Rs. 750/- Prize Bond list Draw 90 (15 April 2022) Karachi

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Rs. 750/- Prize Bond list Draw 90 (15 April 2022) Karachi
Rs. 750/- Prize Bond list Draw 90 (15 April 2022) Karachi


Rs.750 Prize Bond (Draw No.90/ 15 April 2022) List

Karachi (Friday, April 15, 2022): The draw of the National Savings of Pakistan Prize Bond of Rs. 750 was held on Friday, April 16, 2022, in Karachi. This lottery number is 90 from the lottery of 750 prize bonds of National Savings. ( Complete lottery of Rs. 750 prize bond on 15th April 2022 through National Savings of Pakistan.

The draw list of the full prize bond of Rs. 750 will be published by here on Friday, April 15, 2022. The complete list of Rs 1,500 prize bonds will be available in Karachi today. This is the 90th prize lot 750 prize bond in Pakistan.

The complete list of Rs 750 prize bonds will be updated today, April 15, 22 on Karachi Draw Complete List Rs 750 Prize Bonds Announced April 15, 2022. The National Savings Focal Directorate of the National Savings Government of Pakistan will conduct a lottery or ballot of prize money. 750 Prize Bond Lottery Result Rs. 750 Karachi 15 April 2022 Complete List by National Savings.

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Check Rs.750/- Draw #90 Result & List

Participants can easily check out the # 90 Prize Bond lottery from this page.

We will Update Full List of Winners As Soon As Possible.

Prize Bond Information
Prize Bond Worth: Rs.750
City/Area: Karachi
Announcing Date: row3 col 2
First Winning Prize: row4 col 2
Second Prize for Each winner: Rs.500,000/-
1696 Winners Prize: Rs. 9,300/- Each.
Draw No: 90

First Prize of Rs.1,500,000/-


Second Prize of Rs.500,000/- each.

207865 529894 829039

1696 Winners of the third prize of Rs. 9,300/-  Each:

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What Is Price Bond?

A prize bond is a security that is offered by the government of a country to its citizens. Prize bonds are similar to savings bonds in that the holder of a prize bond is guaranteed a return on their investment, although the return is usually not as high as with a savings bond. Prize bonds are also similar to lottery tickets in that the holder of a prize bond has a chance to win a prize. The size of the prize depends on the amount of the bond and the number of winners.

The 750 Prize bond is a saving bond that is available from the Pakistani government. The bond is available in denominations of Rs750, Rs1,000, Rs5,000, and Rs10,000. The bond earns a fixed rate of return, and the holder is eligible to receive the prize money if the bond is drawn. The holder may also redeem the bond at any time for the face value plus interest.

The Rs. 750 Prize Bond Draw for Karachi was held on the 15th of April, 2022. The draw was held in the presence of National Savings officials. The first prize of the draw was Rs.1,500,000/- while the second prize was Rs.500,000/- each. and 1696 Prize(s) of 9,300/-  Each, respectively.

Rs.750/- Prize Bond Info

Rs. 750/- Prize Bond is a low denomination prize bond with a face value of Rs 750. This bond is one of the most popular prize bonds in Pakistan. It is also known as the “entry-level” prize bond. 

This prize bond is issued in series. The bond serial number can be found on the right-hand side of the bond. The bond denomination, series, and year can be found on the top left-hand corner of the bond. 


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