Shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings watch & Download full Movie

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shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings watch & Download full Movie
Shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings watch & Download Full Movie

Shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings

Shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings Trailer

Hello Guys Today We are Going To Talk About MCU Phase Four Movie Shang-chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings, The classic ironman villain in the Mandarin set to make his debut in the MCU some fans have argued it's a little bit awkward with the timing considering the protagonist in Anthony Stark that he so often went up against and his technology 

that so often played a role in his storylines is now seemingly absent from the MCU and while star tech is still there see spider-man far from home so is one important artifact or should I say 10 important artifacts that are integral to the mandarins storyline and that is the 10 rings of power that feature so prevalently in the title of Shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings today we're gonna break down the mandarins ten rings of power where they came from and just what each ring does 

first things first if this image is even remotely familiar to you then it probably is and not just because I used it as the thumbnail for this video but rather one of the more famous images detailing the rings of power and featured as a Marvel card during the second series old-school Marvel fans will remember them fondly however the descriptions used in these boxes are not exactly correct and a little bit cryptic 

so for today's description of each Ring of Power, we're gonna go directly off Marvel calm and explain each one from there speaking of which the history is also outlined so let's go over that real quickly without being too boring, and honestly, we could spend an entire video explaining the axon car also known as the McCullen's how to think Foom is related to them 

How they crashed here in a spaceship brought the Rings etc however all you need to know is that they're actually the product of an alien race of dragons brought here in a crashed spacecraft and that the Mandarin finds them in China's valley of the spirits although they display magic like properties they're rather scientific and that's the basis for the entirety of the Mandarin storyline 

he's a scientist he studies stark tech he tries to reverse-engineer it the same way he learns about and learns to command the Rings now let's get into exactly what they do okay starting with the key on the left-hand and as I said we're gonna be going off of along with this craft so they may say different things says ice blast freezes the air in its path and can lower an object's temperature to almost absolute zero this one says zero opens a beam of nothingness from the icy heart of outer space creates a deafening boom as a vacuum is filled going in from there 

the ring finger on the left hand the Mentos intensifier from magnifies the Mandarin psychic energy enabling him to mentally control a person only effective at short-range quick sidenote the Mandarin learned to control these rings even when they weren't on his fingers and at times even over long distances and you can see here 

that the chart calls this ring the liar creates world upon world of illusionary fable as impossible to escape as a tangle of dreams but vexes the wearer as well moving into the middle finger on the left hand the chart says lightning creates a directable electrical atmospheric discharge and according to marvel calm the middle finger on the left hand is the electro blast emits quantities of electrical energy determined by the wear parentheses 

the Mandarin upper limit of output is unknown you can clearly see how this is the thor ring no doubt moving into the index finger we have ice we have electricity why not flame blast emits infrared radiation game can cause air to in condensing by igniting its molecules maximum output is unknown you can see here on the chart for the index finger on the left hand they call it incandescent contains the miniature heart of a star and scorches the air before 

It I've got to hand it to whomever wrote these descriptions they're a lot more colorful moving into the thumb on the left hand hard to pronounce daya Manik the irresistible urge that propels into the unknown the compulsive creates loyalty creates obsession and if you move to marvel calm the thumb on the left hand is actually what they call white light emits many different types of energy from the electric magnetic spectrum frequently used as intensive visible light and laser beams now listen that one would play a lot better in the MCU when you talk about 

Diamond ik as far as irresistible urge that propels into the unknown the compulsive creates loyalty creates obsession kind of sounds like the Lord of the Rings also kind of sounds like the our set for one Scarlet Witch there's something going on there that's a little bit deeper and doesn't exactly translate into CGI you can already see just from the left hand alone how all these beams and colors of light would work really well in a comic book setting against Iron Man who has his own lasers spanning the color spectrum 

but it's important to note that Marvel Studios in the MCU may change anything about these rings for narrative purposes all from the color and the power sets to the order they're on their hands just the way they changed the Infinity stones orders and colors inside the Infinity Gauntlet then moving on to the right hand starting with the pinky says this is blacklight creates an area of absolute blackness where all the light is absorbed it is believed that this ring accesses the dark force used by people such as Dark Star and the shroud and considering we don't have Dark Star in the shroud in the MCU yet maybe they'll change this to be the Dark Dimension 

The same way that the ancient one was able to access some of that power to create magic that would be an interesting change but it would definitely make sense for the MCU and I will also make mention that on this case was a lot more expressive than this box it just says night bringer creates a malleable darkness a dark light maybe they just didn't have room moving on to the ring finger it says here on the right hand on this chart spectral winds up and wraps the air itself can appear ghostly can appear not at all that's not as great as the description on 

the ring finger on the right-hand disintegration beam destroys the bonds between atoms and molecules causing the objects cohesion to fall apart needs twenty minutes of recharge between uses and if you're anything like me when you hear that for the first time it definitely brings to mind that scene in Iron Man 2 where Rhodey asks Iron Man why he didn't just lead with that huge laser that wipes out the rest of the bots and he said no can do it's a one-time use this is excellent in a rare example of the comics having to do what the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to do all the time putting cooldowns on the more powerful abilities as to not make them 

overpowered and create a narrative loophole as to why they weren't just doing that the whole time now moving into the middle finger on the right hand the chart calls this one spin to decelerate s' time around the where appears SuperSpeed - The Watcher that would be like the flash ring on Marvel comm it says something a little different this is a vortex beam causes air to swirl in a vortex at I speed can levitate objects propels the wear parentheses the Mandarin in flight and can be used as a weapon so not just turning him into the flash or Quicksilver but rather using the air around him to facilitate everything instead moving on from 

there the index finger is called impact beam projects concussive force of approximately 350 pounds of TNT can also cause intense sonic vibrations and create magnetic waves here on the chart it just says influence creates various forces that cause a body to undergo change so it's just spanning the spectrum of wave forces and finally with the thumb on the right hand what the chart calls the remake urge at errs and reimagines relationships on a subatomic level 

If you take it to it calls the thumb ring on the right hand the matter rearranger can rearrange atoms and/or molecules of substances and speed up and slow down their movements to result in various effects that cannot actually transmute elements however it's interesting they add that in there as alchemy is something that they've reserved for different effects and magic in Marvel Comics 

it's also interesting that a lot of these seem to share the same power of a different type there's a lot of laser beams right a laser beam a frost a laser beam a fire laser beam of blacklight a laser beams white light I think that there's a lot more to these rings than just the lasers they create and I'm hoping that they don't use them as simply a CGI blasty blast II it's not just like another war machine or Iron Man but rather really investigate some of these powers there's going to be ten of them 

they're gonna be littered around the MCU thankfully they're not as powerful as Infinity stones they're not a trump all they can be battled but it's gonna be interesting to see where these wind-up overtime where they've been this entire time who has them and I'm guessing more times than not we're gonna be a little surprised as to where these have been and how they've already played a role in the MCU guys let me know what you think in the comments did you already know about the rings of power 

do you think that this is interesting they're going from a magic glove you put on your hand to a bunch of magic rings you put on your fingers do you think the analog is just too close and too soon to do it and also now that you've heard this chart about these rings what do you think about them which one's your favorite and what are you excited mostly to see in phase four is it janky in the legend of the ten rings in the introduction of the Mandarin

Hello, Friends Aj Hum Marvel Universe ke upcoming Superhero Movie k bare me baat Kearny JA rehy he Jiss ka Naam Shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings he Marvel is Dafa Ek Asian Superhero Launch Kearny ja reha he wesy is heroes ko hum log avenger movies k scene me b dekh chuky he Shang-chi esa hero he jo iron man ko b takker dy skta he is movie ke production fillhal start nehi ho pei Covid19 ke waja se lekin umeed he jald he shuru ho jiy ge ye movie humy next year 7-May-2021 ko dekhny ko mily ge is movie me Shang-chi ka role Simu Liu Chinese Actor play ker rehy he or is Movie ko DIrect ker rehy he Destin Daniel Cretton.

 I Hope Guy's ap ko yeh information Achi lgi ho EGR ap Kisi or Movie ke bary me information chahty he ya is Movie k bary me to ap humari is site py check ker skty he or egr koi information jo nehi majood ap humy humary fb page ProSaad py a ker req ker skty he.

  Movie Cast & Crew 

This Movie releasing on: 7-May-2021.

Movie Category: Action, Superhero.

This Movie Directed by: Destin Daniel Cretton.

This Movie is Produces by: Kevin Feige.

This Movie is Distribute by: Walt Disney Studios, Motion Pictures.

Production Companies: Marvel Studios.

Cinematography: Bill Pope.

Movie Screenplay: David Callaham.

Movie Based on: Shang-Chi 
by Steve Englehart, Jim Starlin.

This Movie Starring: Simu Liu, Tony Leung.

Country & Language: United States of America & English language.