Zong 2 Hour Non Stop Offer 2024 - Zong Internet and Call Package

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Zong 2 Hour Non Stop Offer
Zong 2 Hour Non Stop Offer
 If You are The Person who Makes Call All Time To Friends and Family Then This Bundle Is Especially Making For People Like You Who's Love To Make Calls All The Time Now Zong Offer Unlimited Call For two Hours and Also One GB Internet Data In Really Cheap Rate Zong Customer Get This Bundle In Just Rs.9 For More Details Check The Table Below.

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Zong 2 Hour Non Stop Offer - Details

Zong 2 Hour Non Stop Package Details
Data: 1024MB
Zong Minutes: Unlimited
Validity: 2 Hour
Price: Rs.12 incl. tax
Required Balance: PKR 20
How to Subscribe Dial *3000# or *5555#
Status Code: *102#
Helpline: Call 310


What is 2 hour non stop offer Zong?

A stunning bundle enables users to stay in touch with their friends at any time of the day. Feel free to subscribe to the "Zong 2 Hour Non-Stop Offer" and delight yourself with unlimited Zong Minutes. Make a 120 minute long call to your loved ones connected to the same network.

How do I cancel my 2 hour non stop offer?

To unsubscribe Send “Unsub SSB” to 7400.

What is Zong non stop offer?

Zong Non-Stop Package offers 1024MB data and unlimited on-net calls for only Rs. 10 plus tax per day. The Zong non-stop package does not come with any other resources.

What is day time offer Zong?

Daytime Is a Data Offer In This Package Subscriber Will Get 1.5GB Data (4AM- 7PM) In Rs.23. To Subscribe Dial *47# and Avail offer.

Are there any call setup charges?

Yes, PKR 0.15 call setup charges apply to every outgoing call.

What if 1GB of mobile internet volume runs out before the bundle expires?

If you have subscribed to an offer with the right mobile internet resources, that mobile internet volume will be used. If not, the out-of-bundle rate will apply to Rs. 1 tax / MB till the expiration of Super Student Bundle.

Can this bundle be re-subscribed on the same day?

If you already have a valid subscription to the Super Student Bundle, existing resources will be overwritten.

Is this bundle auto-renewable?


Terms and Conditions

  • Duration is up to 120 minutes from the time of subscription.
  • Bundle is not automatic.
  • PKR 0.15 call setup charges apply to each outgoing call.
  • An out of bundle charge of Rs. 1 tax / MB
  • This offer is for prepaid subscribers only.
  • The following taxes / charges will apply:
  • Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 15% is applicable on every recharge.
  • 16% FED applies to usage (where applicable).
  • 19.5% sales tax (GST) applies to usage (if applicable).

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