Ufone loan code 2024 - How to Get Ufone Advance Balance

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Ufone Advance Balance Code 2023
Ufone Advance Balance Code 2024

Are you stuck in an emergency situation and your balance is over so you don't have to worry about it anymore. Ufone is offering emergency loans to its customers like other telecom networks. Stay connected with us because we are going to tell you how you can get an u-advance balance in this article. if your Ufone sim balance ends, and no one is ready to transfer their balance in your sim so you are at the right place.

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Ufone Advance Loan Offer - Details

If your balance is less than Rs.11, Ufone will provide you with an advance of Rs. 20. Just dial *456# to get 20 Rupees Ufone balance at any time and from any location.

Subscription Code Price
Dial *456# Rs. 4.69+ tax

How to Get Loan On Ufone Prepaid SIM:

  •  Dial code *456# to get Ufone advance balance. After that, you will receive an advance amount of Rs. 20 on your account shortly.
  •  The cost of using Ufone advance loan balance service is Rs.4.40.
  •  Getting advance balance service will result in Rs.24.40 deducted from next recharge.
  •  To qualify for advance balance service, your account balance should be less than Rs.11.95.
  •  Moreover, this service is only available for prepaid customers.
  •  You can only receive 20 Rs advance once until your next recharge

 After dialing the Ufone loan code, your Ufone sim balance should be recharged within the last 30 days. Whenever you recharge your Ufone sim, your advance balance will be deducted automatically. Ufone's loan will also be used to pay regular taxes.

How to Get Loan On Ufone Prepaid SIM

Subscription Code Price
Dial *229# Rs. 5 Plus tax

  • Dial *229# from your ufone postpaid sim now and get started
  • Rs 5 (flat rate of Rs.5 applies to the total amount of the invoice)


How can I get Ufone 20 rupees loan?

One easy step is to dial *456# from your prepaid number.

Compensation of work. Rs. 4.69+ tax will be deducted with advance amount when you recharge next time.

How can I get Ufone full balance?

To subscribe this offer just dial *36# and load balance of Rs.100.

 How to check remaining balance:

To make it more convenient, you can keep yourself updated with the remaining balance and free minutes by simply dialing *707#.

How can I check Ufone loan or not?

Just open your phone's dialer and dial "ufone balance check code" *124# to know your balance. You can also navigate by dialing *336# to know your balance.

Terms and Conditions

  • Your sim is your id, use only SIMS issued via biometric verification - PTA.
  • Users of ufone are eligible to avail u-advance only once they have consumed balance of Rs 150.

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