New PUBG Tips and tricks 2019

Saad Ali
Most Helping PUBG tip's and tricks I hope this article help you in some way.
pubg tips and tricks
pubg tips and tricks

PUBG best tips and tricks step by step guide's

  • Low graphics, Playing game in lower graphics and also set the frame rate in extreme it's help you to ---- the sneak easily.
  • Cooke -----, it’s important don't throw ----- quickly waiting for 3 and throw because of don't give up the chance to your enemy.
  • Use those smoke, pick 2/3 smoke and if you not in the circle use the 2/3 smoke it's help you and you get the extra time.
  • -----, If someone rush to your house and throwing the ----- so much go to the ground floor because of no one throwing ----- in ground floor.
  • Use Headphones, always use headphones or earphones because of you get the idea where's enemy come's from so use the headphones always.
  • Crouch randomly, if you run without cover mean no building near you and you running and someone have chance to sni-e you easily so crouch randomly in running maybe someone sni-e and miss the head shot.
  • Use car as cover, if you are in the final zone or you have a car no building in the zone and you know that enemy is sneak position so you can use your car and ---- your enemy or use  as a cover or ---- your enemy and take the chicken dinner.
  • play arcade for skills, if you want to work on your skills so play arcade mode because of no one care about lifeline.
  • look at the timer, look at the timer, if you are going to fight so look it first timing if zone have no time so going first to the zone and keep the safe .
  • Smoke the loot, if you're going to loot for someone crates so use the smoke first maybe someone camping in some where so don’t take the chance.
  • Capture the house, if the house in the last zone you can see go and rush the house because of sometimes enemy camping the last zone house.
  • Move cover to cover, specially in the last zone move cover to cover if someone fire you safely hide.
  • Run zig zag , if you running and you have no cover so run zig zag position.
  • Play on high sensitivity, it’s helpful for reaching time and you don’t dragging so much your phone screen so play high sensitivity.
  • Learn claw, if you playing with 2/3 fingers so your reaction is boost so learn the claw.
  • Crossbow, crossbow is one of the ------ And ---- easily level 3 helmet player and no mark in map.
  • Fast vehicle, bike is one of the fastest -vehicle you want to go somewhere in speed so use the bike.
  • Use Peake and ----, some people enable the Peake and ---- option but can’t use kindly use this because of it’s have more advantage.
  • Play Fpp for reaction time, if you want to improve your --- skills and reaction time so play fpp mode because of in this mode you are not waiting your enemy you go and rush to your enemy.
  • Analog size, I’m giving to the advise go to the controller settings and customize the analog size decrease the analog size and play if you like this controller so play and enjoy if you not suet so change it.
  • Don’t focus on finishing, if you playing in squad and ---- someone and there is the chance to his teammates rush you so don’t waste your time in one ---- maybe you get more ---- to next so run this place.


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