Zong Conference Call

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Zong Conference Call
Zong Conference Call

Zong Conference Call

To get a call conference service, please dial *5234#, there are no charges for this service. Conference call service is free on zong number.

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Offer Name Zong Conference Call
Subscription Code: Dial *5234#
Charges: Rs.0.0


How do I activate call conferencing?

How do I make a conference call on android phone?

 Step 1: call the first person you want to join your conference.

 Step 2: after the call is connected, tap the "add call" button. 

 Step 3: find the next person you want to add to your call and select their contact number. 

 Step 4: tap the "merge" button.

How can I subscribe to ufone conference call?

Type "sub" in SMS and send to 6789.
You can also activate the service by calling 333.


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