Zong Facebook Packages 2024 - Daily Weekly Monthly offers

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Zong Facebook Packages
Zong Facebook Packages

 Zong is one of the fastest 4G internet provider telecom networks in Pakistan. Zong Zong now offers daily, weekly and monthly social (Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO, Twitter, YouTube) bundles for users.

 We've put together all the social bundles in this post so that our visitors don't have to go to another page or search for a separate package on Google. If you are a Facebook user and are looking for a Facebook package, you can subscribe to any of the packages below.

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Zong Facebook Packages - Detail

Our dear Visitors receive daily, weekly and monthly bundles on this page and can easily subscribe via dialing codes or the MyZong app or by clicking on the subscribe now button you will see a button at the bottom of each package table. All you need to do is click on the button. The page of the official website will open. You will see the bar for adding the number on this page. Enter your number and after confirming your order, tap on confirm. You will get the bundle.

ZONG DAILY SOCIAL (Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp, and IMO) BUNDLES

Zong Daily Social Offer Details
How to Subscribe Dial *386#
Price Rs. 23
Validity 24 hours
Data 1.5GB for Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp, and IMO
Status code *102#
How to Unsubscribe My Zong App
Helpline 310

Second Daily Facebook Package

Zong Daily Facebook Offer Details
How to Subscribe Dial *32#
Price Rs. 5+tax
Validity 24 hours
Data 500 MBs for Facebook
Status code *102#
How to Unsubscribe My Zong App
Helpline 310

ZONG WEEKLY SOCIAL (Facebook, Whatsapp & Twitter) BUNDLE

Zong Weekly Facebook Package Details
How to Subscribe Dial *7#
Price Rs.120 (Incl. tax)
Data 500 Mbs
Validity Weekly (7 Days)
Status code *102#
Free On-Net Minutes 500 Minutes
Free Off-Net Minutes 40 Minutes
Free SMS 500 SMS


Zong Monthly Facebook Offer Details
How to Subscribe Dial *250#
Price Rs. 113
Validity Monthly (30 days)
Data 6 GB for Facebook
Status code *102#
How to Unsubscribe My Zong App
Helpline 310
Auto-Recursive Yes, with 7 day suspension period
Out of Bundle Mobile Internet Tariff Rs.1+t/MB


Get 250 Zong Minutes and SMS, 35 Off-net Minutes, and 12GB of internet.

Zong Monthly Social Bundle Details
How to Subscribe Dial *6000#
Data 12,000 MBs
on-net Minutes 250
off-net Minutes 50
SMS 250
Validity 30 days
Price Rs.240
Required Balance Rs.280
Status Code *102#
Un-Subscribe My Zong app
Helpline 310


How Can I Subscribe/Active Daily Facebook Package?

Zong 4G Customers Subscribe to Zong Social offer By Dialing *386# or Through My Zong App Go to the app and in the offers/Package Section you will find this daily bundle.

How Can I Subscribe/Active Weekly Facebook Package?

If You are Zong SIm User and Want to Subscribe Weekly Facebook Bundle So we have to Give the Bundle Code above you can Get and Subscribe.

How Can I Subscribe/Active Monthly Facebook Package?

Zong 4G offers two Monthly Social Offers To Its Customers in the First Offer Subscriber will get 6GB of Data for Facebook and Other Social apps you can Subscribe By Dial*250#.

In the Second offer, You will Get 250 on-net Minutes and  250 SMS, 35 Off-net Minutes, and 12GB data for social apps you can subscribe by dialing *6000#.

How Can I Check My Remaining Resources?

Zong Subscriber Can Check their Bundle Remaining Resources in two ways

  • By Dialing the *102#.
  • Through MY ZONG APP: In this Method, You Just Need To Download and Install The Zong app and Login your current package Detail will be shown on the home page of the app.

How Can I Unsubscribe/Deactivate Zong Facebook Bundles?

  • Once The Bundle Duration Complete Package will Auto Unsubscribed or
  • You Can Unsubscribe Through My Zong App go to the Current Package Detail and Unsubscribe. or
  • Call The Zong Helpline and Tell The Agent to Deactivate The Bundle.

Can I make video or voice calls on Facebook?

Unfortunately, no, you can't use Facebook package data for video or voice calls on Facebook. This is to comply with Facebook's policies. But you can view photos, videos and other things without any problem.

How can I use free Facebook on Zong?

In order to use Facebook for free on Zong Connection, you need to switch from data mode to free mode. Or you can download the Free Basics app or visit 0.freebasics.com to enjoy Facebook. And not only that, you can also browse many other websites.

Terms and Conditions

  • Rs 1+ tax / MB will be charged after using the data.
  • The balance will not be refunded on subscribing to them.
  • Check the remaining resources. Dial * 102 # on charges of Rs. 0.12.
  • Disconnect data session before checking internet resources.
  • General Sales Tax (GST) of 19.5% applies to usage (if applicable)
  • 16% of federal excise duty (FED) applies to usage (where applicable)
  • Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 10% is applicable on each recharge.
  • Only prepaid GSM users are eligible for this offer.
  • Data resources can only be used on content types on Facebook, including Facebook Messenger.
  • Your SIM is your identity; Use only SIMs issued by biometric verification - PTA
  • Unwanted and immoral (irrational) messages can be reported by sending SENDER's NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 –PTA.
  • The following taxes/charges will apply

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