Telenor Tax Certificate 2024 – Telenor Withholding Tax Certificate Download

Mahnoor Ali

Telenor Tax Certificate
Telenor Tax Certificate

 Hello Telenor Users If You are Here to download Telenor Tax Certificates So we have Mentioned All Methods Which are We Find On the Internet and we are telling you Telenor officially has not launched any type of service which offers Telenor tax certificates online but we give you some tricks by using these you can get easily your tax certificate.

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Telenor tax certificate online - Details

Telenor does not offer online tax certificates. But I've got a way for you. With this you will be able to get an online tax certificate very easily.

Just need a few things which are mentioned below.

  •  Scanned cnic pictures of both sides.
  •  Telenor number
  •  Year: example (2021 to 2022).
  •  Email address.

 If you have the above things, you are ready to get a certificate. So I tell you how to get it


 Step 1:

First, go to the Telenor website and click on the live chat option.


 Step 2:

Will open a new TAB in which you have to put your name in the first box and your mobile number in the second box and then click the start chat button below.

 Step 3:

 Live chat will open to you now. Now message them that I want to get my tax certificate.

 They will ask you to send scanned cnic pictures of both sides, mobile number, year, and email address. You should send them all the details.

You will receive your tax certificate soon through email.

Through Helpline: 345 or 042-111-345-100

In this method, Telenor Customers Easily Get their Tax Certificates From Telenor They Just Need to dial this Helpline And Telenor Prepaid And Postpaid Users Will be Able To Get Certificates. This call will be applicable to standard charges.

Here's what you have to do:

  • Dial 345 or 042-111-345-100 From Your Mobile
  • Connect Your Call With Telenor Agent 
  • And Ask the Representer to Send a Your Tax Statement/Certificate 
  • The representative will automatically link your call to "ef bot".
  • Now ask the representative again to send you the tax certificate.
  • Please ask the representative to send the statement at a specified time.
  • They will automatically SMS you complete details when the call is over.

Through My Telenor App

In this method, we need my Telenor app if you are a smartphone user so download the Telenor official app from the play store.

There is a live chat option available on the front page of the "my Telenor app" which you download on your mobile.

 So you can start communicating with the Telenor agent and ask them to send you the required tax certificate at a specific time.

Get a Tax Certificate By Visiting Telenor Franchise

This is the Last and Best Method In this Method You Need to Go To The Telenor Customer care Center Near You And Ask them For Tax Certificate They Will Ask Some Questions and Want Your CNIC ID Card Copies And Important Details Answer them and They Will Give you Tax Certificate.


How can I download my PTCL withholding certificate?

We are Write Full Post On it If You Want to Download The Ta Certificate So Click the Question "PTCL Withholding" Text.

What is the tax on Telenor load?

Dear customer, due to the increase in withholding tax, now every recharge will be taxed at the rate of 15%. - Telenor Pakistan

How do I get a mobile SIM tax certificate?

Which Telecom Network Tax Certificate You Want If You want Telenor Tax Certificate So above You see All Method For Other Networks You Search On Google Or In Our Website.

How can I get Telenor Mobile tax certificate?

To get your telenor tax certificate, call helpline (345) or start a chat through their website and ask to send a tax certificate. The representative will ask you what financial year you want this certificate, let them know if 2021 or 2022 is applicable.

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