Telenor Monthly Ultra Plus Bundle 2024 - Get 50GB Data full Details

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Telenor Monthly Ultra Plus Bundle

The latest 4G Ultra Plus by Telenor promises a better internet experience for its users. With this, the company is offering a monthly day and night internet package for rupees 700 only. With the offer, you get 50 GB of data which you can use for surfing and streaming throughout the day or at night as well. As the plan is a monthly plan, the usage limit remains same throughout the month. All you have to do is activate the pack using *303# and use the internet within specific timings in a day and at nighttime too. Continue reading to learn more about the package and its benefits and features.

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Telenor Monthly Ultra Plus Bundle - Details

Offer Name Telenor Monthly Ultra Plus Offer
Data: 50GBs
Data Time: 25GB 1AM – 11AM
Validity: Monthly
Subscription Fee: Rs. 700 incl. tax
Required Balance: PKR 900
Subscription Code: Dial *303#
Status Check: *123#
Helpline: Call 555


  • Price: Rs 700
  • Load Price: Rs 900
  • Internet: 50GBs (*25GB: 1AM-11AM)
  • Validity: 30 Days


Frequently Asked Question

How can I subscribe to Telenor monthly Ultra Plus?

Dial *303# to subscribe to this offer. Dial *123# to check the remaining internet volume. The activation is valid for 30 days.

How activate Telenor 4G ultra monthly?

Mechanics. Dial *335# to subscribe. The offer is valid for 30 days from the activation date and customers will be informed when the offer expires at midnight.

How can I get 50GB data on Telenor?

Price: Rs. 700 incl. tax

Internet: 50 GB (incl. 25 GB 1AM-11AM)

Activation Code: Dial *303#

Validity: 30 Days.

How activate 30gb Telenor?

Price: Rs. 55 incl. tax

Internet Data:  30 GB.

Validity: 7 Days (12AM - 9AM)

Subscription Code: Dial *19# 

Terms & Conditions

    • This offer can be activated multiple times within a duration.
    • Upon re-subscription within the validity, the offer will be again valid for 30 days (Leading up to midnight 23:59 of the last day).
    • If incentives finish before the offer expires, customer will be charged at Rs 1/MB incl. tax till the offer expires.
    • All Telenor Prepaid SIM customers are eligible for this offer
    • This offer will not be renewed once it expires
    • Price & Resources may vary based on geographic location

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