Telenor All Services & Packages Deactivate/Unsubscribe Code 2024

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How to Unsubscribe Telenor All Packages
How to Unsubscribe Telenor All Packages

If You are Searching Telenor Packages Unsubscribe Code and Can't Find Any Legit Method So You Have No Worries Because In this Article We are Deeply Explained With Different Method to Deactivate The Telenor Bundles on your Number Mostly Telenor Bundles are Automatically Unsubscribed After Completed Their Valid Time but Some Unwanted Offers and Services are Auto Subscribed and Customers never know About them In this Article You can Find the Ways To Deactivate this Type of the Services.

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How to Check Telenor Activated Packages and Deactivate

If you have tried many codes to deactivate the subscribed packages on your sim, their disadvantage is that these codes are subscribed to other packages. But you don't have to worry because I'm providing you ways to deactivate all the packages on your sim.

  • The first way is that the package you subscribed to has its own de-activation code. To unsubscribe the package, just type 'unsubscribe' in the message and send the package to the activation code. The package will be deactivated.
  •  However, you can also check activated packages on your sim by dialing *123#.

  •  Another way is to call Telenor's helpline and ask the agent to deactivate subscribed packages on the sim. Helpline number is 345. Charges are applicable.


 So if you have tried the above two methods and they are not working for you then this third method will definitely work for you.

  •  Go to the write message type.
  •  Type "unsub" and send it to 6006.
  •  You will receive a confirmation message to deactivate.
  •  There are no charges for this service.

How to deactivate Packages by using My Telenor app

If you have a smartphone and you want to unsubscribe a package, I would say that you should use the MyTelenor app. It has amazing features and ensures that life is simple. You'll be able to find out about all hidden packages or services and disable them with one touch. The application is free, and there are tips for everything on your data. You can instantly deactivate any call, SMS, or Internet offer.

Follow these steps to disable:

  • Launch the telenor app.
  • And on the home page, you'll see the "remaining usage" to see the current status of your resources.
  • Click "view all usage"
  • You will now see activated packages.
  • Just press the unsubscribe button next to the package.

Telenor All Packages Deactivate Code list

Packages/Services Name Deactivate Codes
All Offers UNSUB: SMS “unsub” to 6006
Smart Tune UNSUB: *230*001#
Advance Balance (Loan): 1700
Cricket Alerts Service: UNSUB to 5120
Islamic Alerts Service: SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 5151
Mobile Academy (Taleem): SMS ‘ Unsub’ to 5224
Telenor News Alerts (info service): Send Unsub to 6006
Missed Call Alerts (Weekly): *345*623#
Missed Call Alerts (60 Days): Send ‘DAMC’ to 345
Alert My Caller Service: Send ‘DAMC’ to 345
Telenor Drama Station: SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 5300
Smart Number (Double No): SMS ‘Unsub’ to 6300
Telenor Goonj TV Unsubscribe: 1700
Sehat Care Service: SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 6242
Ilaqai Ganay (koyal): SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 5995
Telenor teleclips Unsub: “Unsub TeleClips” to 8068
Telenor Smart Caller Tune: Send “unsub” to 230
Telenor Daily SMS Package Unsub: Dial *2*2*1#
Telenor Balance Save Unsub: Dial 345
Telenor Daily SMS Package Unsub: Call 555
Telenor Auto Reply: SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 5333
Telenor Call/SMS Block Service Unsub: Send ‘USUB’ to 420
Telenor Gameloft Unsub: Call 345 or 555
Telenor My Status: Send “unsub” to 5333
Telenor Gameleague Unsub: Call 345 or 555
Telenor Game now Unsub: Call 345 or 555
Telenor Game Club Unsub: Call 345 or 555
Telenor TV Goonj Unsubscribe: Call 345 or 555
Block on Stolen: Dial "*8822#"
DIRBS PTA: 8484 OR Dial *8484#


How can I check Telenor balance?

One Method to check the Telenor balance is to dial Telenor helpline number 555 and the other way is to simply dial *444#.

How can I check Telenor remaining free minutes, SMS, and internet Data?

  • dial *111# and check your remaining SMS 
  • dial *999# and check your remaining internet data
  • dial *222# and check your remaining call minutes

How can I check your own Telenor number?

Just send a blank message to "7421" and you will receive your number via SMS.

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