Zong Double Number 2024 - Get Zong Doosra Number On Single Sim

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Zong Double Number Offer Code
Zong Double Number

 Zong users who have a single SIM slot smartphone can take advantage of this smart number service. Zong is providing smart number service to its customers in this offer. Customer will get another number on his single SIM and it can be used as a private number or public number, so get this offer now. Full details are given below.

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Zong Double Number - Details

Zong Double Number Details
Subscription Code: Dial 4600
How To Activate: SMS 'SUB' to 4600 from your Zong Number
Un-subscription Code: Dial IVR 4600
How To Deactivate: Send SMS 'Unsub' to 4600
Subscription Charges For Prepaid: Rs.1.00+Tax/Day
Subscription Charges For Postpaid: Rs.30+Tax/month
Helpline: Call 310

How to Subscribe Zong Double Number

To Subscribe your Double Number/Doosra Number Offer on your Zong SIM:

  • Send SMS "SUB" to 4600 from your Zong Number
  • Dial 4600 from your Zong Number

Once you activate the service Zong system will randomly select a number from Double Number inventory. A confirmation SMS will be sent on your Number.

How to UnSubscribe Zong Double Number

If You Want to Deactivate Zong Double Number Offer So Follow The Procedure:

  • Send SMS "Unsub" to 4600 for Deactivate Double Number Offer from Your Number
  • Dial IVR 4600 for Un-subscription

Zong Double Number Charges For PrePaid:

  • Primary number calls will be charged as per customer’s tariff plan
  • Doosra Number call will be charged Rs.1.60+Tax/minute
  • Subscription charges - Rs.1.00+Tax/Day
  • 4600 IVR will be charged Rs.0.20+Tax/minute

Zong Double Number Charges For PostPaid:

  • Primary number calls will be charged as per customer’s tariff plan
  • Doosra Number call will be charged Rs.1.60+Tax/minute
  • Subscription charges - Rs.30+Tax/month
  • 4600 IVR will be charged Rs.0.20+Tax/minute

How to use double number:

 To call another number from your double number, just dial 46 before the required number.

 Normal Number: 0311-xxxxxxx 2nd No: 0312-XXXXXXX

How to make a call from double number:

 If you want to call any normal number (0311-xxxxxxx) from your assigned second number (0312-XXXXXXX), dial 46 before normal number (e.g. 460311-xxxxxxx). Party client receiver your assigned second number (0312-XXXXXXX) will show on their screen.

When you receive the call, 46 prefix will appear before the number (460311-XXXXXXX). So the subscriber will know the inbound call at the second number.

How do I make a call from my second number?

To call from your second number, dial prefix 46 before any number.

How to Block Incoming Calls on Double Number

You can block all or specific MSISDNs required. This blocking is different from blocking a call to a primary number. You can turn on / off or schedule a second number at any time via IVR 4600 or by sending "Help" to 4612 via SMS.


How can I select my Zong number?

Dial * 8 # to find your zong number or you can dial * 100 # to check it.

You can also check it by texting 667.

Type MNP in the body of the message.

How can I activate my Zong SIM?

Go to your nearest CSC / franchise or Zong retailer and get your SIM. The representative will activate your SIM with your id card and thumb verification

How can I get my Zong messages when my phone is off?

How to activate: To activate your missed call alerts on your existing SIM: Weekly Package: Send all to 6226. Monthly Package: Send all to 6227.

How can I get Jazz Smart number?

This is a subscription-based feature for Jazz DoubleUp numbers that allows you to control which numbers you can call your DoubleUp number. To subscribe to this useful feature, dial 5929 or SMS 'sub' to 5929. After subscribing to this feature you can easily dial 5929, select 1 to add the numbers you want to block.

Terms and Conditions

The following taxes/charges will apply:
  • Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 15% is applicable on every recharge.
  • 16% FED applies to usage (where applicable).
  • 19.5% sales tax (GST) applies to usage (if applicable).

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