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How to Block Call & SMS Service on Jazz

Do you hate getting unwanted calls and SMS? Well, Jazz has the solution for you – their Call & SMS Block Service! This amazing service allows you to block any number from calling or texting you, so you can relax and not worry about annoying callers interrupting your busy lifestyle! Keep reading to find out how to use this service and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with it.

**To activate** this service, simply dial code *420# on your phone’s keypad and you’ll be shown a list of all the numbers that you have blocked. You can add a number to your block list by simply dialing code *420# + the phone number you want blocked, and then following the prompts to complete the process. Once you finish adding all the numbers that you want blocked, you will be informed that your block list is active and that you can start enjoying your peace and quiet again!

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How to Block Call & SMS Service on Jazz

Every Jazz user can block calls and SMS from other unwanted numbers by dialing *420# for just PKR 0.99 per day.

(1) Dial *420# from your Jazz SIM.

(2) Now select option “4”.

(3) "Add a number to the blacklist".

(4) Enter the number you want to block.

(5) The network will charge PKR 0.99 daily service charges.

(6) Users can block up to 50 numbers on a Jazz SIM.

Service Name Jazz Number Block
Subscription Code: Dial *420#
Charges: Rs.1.63 (Incl. Tax)/day
Black-List Limit: 50 Numbers
HELP COMMAND: Send “Help” to 420

Unsubscribe Blocking Service

Jazz users can deactivate the existing blacklist service by dialing *420#. Dial the code and select option "4" of "Unsubscribe Service".

Unsubscribe Code: Dial *420#
Charges: Rs.0.00

(1) Dial *420# to unsubscribe from the service

(2) Now select the option “Unsubscribe Service”

(3) Deactivating the service is free.

(4) After unsubscribing, all blacklisted numbers will be added to the whitelist.


Frequently Asked Question

How can I subscribe to "Call and SMS Block" service by dial code?

To subscribe to "Call & SMS Block" service by dial code, just dial *420#.

How can I unsubscribe from "Call and SMS Block" service by dial code?

To unsubscribe from "Call & SMS Block" service by dial code, just dial *420# and select option 4.

What if I unsubscribe and then subscribe again?

As soon as you unsubscribe from the service, the block list is removed and you will start receiving calls and SMS from all numbers. If the service is subscribed again, you need to add the number to the block list again.

What if I don't have enough balance at the time of subscription renewal?

An attempt is made to renew the subscription automatically. If the balance is low, charging is attempted for up to 60 days. The service is subscribed and you will not receive calls and SMS from blocked numbers. Numbers can be added and deleted from the list during the 60-day suspension period.

How do I add a number to the blacklist via dial code?

To add a number to the blacklist via dial code, simply dial *420# and select option 1.

How many numbers can be added to the blocklist?

50 numbers can be added to the block list.

If the same MSISDN is included in both lists, will it be counted twice?


How can I delete a number by dial code?

To delete a number by dialing ussd code, dial *420# and select option 3.

Is it necessary to enable the blacklist to screen incoming blacklisted calls?

Yes, it is necessary, otherwise the blacklist will not block these calls. If you are subscribing through the dial code menu, the blacklist is automatically enabled.

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