Jazz Tax Certificate 2024 | Withholding Income Tax Deduction

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Jazz Tax Certificate 2023

Mobilink is a telecommunications company in Pakistan. The company offers voice and data services. Mobilink allows postpaid and prepaid customers to get tax clearance certificate for tax payment. To get your tax refund certificate, you have to follow the steps given below. 

Once you get the certificate, you need to present it to the company handling your taxes so that they can calculate your refund based on the bill you received from Jazz. and can apply for a refund on your behalf.

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How to Get Jazz Tax Certificate through SMS, WhatsApp & Jazz World App

Mobilink Offers three Ways To Get Your Tax Certificate So Now Jazz Prepaid And Postpaid SIM Users Use These Methods For Claiming Their Tax Certificat.

How to get Jazz Tax certificate through SMS

To obtain a Jazz tax certificate for prepaid users, dial *444# and follow the on-screen instructions (Press the relevant serial No of the Tax certificate).

To obtain a Jazz tax certificate for Postpaid subscribers, dial *446# and follow the on-screen directions (Press the relevant serial No of the Tax certificate).

How to get Jazz Tax certificate by using WhatsApp

You can contact us via WhatsApp at 03003008000 to obtain your Jazz Tax Certificate. It is relatively easy to obtain a Jazz Tax Certificate or Statement over WhatsApp. Just carry out these actions.

  1. Open WhatsApp and message "Hello" to 0300-3008000.
  2. You will receive a response requesting the services you require to proceed with Option 7: Choose Tax Certificate. 
  3. Send the message a "7" response.
  4. Then, in a few minutes, you will receive your tax certificates.

From this WhatsApp service, you can also learn about your current billing total, balance, usage statistics, current package, previous month's bill, call and recharge history, and other services.

Jazz Tax certificate via Jazz World App

Jazz Tax Certificate is easily downloadable from the Jazz World App with a few clicks. Download the Jazz World app from the Google Play Store and register to access your tax certificate. Then, on the app's home screen, tap the upper right corner (Menu)

  1. Next, select "Support."
  2. Choose "Tax Certificate" from the menu.
  3. then decide which year you need a tax certificate for.
  4. Jazz You can quickly download the Tax Certificate to your computer or mobile device.

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