Telenor Balance Share Code 2024 - All Ways To Share Telenor Balance

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Telenor Balance Share Code

Telenor Balance Share Code is a feature that lets you share your account balance with others. This can be useful if you need to split the cost of a bill or if someone needs to borrow money from you. To use this feature, simply enter the code followed by the amount of money you want to share. The person receiving the funds will then be able to use them to pay for anything they like. So, whether you're looking to help out a friend or just want an easy way to split costs, Telenor Balance Share Code is the perfect solution!

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Telenor Balance Share Code - Details

Offer Name Telenor Balance Share
Code: Dial *1*1*No*Amount#
Charges: Rs. 5.98 incl. tax
Helpline: Call 555

Looking to share your Telenor balance with a friend or family member? It's easy to do with the balance share code!

To share your balance, simply enter the following code on your mobile phone and press send: *1*1*03xxxxxxxxx*amount#

You'll then be prompted to confirm the transfer and your current balance will be shared with the other person.

So if you're looking for an easy way to share your Telenor balance, remember the balance share code!

How to Share Balance By Using My Telenor App

My Telenor is an app that makes your life easier by letting you manage your Telenor account on the go. You can use the app to top up your balance, check your usage, pay bills and more. 

One of the most useful features of the My Telenor app is the ability to share balance with other Telenor users. If you need to send some balance to a friend or family member in a pinch, follow these steps:

1. Open the My Telenor app on your mobile device.

2. Log in using your Telenor number.

3. Click on the “Share Balance” icon on the home screen.

4. Enter the receiver’s mobile number in the appropriate field.

5. Type the amount you want to share in the amount field.

6. Click on the “Share Balance” button.

Your balance will be sent to the other user immediately. Keep in mind that you can only share balance with other Telenor users.


How can we share balance?

To share money, type the following code on your mobile phone and press send: *1*1*03xxxxxxxxx* press 1 to confirm Transfer# and balance transfer.

For Example: To share 100 Rs. Balance with prepaid number 03123456789, type and send: (*1*1*923123456789*100#) and press 1 to confirm balance transfer.

How can I convert my balance to Easypaisa?

Open EasyPaisa application and login to your account.

Then follow these steps:

Open 'Money Transfer' from the main screen.

Select Easy Paisa Account.

Enter the recipient's mobile account number.

Enter the amount to be transferred.

Press 'Transfer'.

What is the code of balance share?

*1*1*Number* press 1 to confirm Transfer#

How can I transfer balance from Telenor to Zong?

Dial *828# Zong Balance Share Code from your phone: Enter the recipient's phone number.
Telenor Pakistan | Smart Share | Services Review
You can share between Rs. 20.00 to Rs.200.00
The balance will remain valid for the same period.
Smart Share can be done up to 10 times a day.

Terms and Conditions

 You can share between rupees. Rs 200.00 to 20.00

 Balance will be valid for that time.

 Balance share can be done maximum 10 times a day.

 Customers will not be able to share the balance in the first 10 days of their sim number activation.

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