Ufone Double Number Code 2024 - For Prepaid & Postpaid

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Ufone Double Number Code
Ufone Double Number Code

Ufone Is Now Offering Double Number Like Other Telecom Companies In Pakistan So If You are Ufone SIm User and Want to Buy another Sim For a private number so get this offer today and enjoy two numbers on a single sim we describe full detail below you can check that

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Ufone Double Number - Details

Ufone Customers who want to get Double Number Offer, please type ‘Sub’ in your write message and send it to 660 or simply dial *66# for the activation of Ufone Double Number Service. Subscription charges are Rs. 8.37 + tax per week for Prepaid and Rs. 30 + tax per month for Postpaid.

Ufone Double Number Offer Details
Subscription Code: Dial *66#
Activate Via SMS: Type "Sub" send it to 660
Deactivate: Type "UNSUB" send it to 660
Subscription charges: Rs. 8.37 + tax per week
Monthly charges: Rs. 30 + tax
Helpline: Call 333


How do I activate my double number?

If You Want Ufone Double Number Service So Simply Dial *66# or Send SMS "Sub" to 660 and You Will Get Second Number On one SIM.

How do I unsubscribe from double numbers?

If You Want to Unsubscribe Ufone Double Number Offer Si Type a New Message "UNSUB" and Send It To 660.

How can I get my Ufone number?

Open your mobile dialer and dial *780*3# or *1# to check your ufone number on your device. You can also check it by SMS to 667. Write MNP in the message body and send it to 667.

What is Ufone helpline?

Ufone Official Helpline Is Call 333 or 33-11-333-100.

Terms and Conditions

  •  The service will be available for both prepaid and postpay users.
  •  Customers can get double Numbers through SMS/ IVR and ussd.
  •  Only a double number can be mapped compared to a prime number.
  •  Ufone users will be provided a double number from an inventory, which is specifically for this service.
  •  Billing will be done on primary number only. The service is not designed for incoming/outgoing international romers.
  •  International calls and SMS from double number will not be allowed.
  •  Double number will be given as compared to primary number. Assigned msisdns will not be available for anyone else.
  •  Since the double number will be associated with the active primary number, customer records will also be available in the carriers. Customer's nic or passport number is not required for activation. To get dn, the user does not need to go to a ufone service center or franchise.
  •  Balance transfer through double number is not possible, because it will be used only for cli purpose.
  •  Customers cannot avail SMS and voicebooks on double number.
  •  Users with SMS bucket will be charged Rs 0.50 per SMS for each SMS that they will send to the double number.
  •  Customers cannot port out their double number.
  •  The double number will automatically become useless after 6 months after the primary number is ported out.
  •  If the customer has a voice and SMS bucket and makes a call or send an SMS from the dn, the dn charges will be charged accordingly.
  •  Other vas services can not be used through dn.

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