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Sand Price In Pakistan

If you are going to build your house and looking for construction material rates online to calculate the budget, then we want to tell you one thing, you don't get exact rates of any construction material online because We are providing estimated prices it is important for you to check your local market to see what the exact rates are. In today's article we are informing you about the sand prices in Pakistan.

ریت / Sand Prices In Pakistan List:

Here Is the List Of Sand Prices in all pakistan cities.

Material Unit Price(Mini - Max)
Sand/ریت Per Cubic Feet/Trolley PKR 12,000 to 23,000
Sand-Chenab Cubic Ft. 60.00
Sand-Ghassu (Slit Sand) Cubic Ft. 28.00
Sand-Ghazi Cubic Ft. 110.00
Sand-Lawrencepur Cubic Ft. 105.00
Sand-Ravi Cubic Ft. 42.00
Sand-Bholari Cubic Ft. 50.00
Sand-Fresh Nadi Cubic Ft. 44.00
Sand-Hub Cubic Ft. 48.00
Sand-Hyderabad Cubic Ft. 50.00
Sand-Jhampir Cubic Ft. 44.00
Sand-Kotri Cubic Ft. 50.00
Sand-Lasbela Cubic Ft. 48.00
Sand-Makli Cubic Ft. 45.00
Sand-Malir Cubic Ft. 32.00
Sand-Moram Cubic Ft. 22.00
Sand-Thatta Cubic Ft. 45.00
Sand-Ghazi Cubic Ft. 42.00
Sand-Lawrencepur Cubic Ft. 36.00

Which sand is best for construction in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the sand of the Chenab River is generally considered to be the best, so the sand of the Chenab River is mostly used for building the house, etc, so if you are also looking for good sand to build your house, then you should buy the sand of the Chenab River.

Note: We are not selling sand and the rate we are giving has been estimated if you feel that we do not have any details or the rates given are not correct, then you can tell us in the comments section, go to our homepage for more products.

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