How To Load Zong Card 2024 - Zong Card Recharge Method full Guide

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How To Load Zong Card 2023
How To Load Zong Card 2024

Zong is a Top Telecom Network In Pakistan Who Provides Amazing Services to Its customers now today we are sharing zong card load methods with you for those who searching for how to get balance online and load their scratch cards you can follow these methods and do it.

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How to Load Zong Card? (Full Guide)

Recharge your prepaid account or pay your bills using/using scratch CARDS when you see fit.

Zong scratch CARDS are available at rates of Rs. 100 Rs. 300 Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 respectively.

  •  Dial 101 to load the card. Or enter *101* pin # and press 'send'.

Offer Name Price Code
Zong Scratch Card Free Dial 101. or enter *101*PIN# and press ‘SEND’.


  • First of all, you have to go to your nearest retail outlet and buy a zong card. Then scratch it with any metal tool.
  • Go to the mobile dial pad 
  • Now dial *100*14 digit of scratch card and #. like this:*100*XXXXXXXXXXXXX#.
  • Now tap the call button and your scratch card will successfully load.

Load Zong Card Through My Zong App

This is the Second Method Of "How to Load Zong Card" We are Using "My ZONG APP" in this method For Load Your Scratch Card Follow The Steps Below:

  •  Download & install "My Zong App" through the play store or app store and put your phone number and verify it enter your OTP and confirm it.
  •  Launch the app and you will see the "Recharge" option on the top right of the page Tap on it.
  •  There will be two options, 'online recharge' and 'scratch card'.
  •  Click the "Scratch card" option and enter your mobile number with your scratch card 14 number Digit and click Submit Button.
  •  After that, your zong number will be successfully recharged.

 Note: if you have an Easypaisa account or bank account, you can also choose an online method.

How to Recharge Zong SIM By Using Zong Website?

Customers have the option to recharge their zong Numbers through zong's official website. Click on this link to recharge through the zong website.

  •  First, enter your number above as shown in the picture.
  •  Now select or enter the amount you want to recharge. After that, select a payment method.
  •  The payment methods available are debit/credit card and the Easypaisa app.
  •  Now after selecting the payment method, enter the captcha text to prove that you are human and click on proceed as shown in the picture.

Note: Recharge Limit is From Rs.50 to Rs.20,000 Per Transaction.

Recharge Zong Number Through Easypaisa App

This is the fourth Method Of Getting Load On Your Zong Sim. You can recharge your zong number through the easypaisa app.

 Follow the following steps to send credit to zong number through the easypaisa app:

  • First of all, launch the easypaisa app on your phone and sign in.
  • From the main menu, tap easyload option
  • After that, enter your phone number and tap next.
  • Now select zong from the telecom operators list.
  • After that, enter the amount you need to send to the zong number.
  • Now tap next and your zong number will be recharged successfully.

How to Get Zong Recharge Through JazzCash App

This is the Last Method Of recharging the Zong Number through the JazzCash app.

  • You can also send your balance through the JazzCash app or recharge your zong number.
  •  Just download the app and create an account.
  •  Select easyload option from the main menu.
  •  Then enter your phone number, amount and select zong, and tap next to recharge zong's number through the JazzCash app.


Hello friends! Today in this article, we have tried to include all the details about How To Load Zong Card. How you will get this service etc. so that you can easily avail this service. If you think that we have some details missing, you can tell us in the comments section and share this article with your friends. Can do

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