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Telenor Smart Number
Telenor Smart Number

Telenor Users Who are looking for Smart Number Offer are at the Right Place in this post we completely guide you on how you can get Telenor double number on a single sim So Get your second number and make your 

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Telenor Double Number - Details

Telenor Double Number Offer Details
Weekly Charges (Recursive): Rs. 10 Incl. Tax
Monthly Charges (Recursive): Rs. 35.70 Incl. Tax
How to Subscribe: SMS ‘SUB’ to 6300
Prefix Code: Dial 77
How to Unsubscribe: SMS ‘Unsub’ to 6300

How to Use Smart Number

After Sending SMS Telenor User Will Get The Smart Number Now We are Guide You How you Used This Number For Calling SMS You Just Need to Dial a Prefix '77' Before the number which one you want to call.

  • Dial 77 before the number you want to call or SMS. 

For Example: 7703XXXXXXXX Dial The Number Like This For Making Calls and SMS 

Subscriber will Block and Unblock Unwanted Numbers.

Telenor Double Number Charges:

Telenor Double Number Offer Charges
Call Charges (On-Net/ Off-Net): Rs.2.39 per Minute
SMS Charges (On-Net/ Off-Net): Limited time offer
7700 IVR Charges: Rs.0 / Minute
Other features: Rs.0.60

Note: FED charges are 16% in ICT, 0% in GB and 19.5% in rest of Pakistan

Second Method Of Telenor Smart Number

This is the second method of Telenor smart number in this method customers need to dial *345*7700# and they get their second number in PKR 10 Bama tax on a weekly basis.

Telenor Smart Number Details
Subscription Code: Dial *345*7700#
Validity: 7 Days
Price: Rs. 10 Incl. Tax

Block Call on Telenor Smart Number

  •  Subscribers can block incoming calls from all or specific Numbers.
  •  Dial 6300 and follow IVR instructions.
  •  Block all incoming calls: send bcall to 6300 to all.
  •  Block incoming calls from specific number: "0345xxxxxx" send bcall to 6300.


How can I subscribe double number in Telenor?

Immediately make calls or SMS* from your assigned double number by dialing a previous "77" before the number you are calling or sending a message. Example: 7703451212121.

How can I change my double number in Telenor?

To add your favorite Telenor number, just dial *337* 03 XXXXXXX# from your new telenor sim. This number can be converted to rupees once a week. 10 (inclusive of tax) by dialing the same code.

How make WhatsApp number on Telenor smart?

1- step 1: you have many options to install whatsapp in your smart plus ii, if you have telenor smart plus ii's app store "play store" search its icon and click on it. 2- second stage: The play store is a search engine on top of the application store, click on it and type "whatsapp".

What is the code of Telenor number?

Telenor number check
Moreover, you can find the number for free in this way: dial code: *8888# you will get your telenor sim number for free on your mobile screen.

Terms and conditions

  •  Digital services cannot be used on double number.
  •  You can't port out your smart number. Only your primary number can be ported out and then your smart number will automatically become useless.
  •  You can not use SMS/voice buckets on my smart number
  •  Balance transfer through smart number is not possible.
  •  International calls /SMS are not allowed from smart number.
  •  You can block incoming calls from all or specific Numbers dial 6300 and follow ivr instructions.
  •  The smart number once assigned will remain with the user and the user cannot change their smart number.
  •  Billing will be done at primary number but you can also see the call records of smart number in the bill.
  •  Your phone will continue to function normally unless someone calls your virtual number you call with 77 prefix
  •  When you receive a call, the prefix of 77 will appear before the number (7703451234567) so that you know that the inbound call is on the smart number.
  •  Only one smart number can be allotted to a customer.

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