How To Send Money From Jazzcash To Easypaisa 2024

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How To Send Money From Jazzcash To Easypaisa
How To Send Money From Jazzcash To Easypaisa

How to Send Money From Jazzcash To Easypaisa

People Who are Looking For Method To Send Money From JazzCash To EasyPasia Are At The Right Place In This Article We Share Some Methods For Them So You Can Used It And Get Benefits

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#1. Method: How To Send Money From Jazzcash To Easypaisa

 1: first you have to open "JazzCash app".

 2: select "send money" from the front of the app on the dashboard.

 3: Choose "bank" option as your "transfer type".

 4: Select "Telenor microfinance bank" in "select bank".

 5: fill other details in "empty boxes".

 6: click the "arrow button" below.

 7: enter your "mpin" and adjust the transaction.

 8: congratulations! A popup notification will be compliant with your transaction.

 Complete transaction details will be listed in this popup notification. You can save transaction details or take a screenshot. Get details about check jazz cash free minutes and SMS information from here.

#2. Method: Through Dial Code

To use dial method to transfer money from jazzcash to easypaisa, you need to follow these steps:

  1.  Dial *786# from your smartphone keypad.
  2.  Select "send money" option.
  3.  Choose "in mobile account"
  4.  Select "to Easypaisa"
  5.  Enter 11-digit Easypaisa account number.
  6.  Put the amount/money you want to send.
  7.  Select your payment purpose.
  8.  Enter "mpin" for verification.

 Charges: if you use the dial method for Easypaisa transfer from JazzCash you will be charged PKR 0.25 including federal reverse system (fed) charges per transaction.

 Money transfer from JazzCash to Easypaisa takes 30 minutes, if needed you get enough time to cancel the transaction.

#3. Method: Through JazzCash agent

If you find it easy to transfer funds through an agent, you can do it too. For Easypaisa money transfer from jazz cash through an agent, follow these steps:

  •  Meet your JazzCash agent.
  •  Show your id card.
  •  Give your mobile number.
  •  Give the receiver's CNIC and his account number.
  •  After the agent has taken your fingerprint, tell him about the money to transfer
  •  You will receive a confirmation SMS once the transfer is completed.

 Charges: for the transfer of funds through the agent, you will be charged as per the transaction limit. Cash withdrawal fees will be deducted from your account so you don't need to pay the agent.

Transaction limit

The transaction limit for JazzCash funds transfer is PKR 25,000. After exceeding the limit, 0.1% of the amount sent from the customer will be charged.

Time limit for collecting transferred funds

 The receiver can deposit the amount within 180 days. After that, the uncollected amount will not be withdrawn and the transaction will be blocked.


Can I transfer money from JazzCash to Easypaisa?

Yes, You Can Transfer Money From JazzCash to Easypaisa.

How can I transfer money to Easypaisa?

We have Mentioned Some Methods Above You Can Used It To Transfer Your Money

How can I send jazz load to Easypaisa?


Usage Dial *100*03XXXXX*amount#

Usage Dial *100*<9230XXXXXXXX>* amount#

Charges Rs 4.77 + Tax/Transaction.

Max Share Limit Rs 500/Transaction.

Max amount transferred per day Rs.500.

How can we transfer money from JazzCash?

the process
Dial *786#
Select 'Send Money'
Select 'To CNIC'
Enter recipient's 13-digit CNIC number and recipient's 11-digit mobile number.

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