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NO TIME TO DIE 2021 Download full movie in Hindi dubbed


Ek Baar Phir se Bond Movie Dhoom machany k liy a rehi he is Baar b pehli terha ke terha James Bond ka role Daniel Craig he Ker rehy he lakin yeh As a James bond in ke last movie he ab is k baad vo humy James bond k role me nehi dikhy gy is Movie ke story Kuch is terha hony wali he k James bond apni Retired Life Jamaica me sukoon se guzar rehy he. lekin Bond k porany Dost Felix Leiter Bond ko Maded k liy wapis bolaty he is Movie me villain ka Role  (Rami Malek) ker rehy jiss ka Naam Safin he James bond ko Ek scientist ko bchany k liy bolia gia he jiss shaid Safin jo k boht heavy new technology k sath James bond ko surprise Kearny wala he.

is daafa lgta he k yeh movie Kafi achi hony wali he wesy b yeh movie 2015 ke spectre movie ke terha nehi hony wali Ku k is me humy Kafi action dekhny ko Miley ga or is movie ka bugged b boht bara he jo k he 250million dollars or wesy b is movie k directer ke yeh first itni bari action movie he I hope k hum Kuch acha dekhny ko Miley ga.umeed he ap sub ko yeh information achi lgi ho.

No Time To Die Trailer Breakdown And Detail

we just got the newest trailer for the no time to die

no time to die is going to be James bond's latest film it is going to be Daniel Craig's last film at 007. as you know his replacement is in the film as well 

so no time to die as I said is the last daniel Craig James bond movie and pretty much it sets it up where we're thinking yeah daniel craig's gonna go and so the stakes are as high as they can be Remy malik's um character said neith is pretty much the i think most evil and sort of like evil genius type layer villain that you've been waiting for for quite some time 

now compared to all the other ones that felt more international nothing on the world type event but this one really feels more like that and many people are having a comparison or a theory that he could actually end up being the doctor no from the Bond franchise and as we know

dr noe was very keen on his masks and lucas aneef so very much so he could be playing dr note that's something I did enjoy seeing in the trailer as well it's just how sinister and sort of like the grandiose vision he has as well and sort of sees himself as a type of god in a way as you can see and so you know that he's going to be up to something pretty devastating if that's the um feel he has for himself 

so that's going to be interesting to see how that's going to play out I do also like the fact that blowfield is back and he's going to be working with a bond as you know it's sort of like a Hannibal Lecter type vibe and that's exactly what I wanted to see as well and something we're actually going to see this is a quick little tidbit about another movie is according to rumors the dark knight sequel would have had the joker be a Hannibal elector type towards batman for another villain and of course heath ledger tragically passed away before any of that could happen

but that was still a pretty amazing idea may he fled to rest in peace um we see that we see anna the arms character which is rumored not to have that much of a screen time um according to many people she was busy with other stuff as well but I still don't think people um are right with the theory that she's going to come out betraying bond I feel it's more going to be um a little bit of a cameo sort of thing 

but we'll see how that plays out right uh we do see James bond's successor as well uh pop up a little bit as the next double o seven which we know is going to happen this is his last outing as James bond and it should be pretty good the director is Kerry Fukunaga who was also going to be directing the

uh first it and then uh things went wherever they went with that which I will be talking about that movie as well because there's a lot of promise with that I do enjoy uh machetes it but I really was excited when I heard Fukunaga was attached to it at first because if you see true detective you know so uh this film is going to be pretty uh epic I will say that especially from the trailer alone because it is just action-packed and that's just the trailer which is not even like a tenth of the movie itself 

so we're gonna be getting some pretty interesting stuff right there um this film of course had been delayed due to everything going on in the world and I'm pretty sure they went back and tweaked some stuff up and it's hopefully not a new mutant's situation again where they didn't do so hopefully we got something more on the blade runner side of things I always bring the blade runner up because

we're just in that state right now where things get delayed and we're hoping here's hoping right that things get better as they have time to look it over right and I think this is going to be one of them I think that they wouldn't let daniel Craig's James bond go out without giving him a pretty good send-off because I mean the guy's been bombed for almost 13 years now 14 years I think 14 years actually so you got to give him something good and I think that this is going to definitely be it I think that's the reason they're making it such a huge movie in terms of 

what the stakes are for the characters and I think that Robbie Malek's dr no would be a very good villain to continue on with the franchise as well uh later down the road whenever they do introduce a new double07 so we're gonna see exactly what happens with that

now one of the things that do scare me about the film is the fact that they keep teasing a huge twist and when movies do that it is always not good because you are expecting something now and when that thing happens or you're close to getting that revealed you're just like i know what's gonna happen so that is one thing that is very much so um concerning i think because you will

be maybe let down because you'll think of something in your head and then it doesn't meet that expectation whereas if they just let it go and let it happen organically without telling anybody I think that it would have had a better effect but now that's not the case anymore so um yeah it should be interesting to see what this big twist is and I mean they're saying it's going to be um like insane like nothing you saw coming 

but still, you know so we're going to have to wait and see what that is I have read a theory and all of that I will talk about it this week as well because it does sound like that could be the big twist of it all and it would be pretty interesting as well how that would play out


Movie Original Storyline: Bond has left dynamic help and is getting a charge out of a serene life in Jamaica. His tranquillity is brief when his old companion Felix Leiter from the CIA turns up requesting help. The mission to save a grabbed researcher ends up being unmistakably more deceptive than anticipated, driving Bond onto the path of a baffling scalawag equipped with perilous new innovation.

NO TIME TO DIE 2020 Download full movie in hindi dubbed
NO TIME TO DIE 2021 Download full movie in Hindi dubbed

Movie Cast & Crew 

This Movie releasing on :

Movie Category: Action, Adventures, Crime.

This Movie Directed by: Cary Joji Fukunaga.

This Movie Produces by: Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli.

This Movie is Distribute by: United Artists Releasing (United States), Universal Pictures (International).

Production Companies: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Eon Productions.

Movie Edited by: Tom Cross, Elliot Graham.

This Movie Music From:  
Hans Zimmer, Johnny Marr.

Cinematography : 
Linus Sandgren.

Movie Written by: Neal Purvis, Robert Wade.

Movie Based on: James Bond by Ian Fleming.

This Movie Starring: Daniel Craig(James Bond), Rami Malek(Safin), Léa Seydoux(Dr Madeleine Swann), Ashana Lynch(Nomi, a '00' agent), Ben Whishaw(Q the MI6 Quartermaster), 
Ana de Armas(Paloma, a CIA agent assisting Bond), Naomie Harris(Eve Moneypenny), Jeffrey Wright(Felix Leiter), Christoph Waltz(Ernst Stavro Blofeld), Ralph Fiennes(M the head of MI6), Rory Kinnear as Bill TannerDali Benssalah(Primo), David Dencik(Waldo), Billy Magnussen (Ash).

Movie Bugged: 250Million Dollars.

Country & Language: United States of America & English language.