabi, Urdu or English?

 Rahim: I speak a mixture of three. If someone speaks in English, we speak English 

Which language does your mother speak?

My mother speaks Urdu.

Samina: And your father? 

Rahim: Father speaks Urdu and Punjabi.

Samina: In which language do you get scolded?

Rahim: That is obvious, in Punjabi. 

Samina: Punjabi.

Rahim: Its fun to get scolded in Punjabi. 

Samina: How many siblings do you have?

Rahim: I have four sisters. 

Samina: And you're the only brother?

I am the only and the eldest brother.

Samina: You're the eldest. 

Rahim: Yes.

Samina: Are you very responsible?

Rahim: I would like to think so.

Samina: Because the elder brother has too many responsibilities which were given to him in his childhood?

Rahim: Yes exactly. 

So, how were you? 

Did you play with your sisters or lived alone?

I didn't really get much time to spend with them, to be honest. But now I do. 

Samina: Are you quiet or naughty? Are you very naughty?

The way it works with me. As if I am comfortable with someone, I am a Rahim: completely crazy person 

Samina: Ok. 

Rahim: But if I don't know someone, I am very shy and reserved and I don't speak much.

Samina: What did you study?

Rahim: Education-wise? 

Samina: Yes.Education-wise,

I have done, I studied high school. After high school,I went into photography. I started doing photography and then I went to college and studied photography and after that, I went to videography. I've done videography and editing all the production kind of side.I started it at a very young age. Because it was a passion for me.

Samina: Why didn't you study film?

Film because when I went to College to do photography It didn't, I didn't..

Samina: It didn't excite you? 

Rahim: Yes. I wasn't learning

Rahim: as much. 

Samina: What do you photograph?

Rahim: I mostly 

Samina: Portrait?

 Rahim: Yeah, people, portraits.

Samina: Family photos?

 Rahim: Yes. 

Samina: what was the first gift, a camera?

The first gift was not a camera. No, it wasn't a camera. Camera, I bought after a long time

So, what was the first gift?

that has inspired you to do photography 

I wasn't actually inspired my uncle used to be a photographer.

Okay. So, its in family. 

Rahim: Yes.

Rahim: So, I used to help him around. 

Samina: What does your father do for a living?

Dad is in the property business.

Samina: Ok and your mother?

 Rahim: Mom is a housewife.

Samina: Homemaker 

Rahim: Yes, homemaker. 

Samina: Is she loving and kind? 

Rahim: Shes very loving and kind.

Samina: Are you very close to her? 

Rahim: Yes, I am.

Samina: Or are you closer to your dad? 

Rahim: I am close to both. 

Samina: Ok.

But there are somethings that I can't tell my dad. 

Samina: Is he strict?

Rahim: No, he's not. But I think there are few things you cant tell.

Samina: What do your sisters do?

 Rahim: They are all studying.

Samina: Ok. 

Rahim: They are all studying at this time. 

Samina: And you're helping your dad?

I am helping my dad as much as I can.How did that happen?

That Miss Nasreen, how did that happen?

Miss Nasreen, basically I started

Rahim: off just making funny videos. 

Samina: How was the first video?

My first video was It was around Halloween I had made a little concept when children went for trick or treat from house to house especially in abroad, UK. They get sweets from White peoples houses. As a tradition, they gift candies

Samina: Exactly, candies. 

Rahim: and sweets. So, I thought if you went to a desi home asking trick or treat so what will you get?

that children get dry dates.

Samina: Sweets? 

Rahim: Dry dates and almonds so children get confused seeing those, thinking what have you given us?

Samina: Are you a keen observer? 

Rahim: Yes, I am. Very much.

Samina: Like in weddings, do you observe what people are doing? 

Rahim: Yes.

Samina: Like in family gatherings 

Rahim: Yes like that 

Samina: Aunties are coming Uncles are coming. How they come and meet each other. 

Rahim: Exactly, like that. 

Is that what you've been doing?

I have a feeling when I look at your work. I feel that when you sit quietly in the corner you're actually making notes in your head. 

Rahim: Yes. Definitely.

After making the video, who did you show first?

My friends and family. And then slowly slowly 

who encouraged you? To do it more

 I think it was my wife.

You're married! I didn't know that.

Rahim: This is the exclusive first time

Samina: I didn't even reach there. 

Rahim: I don't think many people do.

Rahim: This is the exclusive first time that I've said. 

Samina: Really 

Samina: How wonderful.

Samina: You fell in love?

Rahim: I did. Yes.

Samina: Something like that happened that this marriage can't be done?

 Rahim: No.

Samina: They were happy with your decision. 

Rahim: Yes. 

Samina: Is she your cousin?

No.No.I met my wife just casually one day 

Samina: Observing.

Rahim: Observing. 

Samina: Just observing 

Rahim: Minding my own business. You know. And we started talking. I got married when I was 21. And now I'm 29, happily married with three kids.

Samina: Wow! Congratulations! 

Rahim: Thank you!

Samina: That's wonderful! I had to come to this point to ask you. 

I've taken you there before you ask.

Samina: So. she encouraged you 

Rahim: Yeah, she encouraged

Do you have two boys and a girl or..?

Rahim: Yes, I've got two boys and a girl. 

Samina: Ok. 

Rahim: I had a boy first then a girl and then boy.

Samina: Ok! That's wonderful.

So, they encouraged me. Its a saying: Behind every successful man there's a woman.

Samina: Yes. 

Rahim: I have her support and I've my family support which encouraged me.

Rahim: At that time, it wasn't something 

Samina: So it was always video or have you ever done stand up? 

Rahim: It was always video

Samina: Never in front of your family..

Rahim: I've always been the comedian of the family. 

Samina: You have been.

Rahim: I've always. 

Samina: Who did you make laugh very much, your sisters or?

I make everyone laugh. Making people laugh and smile Which was something missing from my own life. 

Samina: Why?

I just had a lot of hurdles in my life. which made me 

What kind of hurdles?

Parents are happy. Sisters are doing fine. You've married the one you love. then where is the hurdle?

Hurdle, in general, A lot of family politics and stuff like this. 

Aren't they a part of life? They are part of life.

It is but I've got more. I think.

If your parents had refused your marriage then we can call it a hurdle And then, you know asking your mom please let me marry and then went to your father and say please. and then 10 years would have passed in this.

 Rahim: It didn't happen like that.No, it isn't.

Samina: For long was the courtship?

A year and a half

Samina: Were you writing a love letter or did texting. 

Rahim: Texting

Samina: Gave gifts?

Samina: Did you go on a date? 

Rahim: Exchange texts and used to meet each other. and we got along very well.

You made her laugh a lot.

I did. Yes

I think girls love when someone makes them laugh

Yes. They like it a lot. I used to make her laugh and smile. We fell in love. She is a very nice human being and a very loving mum to my kids. Yes, I am proud of her.

Samina: Do you live with your parents or?

 Rahim: I have my own home.

You have your own home.

Samina: So, who is the homemaker? You or your wife? 

Rahim: My wife 

How much do you take an interest? Do you cook?

She's a superwoman of the house.

She has a career?

Rahim: She was a banker before. 

Samina: Ok.

Rahim: After that, I told her to take it easy. She does her own things now and she helps me a lot. 

Samina: Ok.

For me, the most important thing is she looks after the house. She is a homemaker

Samina: and she can always go back to work when the kids grown up 

Rahim: Of course.

Samina: and you will support that 

Rahim: I will 100%

Is it in your family to bring the woman at the front and do not pull her back?

Yes to some extent. In Pakistan, it is slightly different but in the U.K it's very different its like man and woman are equal. You have equal rights in every way. So, yes I will support her in any way she wants

And you ll support your daughter as well and your sons as well, whatever they want to become.

Rahim:I hope so. 

Samina: Tell me about Nasreen. Where did she come from?

Samina: You've made the first video and showed it to people  

Samina: After that, what did you do?

Rahim: Nasreen

The first video was released and liked by many people then made second 

Only your family and friends watched the video.

Halloween video I've created a page on Facebook for public and uploaded it which went viral After that I made, I've always had bad experiences with PIA travelling, funny stories and then I made a video about that 

Samina: Yes I have seen that.

Yeah and that went viral So whatever I liked the people liked it too Same humour and language everything kept going and in one video I needed someone to play a female character I was scratching my head one day what to do And I was like let me do it myself. And I did it. People liked it too. 

Samina: That's brave.

Rahim: I was scared before that what will people think 

Samina: That's very brave.

Rahim: What will my family say?  What will be the reaction?

But people enjoyed it, they laughed soo much. and slowly slowly the female character began to increase that I thought to give her a name. I worked on her character then

Samina: Is there someone like Nasreen in your family? 

Rahim: In family, someone is not exactly like Nasreen

Samina: a little bit of all 

Rahim: Yes a little bit of all made Nasreen.

Are people scared of you?

Rahim: Yes. 

Samina that he's looking at us When people did stupid things they say now you will make our video.

Rahim: But I say, there's nothing like that. 

Samina: People say like that

Rahim: People say 

Samina: Especially those who come at family dinners.or at the wedding 

They say: Now don't make a video on us When they do something stupid Observe, again I observe a lot.

Did your mother ever say, don't make my video?

No mom didn't but aunties have said. Aunties have said 

Samina: and is your mother in law happy? 

Rahim: Yes more than happy.

Samina: She is happy. 

Rahim: Yes more than happy.

Samina: She likes your work?

 Rahim: She loves my work. She laughs a lot. It's a good feeling. 

So, Nasreen has taken over the husband?

Nasreen, yes it's strange because I don't know because a lot of women especially can relate with Nasreen or there is something that attracts. 

Now, where will Nasreen go? Nasreen Will, she comes to Pakistan or goes to another country.

Rahim: We've just recently found her. 

Samina: Will she go to London or Southall?

Rahim: She'll go everywhere 

Samina: Will she go? Where will you take Nasreen?

 Rahim: I've been thinking to take her on a world tour. 

Samina: Ok. Let's see.

You will never take Nasreen to the stage?

Rahim: I have performed. 

Samina: you have?

Rahim: Yes. 

Samina: Where did you perform?

Rahim: I have done my first U.K tour. 

Samina: Ok.

All over the U.K, Bermingham, London and Manchester.

How long the show goes on?

Rahim: it was one and a half hour. 

Samina: One and a half hour and it's just you?

It's me and all my characters and my team.

Samina: Ok. 

Rahim:I have a team of three people. They all are female

Rahim: and they all help me. 

Samina: Ok. It's like a one-man show you have all the props are ready and you keep changing and you keep putting on costumes. 

Rahim: Yes.

Samina: You only did a U.K tour. 

Rahim: Only U.K

Samina: You haven't go to Europe and Pakistan?

Rahim: We are working on that. 

Samina: Ok.

Samina: I would love to see you.

Rahim: The feedback that we have got

Samina: Who wrote that one and a half show? 

Rahim: Me and my team.

Samina: Ok. 

Rahim: me and my team together 

Samina: Do you collect all the videos for the show? 

Rahim: No.

Samina: Fresh one?

Rahim: Yes, it was all new. We've written a completely fresh concept. Dialogues and storyline, it's all-new. And then there's a lot of interaction with the crowd.

Are you planning to make a film about your character?

Who knows. Let's see. 

People do make films on the things that are mostly liked by the people

Rahim: Exactly, like that. 

Samina: Mr Bean and Jim Carry made films. Recently, I have seen some films which stand up comedians have made on their characters

Samina: Do you plan to do that?

Rahim: I hope so one day if I get the opportunity. but if I don't 

No. it's coming your way. One by one automatically the doors keep opening. Something like that. Opportunities stand in your way automatically.

Rahim: Yes. 

Samina: If you grab them like seize the moment if you seize the moment then you're sailing.

Rahim: Yes, true. 

Samina: Where will you go from here?

I think as you just said your self that doors are keep opening.I am just focused on doing what I do best. Making videos with fresh content.

How much do you work in a week?

Rahim: I release one video in a week. 

Samina: One video And you're working from Monday too?

Rahim: yes Monday to Sunday 

Samina: Sunday? 

Rahim: Yes.

Samina: How do you get time for your wife and children? 

Rahim: I balance it out in between.

Samina: Okay. 

Rahim: Yes.

Samina: How is it? The first half of the day is writing and then recording?

Rahim: Its always just all over the place. I could be stuck with a concept. for days and not understanding anything sitting with a pen in my hand 

Do you have an office now?

Rahim: Yes, I have a studio 

Samina: A studio and then cameras are yours and space is yours. 

Rahim: Everything is mine.

Samia: It's all yours. 

Rahim: Yes.

Samina: That's wonderful. 

Rahim: That was a huge bonus for me because when I started doing photography and videography that helped me to put my own sketches and I did everything on my own. So, that was the huge help for me.

How old were you when you started photography?

When I started photography, I was 16 or 17. And making videos?

Rahim: Comedy?

 Samina: No, before I have started videography around 21.

How many years experience do you have behind the camera?

not many years. Always behind the camera.

Rahim: So many years. 

Samina: and in front of the camera? 

Rahim: In front of the camera I have always been behind the camera In front of the camera, not many years.

Samina: How was the first day like?

 Rahim: On Front?

Samina: Yes. 

Rahim: In front of the camera it was very trench It feels very strange looking yourself in the camera and listening to your voice 

Samina: Is it?

But when I see the response

Samina: Did you see?

 Rahim: Yes, I did.

Samina: Did you see your work?

 Rahim: Yes, I did.

Samina: If you didn't you like it then reshoot it?

 Rahim: Yes. I am very particular. I am not like to let it go. Until I'm fully satisfied.Especially now. Sometimes small sketches took all day. Till night I did it. Until it's perfect.

Did you get an offer from the British Network?

Rahim: Yes, I had a few offers. 

Samina: You're looking into it?

I'm looking more into the desi side.

Samina. Ok. You know now when I look at the world and international work these past few years and the next few years I think there's becoming a lot of space for Asian actors.

Yes. Of course.

I feel that some of our actors and stand up comedians, our comic stars they have done very well. They are all Asian and have Pakistan roots. 

Rahim: Exactly like that.

Samina: Do you feel that you're going there too? 

Rahim: I would like to hope so.I mean, I have always been into acting and dancing and stuff like this. This was used to be my hobby. Before I started photography. I've always been a hyper actor kid. In school, I did sports and these stuff.

How did you call yourself shy?

Shy, in a sense, I don/t know 

You told me that so that I can explore it 

No, I am like when meeting new people 

Obviously if you/re a type who observes people then you have to be quiet and

Rahim: You have to 

sit back and look. So, I have always when I talk I talk but normally I am quite Observe everything. I am always thinking.

What are you dreaming about?

I am always dreaming about I don't have a set goal I don't like to plan things because I feel if you have set goals you're very kind of limited and have expectations Then what do you call it, you have dishearted moments also come. Like it doesn't happen the way I wanted or like I am still here and my destination is there. For me, I just purely work hard and just keep doing it.

Samina: And then everything is a surprise! 

Rahim: Everything is a surprise. 

Samina: Then you can celebrate it.

Yes. Whatever I do. Whatever I explore, I enjoy it. cuz it wasn't planned. It just came in my way. But what made it come in my way is my hard work. And my honesty! 

Samina: So what is a success for you? 

Success for me is being ... being dedicated. Being honest with your work. And success comes running to you.No matter what! And I think if you have these kinds of mottos in your life, you can't go wrong. If a person works hard, they do get rewarded. You know! 

Samina: And what is failure?

Failure in life is being you know... hurt someone badly. This is being you know...being unloyal to anything: to your life, your family, your wife and work. This is a failure. For me.

Samina: So you have to be completely honest?

Yes, you have to be completely honest. To face the world and you've, to be honest with yourself, first. 

Samina: Yeah...yeah. 

And then you can be...Then you're automatically honest with everything. You know! 

What makes you happy? Very happy?

What makes me happy is making people happy. This is ...just having a positive vibe around me.

Samina: Looking at your kids makes you happy! 

Rahim: Yeah, seeing everyone happy and ...

Samina: Do you play with your kids?

Yeah, I play with them. With my kids, yeah. A lot. 

And what makes you sad?

Eh, what makes me sad?

!I think ...There a lot of negativity going around in the world. And in this day and age. There's a lot that's happening. These are the things that make me sad. And...and...you know there's only so much a person can do. 

Samina: Could you...umm...would your work... also talk about issues that you, young people face in the U.K.?

Will you go there?

You know that ... 

Rahim: Yeah. Yeah. I mean I, in my sketches ... I have said to myself... 

Samina: Will you ever be political? 

I will always stay away from politics, 

Samina: Ok.

religion and all these kind of things. Anything that would...kinda hurt anyone...

Samina: Ok 

Rahim: So I will always...because everyone has lots of different opinions on these things especially. So I will stay away from these things. There's no need to...

Samina: No, good decision. Absolutely. 

There's no need to get into this. I mean my...my job is to just make people laugh and you know just have a lighthearted banter. That's it! You know, sometimes I take situations and traditions and use them. In certain cases language too.Expressions, Anything. There are so many things that you can consider as comedy. 

Samina: How do you take... emm...critique?

I don't take it at all. I just don't bother with it.

Samina: And if someone criticises then? 

Rahim: Listen from one year and let it exit from the other ear.

Samina: Ok? 

Rahim: Yeah?

Samina: And compliments? 

Rahim: Compliments, yeah. Take them in but don't be big-headed. Take it in and it gives me a boost to do more. Soso it's a good thing. It's a good thing. It gives me a boost.

Samina: When you look back, is there anything you'd like to delete?

If you had that power?

It depends how back, you want me to go. 

Samina: Wherever

Samina: 16, 14, 18.Because those are the,14 to 20 or 18, those are the tough tough years when you're growing up as a young man. 

Rahim: True.

Samina: You do the mistakes in this time frame and you learn a lot too. 

Rahim: Yes. 

And you feel hurt quite a lot too. 

Rahim: Yes, yes.

Samina: Right?

 Rahim: Yes, exactly. 

Samina: Is there anything there which you feel, that shouldn't have happened?

Or maybe I could have corrected it?

 Rahim: There are many things but I never thought that I would delete. I always thought that I want to learn from it. You know, I always thank God that whatever I have done is good but I need to learn from it. If I don't learn from my mistakes, then I am not gonna succeed forward. So, that's why I don't have that kinda thinking. That I wanna go back and make it all better. If your whole life is like better, you won't learn as much. 

Samina: How do you plan to give back to the society that you live in?

Because, we, the stars, who have earned some name and who people look up to and like, and of course love them, and because of them your life goes through a lot of changes too as you are economically empowered. You are socially empowered. 

Rahim: Yeah. 

How do you plan to return to that society that you've lived in? 

Either here back home where your parents, grew up. Or wherever you live. You know in Glasgow, where you grew up. but I've already always had dreamt of having, you know, of being a good 

do you have any plans in the future? 

Rahim: Not major plans role model for people. Because I think, automatically when, you come to this position, you've a lot of eyes on you. There's a lot of, especially young kids who look up to you, so if you have one bad move, you know, it does leave an effect. I think I wanna spread good messages through my videos or through anything.

Samina: Hmmm. 

Rahim: And, and you know that's it. I've always wanted to do some charity work. 

Samina: Like a scholarship? You know videography or 

Rahim: Yeah, anything. photography? 


For people who want to study film or 

Rahim. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I am sure. 

Because we fear going to this side.Because we have been told that these are not good things and there's no future for it. Or this is something which might pay off today but not tomorrow?

And there's no permanency in this like there is in all the other jobs. If it exists today, then tomorrow it might not. Parents fear a lot ending their children to this field! So would you make it a little more comfortable?

Rahim: Yeah. I always. Whenever I am into say that you should support your children in

Samina: For Pakistani community? 

Rahim: Of course I always encourage the parents whatever they're good at. You know whatever they are passionate about. If they have a passion for something then they go forward with it. The only thing I am here today is because of my passion of making videos. 

Samina: Do you sing? 

Rahim: I don't sing, no.

Rahim: I love music. But, but I don't sing though.

Samina: Play any instrument? 

Rahim: No. 

Samina: Music?

I just dance. 

Samina: Somebody else plays the music and you dance? 

Yes, I will dance. 

Samina: Did you learn dancing? 

No, I did not learn dancing. 

I think it was again something that was just there.

Samina: You write? Poetry?

Rahim: Not exactly poetry but I generally write any idea and anything that comes to my mind. 

Samina: Are you a romantic? 

I would like to think so. Yeah.

Samina: Rain makes you happy? 

Rahim: Sorry?

Samina: Rain makes you happy or the British...

Rahim: Where I live, completely not. 

Samina: It sure does make us happy! We enjoy it and Britishers say Oh my God! Another grey day.Yeah. It is like that. Especially where I stay in Glasgow. It keeps raining there all the time. 

So you feel happy when the sun comes out?

Rahim: Yes, the sun makes me happy.

Samina: Do you paint? Have you ever painted?

 Rahim: I have never painted, no.I am a terrible painter, I know. 

Samina: But do you like colours?

 I like colours, yeah. 

What are your favourite colours?

 Rahim: Bright colours. I like the yellow. 

Samina: You like yellow! 

Rahim: I love yellow.Its in my studios. 

Samina: In your studio! 

Rahim: In my office as well. 

Samina: Why are you attracted to yellow?

I have no idea. I think yellow is a sweet colour.

Samina: Hmm 

Reminds me of sweet things and

Samina: Very rare for men to actually like yellow! 

Rahim: Yeah.Yeah. A lot of people say, Yellow? 

Samina: Have you ever worn yellow?

Rahim: Yes, I have. Yeah. Yeah, I have. And people have told me that you carry yellow very well.

Samina: Do you do anything with your hands?

Like, create anything other than your videos?

Rahim: emmm 

Samina: Anything hands-on? 

Like do you fix any stuff around the home?

Rahim: I don't know.I don't do as much, no. I did when I was very very young.To unscrew my toys. To experiment with them. 

That would have caused intrigued to see what's inside it?

That makes you who you are. 


Samina: If you want to know that how was this made, that's how and why you observe it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I always wanna know that how is it done and why is it done! 

Samina: So there must be a lot of stuff in your mom's house that you must have opened?

Rahim: Yes, I have. 

Samina: You would've gotten scolded over it?

Rahim: Yes, quite a lot. 

What is your mom's pet word? To scold you?

I, I have got a pet word in the family i.e. Um bhaiyya.

Samina: Do you have a pet name?

This is my name. Um bhaiyya.Um bhaiyya? 

Rahim: Yeah. 

Samina: Where did you get this from?

My sisters were very young they couldn't say Rahim bhaiyya

Samina: Ok, ok.

So they would call me Um bhaiyya. 

Samina: So now everyone calls you that?

Yes, they all do.

Even the kids? 

Yes everyone, up until today. No, they don't know about it. They don't know. 

Samina: So this is for your mother?

 Rahim: My sisters call me that. Yeah, so...This is my one and only nickname.

What is life?

Life for me is a journey. A very quick journey. When I look back When I was 19-20 I always thought that where did all the time go?

 And I feel very scared. To be honest. Especially nowadays I feel very scared. Because I feel I wanna do something with my life to make a difference. In the world of someone, you know?

Samina: And your kids?

 Rahim: Of course and my kids as well.

Samina: Well, you have become a dad. 

Rahim: I have become a dad. That's a life-changing experience. 

Rahim: When I became a dad, my life changed.Completely. 

Samina: What happened when the first baby was born?

What did you feel at that moment?

The feelings are just unexplainable. Well, it's just like, wow. I was like, you know, another chapter has just opened in your life. And the way you think, everything is just completely different. Completely different. And it's a good change. A good change in our life. You become more responsible, you start to think more responsible. So, you become a mature person.

That fear might stem from the fact that you've 3 kids now.

Rahim: Yeah.

Samina: To take care of! And of course...Now that you're a dad, you know what it's like. 

Rahim: Of course.

Samina: This world needs more peace. 

Rahim: Oh yeah.

And you know, more happiness. More love.

100% as there's just too much negativity going around in the world. So much racism, At the same time, there's a lot of good people as well.

Samina: Do you ever feel like turning everything around?

The world and just make it alright?

Rahim: Yes, I want to do that a lot. 

Samina: Right? 

Rahim: Finally you'll have the powers to ...

Samina: I want to do that a lot. 

Rahim: Which is why I have just recently, created a character called Super Kuri.

Samina: Ok! 

Rahim: Nasreen is playing Super Kuri. She is a superhero. Basically. 

Samina: Oh, wonderful. 

Yeah, so this character is made after considering all this.I thought there should be some character that, some superhero that changes the world and the circumstances.

So she has... 

Samina: Can we watch it?

 Rahim: Yes

Samina: Have you uploaded it? 

Rahim: Yes. I have. 

Samina: Oh, Super Kuri?

Rahim: Yes. 

Samina: So what does this Super Kuri do?

A lot of things, she flies. She has superpowers. And she has a good heart. She just wants to change and get rid of all the bad people. And keep following the good people. So she is doing a good job so far. She is doing a good job so far.

Rahim: Her first video has released 

Samina: The first video has released.

Rahim: and received an amazing response. 

Samina: Response was good. 

Rahim: It was very good. 

Now, will it work simultaneously?

There are Nasreen and her husband 

Rahim: Yes. and supergirl too. But her husband does not know that she is supergirl.

Samina: Nasreen has turned to supergirl?

 Rahim: Nasreen has turned to supergirl

Samina: Did she has a dream?

Rahim: The story will be revealed. 

Samina: Ok. Slowly slowly

Rahim: Slowly how and why she turned 

Samina: Very interesting. 

So she has it. She is leading girl power.

Samina: I wish her more power. 

Rahim: She doesn't want to tell her husband because she feels, she is a very kidding woman. She takes care of her husband and doesn't want to disrespect him in any way or show him that I'm better. Even though she is stronger and smart but she has never shown him that. Only her fans know that she is a superwoman.

Samina: There's a balancing act happening in the home. 

Rahim: Yes, like please open this box, I can't open it. 0:36:21.095,0:36:22.445 You know and wink in the camera. Things are this. She likes to keep her husband happy.

Rahim: Husband is also happy. 

Samina: Do men feel their ego hurts?

Rahim: Yes. They have an ego. Like I was Kabaddi champion at the very young age Men they have, you know always wants to be the king of the house. But Nasreen thinks that's why she is getting so much love from people. People know that she is really very nice girl. 

When did Nasreen discover that she's a super girl?

Just recently. I think she knew that she was Supergirl. But she has started to bring it out She has seen the condition of the world so she feels now she need to get the supergirl out and change the world. So she has decided. She has a super girl outfit and a song which was done by Manch Music. So yes she is heading at the right direction. and she is an interesting character. and I can't wait to show more of her character to the people. This is something that. As you say There is a thinking that to just want to turn the world around just change everything. I'm trying to do that through her in the videos. So, let's see what happens. 

Samina: Do you understand death?

I, to some extent.Yes.I am not scared of death actually. I am scared of dying before accomplishing or at least you know is that your fear 

what you've said earlier that you're afraid of? 

Rahim: Yes.

Samina: You're afraid to go away before doing something that satisfies you I want to leave the earth being satisfied.ThisThis Generally in life as a good human being that I can say about myself that I have made an effort at least an effort to do something or to make a change. Create awareness or do anything. Anything positive. 

I think if you made one person happy 

Rahim: Of course. 

Samina: One single person happy And forget

I, when sometimes bored My team they mostly deal with emails and messages. Sometimes when I am bored I read some messages to see the feedback There are many people who tell me stories.

they must be sharing a lot. 

A lot like we've been in depression for so many years and because of your videos we you know, it has made a change in their life

Rahim: In the beginning, I felt strange 

Samina: What was the goal?

You reached 1 million. How many millions do you want to have to feel that you have achieved it?

Rahim: No, it does not number for me. 

Samina: Ok. 

Rahim: It's not numbers for me. It can be a short number or a long number As long as I still am making people laugh and smile that will be enough for me. Someday if I feel like losing my touch.

Samina: What will you do then? 

Rahim: Then I'll stop.

Samina: And what will you do then?

As I said I have always crazy about acting. And stuff so I am open to any opportunities that are coming my way. And I feel I am very versatile in acting which I have not shown much to people out there. 

Samina: Are you ever amazed of your own self that, wow, I can do this too?

No, Not really.

Samina: Are you ever surprised? 

Rahim: I have no idea that 

Samina: That I can do this?

like this talent that I had no idea, it was a talent. Or that I should make my own platform. When people say that you have this talent buddy and you've done an amazing job and I am like thinking, Really?

So for me, it's completely new like I didn't know this about myself that I have this talent. I...I just thought I am just a crazy dude. 

Samina: It's a blessing that if you don't become overconfident! 

Rahim: Yes.

Samina: You're just confident but not overconfident. 

Rahim: Yeah, not overconfident. Everything is a surprise. 

And everything is a gift. 

Rahim: Yeah. Yeah. Is a gift.

Samina: Every moment is a gift. 

Rahim: It is indeed like that.

Samina: Right?

 Rahim: Yes yes it is.

Samina: I wish you all the best. 

Thank you so much.I hope you make millions of more videos and films and stand up shows and you travel the world, and then everybody knows you and then you are on every channel. and I get to interview you again. 

Rahim: Thank you so much.

Rahim Pardesi Pictures

Rahim Pardesi age Net worth Family Wives and Full Biography
Rahim Pardesi age Net worth Family Wives and Full Biography

Rahim Pardesi age Net worth Family Wives and Full Biography
Rahim Pardesi age Net worth Family Wives and Full Biography
Rahim Pardesi age Net worth Family Wives and Full Biography
Rahim Pardesi age Net worth Family Wives and Full Biography

Rahim Pardesi age Net worth Family Wives and Full Biography
Rahim Pardesi age Net worth Family Wives and Full Biography

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