Imtiaz Super Market Price List Today in Karachi 2024

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Imtiaz Super Market Price List Today in Karachi

In a bustling city, where time is of the essence, the right supermarket can be your oasis a place not only to shop but to connect with the community and enjoy the bounties of quality goods at fair prices. Imtiaz Super Market stands as a beacon for just that, offering an unmatched shopping experience. Today, we'll dive into the world of Imtiaz Super Market, and its invaluable practice of sharing daily updated price lists to keep patrons informed.

Imtiaz Super Market Price List Today

A trip to Imtiaz Super Market is never a dull affair. And when you arrive armed with the knowledge of today's deals and discounts, it transcends mere shopping to an experience of unencumbered joy. Their daily updated price list isn't just about numeral figures; it's about empowering consumers with information.

Fresh Vegetable Price List

Items NameWeightPrice
Fresh Tomato500GmRs. 42
Green Chillies (sindh)250GmRs. 19
Potato White1 KGRs. 69
Fresh Onion500GmRs. 95
Fresh Garlic (desi)250GmRs. 90
Fresh Garlic (China)250GmRs. 140
Fresh Cabbage500GmRs. 54
Fresh Cucumber (desi)500GmRs. 22
Ginger250GmRs. 139
Fresh Carrot (Red)500GmRs. 34
Fresh Cauliflower500GmRs. 37
Fresh Turnip500GmRs. 38
Fresh Capsicum (Shimla Mirch)500GmRs. 63

Fresh Mutton Price List

Items NameWeightPrice
Mutton Whole (Mix) (Prepack)500GRs. 854
Veal Boneless (Prepack)500GRs. 610
Beef Boneless Boti (Prepack)500GRs. 504
Veal Whole Mix (Prepack)500GRs. 454
Mutton Whole (Mix) (Prepack)1 KgRs. 1,710
Veal Boneless (Prepack)1 KgRs. 1,220
Veal Whole Mix (Prepack)1 KgRs. 910
Beef Boneless Boti (Prepack)1 KgRs. 1,009
Mutton Whole (Mix) (Prepack)2 KgRs. 3,109
Veal Whole Mix (Prepack)2 KgRs. 1,809
Beef Boneless Boti (Prepack)2 KgRs. 2,009
Veal Boneless (Prepack)2 KgRs. 2,429

Fresh Mutton Price List

Items NameWeightPrice
Mutton Whole (Mix) (Prepack)500GRs. 854
Veal Boneless (Prepack)500GRs. 610
Beef Boneless Boti (Prepack)500GRs. 504
Veal Whole Mix (Prepack)500GRs. 454
Mutton Whole (Mix) (Prepack)1 KgRs. 1,710
Veal Boneless (Prepack)1 KgRs. 1,220
Veal Whole Mix (Prepack)1 KgRs. 910
Beef Boneless Boti (Prepack)1 KgRs. 1,009
Mutton Whole (Mix) (Prepack)2 KgRs. 3,109
Veal Whole Mix (Prepack)2 KgRs. 1,809
Beef Boneless Boti (Prepack)2 KgRs. 2,009
Veal Boneless (Prepack)2 KgRs. 2,429

Cooking Oil Price List

Brand NameWeightPrice
Mezan Cooking Oil1 LtrRs. 515
Canolive Cooking Oil1 LtrRs. 670
Olivola Cooking Oil1 LtrRs. 565
Golden Sun Cooking Oil1 LtrRs. 499
Tullo Cooking Oil1 LtrRs. 480
Soya Supreme Cooking Oil1 LtrRs. 505
Eva Cooking Oil1 LtrRs. 510
Eva Cooking Oil Pillow1 LtrRs. 499
Habib Cooking Oil1 LtrRs. 499
Dalda Cooking Oil1 LtrRs. 520
Barkat Cooking Oil1 LtrRs. 440
Meezan Canola Oil1 LtrRs. 515
Kisan Canola Oil1 LtrRs. 502
Dalda Canola Oil1 LtrRs. 520
Canolive Canola Oil1 LtrRs. 599
Eva Canola Oil1 LtrRs. 520
Golden Sun Canola Oil1 LtrRs. 505

Ghee Price List

Brand NameWeightPrice
Barkat Ghee1000gRs. 409
Kisan Ghee1000gRs. 470
Eva Vegetable Ghee1000gRs. 470
Tullo Ghee1000gRs. 450
Dalda Ghee1000gRs. 485
Habib Ghee1000gRs. 470
Golden Sun Ghee1000gRs. 445
Soya Supreme Ghee1000gRs. 470
Mezan Ghee1000gRs. 490
Haleeb Desi Ghee Tin1000gRs. 1300
Pak Pure Desi Ghee Tin500gRs. 820
Pak Pure Desi Ghee Tin1000gRs. 1,620

Sugar Price List

Item NameWeightPrice
Ponam Sugar1 KgRs. 141
Sugarie Powdered Brown Sugar500gRs. 150
Sugarie Granulated Brown Sugar500gRs. 150
Sugarie Granulated Brown Sugar1000gRs. 217
Ponam Gurr500gRs. 150
Sugarie Powdered Brown Sugar1000gRs. 290
Chashnik Granulated Brown Sugar500gRs. 150
Ponam Gurr Shakar500gRs. 150

Pulses & Grains Price List

Brand NameWeightPrice
Ponam Black Eyed Beans (White Lobia)500GmRs. 225
Ponam Masoor Whole1000GmRs. 285
Ponam Black Chana1000GmRs. 182
Ponam White Chana500GmRs. 275
Ponam Black Chana500GmRs. 92
Ponam Daal Mash500GmRs. 250
Ponam Masoor Whole500GmRs. 145
Ponam Red Kidney Beans (Lobia)500GmRs. 299
Ponam Daal Masoor1000GmRs. 249
Ponam Daal Moong1000GmRs. 270
Ponam Chana White Supreme500GmRs. 190
Ponam Chana White Supreme1000GmRs. 370
Ponam Daal Masoor500GmRs. 145
Ponam Daal Chana Supreme1000GmRs. 200
Ponam Daal Chana Supreme500GmRs. 100
Ponam Daal Moong500GmRs. 135
Ponam Moong Whole500GmRs. 119
Ponam Daal Moong Chilka500GmRs. 132
Ponam Daal Mix500GmRs. 185
Ponam Gandum500GmRs. 85
Ponam Dal Mash1000GmRs. 495
Ponam Daal Mash Chilka Green500GmRs. 260
Ponam Daal Mash Chilka Black500GmRs. 260
Ponam Daal Mash Whole500GmRs. 250

Flour(Atta) Price List

Brands NameWeightPrice
Ponam Super Fina Atta5 KgRs. 579
Ponam Atta Chakki5 KgRs. 700
Ponam Baisan500GmRs. 110
Ponam Baisan1 KgRs. 220
Ponam Corn flour500GmRs. 95
Ponam Corn flour1 KgRs. 190
Ponam Makai Flour500GmRs. 85
Ponam Maida500GmRs. 95
Ponam Maida1 KgRs. 175
Ponam Suji500GmRs. 95
Dal Mash Powder200GmRs. 85
Dal Mong Powder200GmRs. 75
Ponam Rice Flour500GmRs. 85
Ponam Bajra Flour500GmRs. 59

Rice Price List

Brands NameWeightPrice
Ponam Super Kernel Basmati Rice1 KgRs. 305
Ponam Supreme Sela Rice1 KgRs. 305
Ponam Basmati Rice Kifayat1 KgRs. 225
Ponam Supreme Kainat Basmat Rice1 KgRs. 305

Bread & Buns Price List

Bake Parlor Shawarma BreadRs. 89
Bake Parlor Shawarma BreadRs. 89

Toothpastes Price List

Colgate Toothpaste 75GMRs. 150
Medicam Dental Cream 65GMRs. 145
Sensodyne Toothpaste Flouride 70GMRs. 235
Parodontax Toothpaste 50GMRs. 160
Doctor Toothpaste Cloves 65GMRs. 130
CloseUp Tooth Gel Deep Action Menthol Fresh 50mlRs. 275

Shampoos Price List

Lifebuoy Shampo Herbal 175mlRs. 315
Sunsilk Shampo Thick & Long 185mlRs. 389
Head & Shoulders Shampo Dry Scalp Care 185mlRs. 469
Dove Shampo Intense Repair 175mlRs. 415
Loreal Shampo 6 Oil Nourish 175mlRs. 485
Tresemme Shampo Keratin Smooth 170mlRs. 415
Clear Shampo Lemon Fresh 185mlRs. 420
Doctor Shampo Anti-liceRs. 130
Pantene Shampo Deep Black 185mlRs. 410
Palmolive Shampo Healthy & Smooth 180mlRs. 330

Detergent Price List

Bonus Detergent Powder Active 770GMRs. 235
Brite Detergent Powder 500GMRs. 270
Surf Excel Detergent Powder 1000GMRs. 575
Ariel Detergent Powder Machine Expert 1000GMRs. 880
Express Detergent Powder Ultra 1000GMRs. 425
Brite Detergent Powder Anti-Bacterial 1000GMRs. 575
Sunlight Detergent Powder Green 2KG 2in1Rs. 480
Rin Detergent Powder 1000GMRs. 425

Contact Number

Address7th Floor, Prestige Trade Center, Main Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi.
Phone Number(021) 111-468-429
Timings9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Official WebsiteVisit
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Facebook PageVisit
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Overview of Imtiaz Super Market

Established in 1955 as a general store, Imtiaz Super Market has flourished into a network of retail stores, beloved for their extensive range of products. From an array of grocery items to the latest in fashion, home essentials, and more, Imtiaz Super Market aims to cater to all your shopping needs under one roof.

History & Reputation

Imtiaz Super Market begun as a small enterprise, driven by the vision of offering a holistic shopping experience to its customers. From day one, it emphasized the importance of quality and customer satisfaction, values that continue to define the brand.

Range of Products Offered

Imtiaz doesn't shy away from offering the latest trends. Its clothing lines are a hit among the fashion-forward audience. The home department boasts a diverse collection of products to revamp any dearest corner of your house. However, it's the grocery section that remains the heart of the superstore, and rightly so, for its updated daily price list aids every household in managing their monthly expenditures.


In conclusion, Imtiaz Super Market is not just a supermarket; it's a community builder that goes beyond the traditional retail experience. With its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, quality products, and sustainable practices, Imtiaz has solidified its position as a trusted name among consumers. Its innovations in the retail space, coupled with extensive community engagement, set it apart as a brand that genuinely cares for its customers and the environment. As Imtiaz marches forward, it continues to redefine shopping by offering value, variety, and convenience, all under one roof.

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