pubg mobile pro settings

Saad Ali
pubg mobile pro settings
pubg mobile pro settings

PUBG pro player settings

Here is the top 7 PUBG Mobile pro settings to became a pro player from a Noob player. Do you ever  think why top players of PUBG look so good while aiming scoping or even when they ---- ------- from behind the wall this article tell you everything in detail that what are those 7 secret settings which you need to enable and then you will realis that these PUBG tips & tricks will work help you like a magic.

  1. Go to the game settings and enable the aim resistance it’s help you automatically  moving --- scope to the your targeted opponent.
  2. pubg mobile pro settings
    pubg mobile pro settings
  3.  Sometimes we want quickly change the scope of our ---- but we using the simple method to go the bag and put the another scope but I’m telling you how to switch easily and quickly go to the settings and enable the  Quick scope switch and then you have a new button on your screen touch this button and change the scope easily.
  4. Peake & ---- some times enemy ---- you in the some where or you hide behind the wall and you want to see and ----- the enemy Peake & ---- option helping you to see your enemy  enable this option you can bend your Character left or right side or easily ---- your enemy.
  5. Peake & open scope you can easily use this option with Peak & ---- this option open your scope when you bend use this option and ---- more enemy if you used this 3&4 option to you can easily ---- so much safely.
  6. Lean mode if you use Peak and bend your scope on and your player take time maybe someone ---- your player if you want you quickly see and ---- in bend position and quickly behind the wall so you see the option lean mode turn on to hold after this you tap the peak button and ---- if you can And you remove your finger on the peak button your player quickly behind again.
  7. If you use no.3&4 option so you need to do your scope settings turn tap to hold you see the streaming video they quickly ---- and behind the wall quickly they also use this type of setting.
  8. Gyroscope option turn to scope on  this option and you handle your scope with  rotate the phone like you watch 360 video on YouTube this method will help you to become a pro player but you need so much practice and learn more.