The Boss Baby Part 2 - Family Business Full Movie

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The Boss Baby Part 2 - Family Business Full Movie
The Boss Baby Part 2 - Family Business Full Movie

The Boss Baby Part 2 - Family Business Full Movie

THE BOSS BABY 2  In the Trailer Everything You Missed

what's up everyone and welcome back just when we thought it was over Netflix surprised us with a second boss baby movie this time it's the boss baby family business his chubby tiny Arms are back a sequel to the hits Oscar Nominated Dream works animation movie will be released next spring with the first trailer here we already know where the story will go but you probably missed on so much in the trailer so without further ado from the hidden message in the story to an interesting theory that indicates the next boss baby is about trump keep watching to find out everything you missed in the new trailer of the boss baby

No.7 The story the boss baby family business features the templeton brothers tim and ted voiced by James Marsden and Alec Baldwin all grown up and separated from each other tim is a family guy now he has one girl named Tabitha Templeton voiced by Ariana Greenblatt and a new baby named tina however the story will get quite interesting with tina being a top secret agent for baby core with the purpose to bring to light the deep secrets following tab at the school and its unknown founder dr. Edwin Armstrong voiced by jeff goldblum the story will certainly feature some wild events however as we said tim and ted are grown-ups in the second movie 

but not for a long time as baby Corp has developed a special formula that allows grown-ups to become babies again or in tim's case much younger for 48 hours now don't you think that tim and ted would bring much better choices when adults why do they need to become babies strange theory but hey it's a movie so we'll need some plot twists that brings us to a lot of questions how will the baby corp work and how many people look at the dark sides of those babies this sequel will definitely face lots of critics according to people commenting on the trailer and as it looks many things from the trailer don't make sense although some people say that that's the point of the trailer however the boss baby family business is directed by tom mcgrath with a script by michael mccullers and the movie is set up to hit theaters on march 26 2021. what have you done to me no really going sailing oh no.

No.6 Boss baby is about trump now the first movie is about a baby put on in a baby-sized suit and when the boss baby is promoted to ceo of his baby firm he's given an office and remains on his golden toilet at the top of his baby tower do you guys remember when he was made to take a photo with the family he's been elected to he doesn't smile saying that it makes him feel weak he's often seen with a puckered lip scowl and finally the boss baby does not have a name he spends his time playing with the toy golf set while his older brother timmy works and when tim asks why won't he help the boss baby replies "very busy delegating he drains" it the director said it was just a coincidence and that there was no parallel in connecting this movie with Donald trump however many people wondered though since Alec Baldwin has mocked trump on snl before and after the election any thoughts about this have you ever connected the dots like this let us know.

No. 6 Other connections now if you can forget the before mentioned theory and let's look at what other people have said about the boss baby family business trailer according to some this will be a movie about the awareness of the economy and this goes back to the first movie again with the boss baby being a baby stealing the attention away from Timmy and then more strikingly in the boss baby's mission to destroy the pet industry puppies are getting more famous than ever and babies are no longer the favorites in the cuteness industry 

the boss baby finds a ring of yes babies and teaches them about this idea of course buy a pie chart with a decreasing baby part and a growing puppy part birds cats and fish are also presented on the pie chart but in smaller parts puppies are winning babies are losing he says well we're sure that you won't look at the boss baby franchise the same after this theory also let us know if this theory makes sense to you in the comment section below 

No.5 Getting his her diapers changed now the Templeton brothers Tim and ted are grown-ups in the second movie and they are separated however when Tim's baby daughter Amy Sedaris explains that she is a boss baby using special baby formula she gets them younger which helps her with a horrible plan that's setting up evil babies we need to mention that the first movie made over half a billion dollars worldwide and even nominated for an Oscar for best animated feature

so the second movie lives on high expectations and dream works animation movies are often successful now if we go back to the first movie you'll notice a huge well we'll just call it a mistake alright so boss baby has a grown-up brain which indicated that he can go to the bathroom feed himself and shower he's insanely trained because his passions include getting promoted to the corner office there's just this detail boss baby lets people feed him change him and bathe him maybe he looks like a baby but when you think about the grown-up person he actually is well according to many fans of the movie it's quite weird the same case happens with the girl in the second movie.

No.4 Different hair color in the first movie the boss baby quickly sets up a belief about where babies come from a company in the sky called baby co where new children are made on a line and diapered powdered and fed before they're released by a channel to their new parents the company's position restrictions speak that infants that don't appear to have the right attitude that people require from them are transmitted into middle supervision at baby co where they languish in section farms and drink formula that is them it babies permanently now Tim voiced as a kid by miles Bakshi and as an adult by Tobey McGuire has had a perfectly normal life living as his parents favorite 

the family has a friendly house with a garden and they usually go on adventures that are in Tim's imagination Tim's parents Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow both work at puppy co then everything changes when Tim gets a baby brother the baby comes by taxi he wears a suit and shades displays a briefcase and has soon won Tim's parents attention unless Tim no one ever knows what's behind this cute baby however the movie ends with Tim having a baby with blonde hair but a few people notice that in the trailer for the boss baby 2 they changed it the kid's hair is a different color any theory about this is it a mistake what do you think also returning to the boss baby family business is the voice of ted Templeton himself alec Baldwin after hearing toby Maguire voice the adult Tim and the boss baby the first big casting surprise comes from James Marsden being recast in the role which left many fans of the movie unsatisfied

No.3 A Lion Sometimes we want to forget a movie the second we walk out of the movie theater but sometimes we want to re-watch it over and over again maybe the characters are captivating maybe the cinematography is fine maybe it was based on interesting events but we do this often because there are so many Easter eggs hidden and with the tiny details within the scenes you'll find something new every time you press play and this happens in the trailer of the upcoming boss baby movie the interesting thing we noticed is the lion that appears outside on the left side can you see it does this mean something do you guys have a theory about this

The Boss Baby Part 2 - Family Business Full Movie
The Boss Baby Part 2 - Family Business Full Movie

No.2 Okay boomer okay boomer has grown into generation z's constantly repleted response to older people who just don't get it teenagers say it to reply to almost everything that any person over 30 says condescendingly about young people and the biggest surprise comes when you find out that using this phrase could get you and everyone who uses it into a lot of trouble wonder why as it looks this thing is considered being age discrimination under the federal age discrimination and employment act 

if a manager said okay boomer to an older worker's presentation at a meeting that would make management seem biased wrote Naomi charlotte at the conversation but the directors of the boss baby however used it in their upcoming movie at one point during the trailer you can hear the character named tina say "and now you work for me boomers" according to lots of fans the directors should have been careful about this kind of phrase being used in a movie what do you guys think is it okay for them to use the phrase in a movie and life in general.

No.1 Geopolitical issues now here's another theory that appeared after the release of the new boss baby trailer first let's go with the fact that the boss baby is both a boss and a baby but how come well the theory about this is quite complicated because adults won't walk out of boss baby fascinated by the humor clever conversations and amazing animation there is definitely some depth in this movie and according to some fans and this is a noticeable thing in the trailer of the upcoming baby boss movie however represents a story about the power about disloyalty about the socio-economic split in the united states and geopolitical issues now this is something to think about but let us know if you ever noticed the trailer showing this theory 

The Boss Baby Family Business Trailer

 Movie Cast & Crew 

This Movie releasing on : 26-March-2021.

Movie Category : Animation, Comedy.

This Movie Directed by : Tom McGrath.

This Movie Produces by : Jeff Hermann.

This Movie Distribute by : Universal Pictures.

Production Companies : DreamWorks Animation.

Movie Edited by : Not Known.

This Movie Music From : 
Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro.

Cinematography : Not Known.

Movie Story by : Not Known.

Movie Screenplay : Michael McCullers.

Movie Based on : 
The Boss Baby by Marla Frazee 2010 Pictures Book.

Movie Running time : Not Known.

Country & Language : United States of America & English language.

The Boss Baby Cast

This Movie Starring : 

  • Alec Baldwin as Ted Templeton Jr. The Boss Baby.
  • James Marsden as Timothy Leslie "Tim" Templeton.
  • Amy Sedaris as Tina Templeton The New Boss Baby.
  • Ariana Greenblatt as Tabitha.
  • Eva Longoria as Carol.
  • Jimmy Kimmel as Ted sr.
  • Lisa Kudrow as Janice.
  • Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Armstrong

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