Jazz Peshawar & Chakwal haftawar offer 2024

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Jazz Peshawar & Chakwal haftawar offer 2023
Jazz Peshawar & Chakwal haftawar offer 2024

Jazz Peshawar and chakwal City customers now get 10GB internet, 100 All Network Mins, Free Tamasha App, for just Rs.195 (Incl. Tax) on a weekly basis more details are given below.

If you live in Peshawar and Chakwal and are looking for a good package then this special bundle is for you, all you have to do is subscribe to this weekly bundle.

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Jazz Peshawar & Chakwal haftawar offer - Detail

Jazz Peshawar & Chakwal offer Detail
Data: 10GB (10,000Mbs)
Off-net Minutes: 100
Free Resources: Jazz Tv
Price: Rs.195 (Incl. Tax)
Required Balance: Rs. 230
Validity: 7 Days
Subscription Code: Dial *109#
Status code: *109*2#
Offer info Code: *109*3#
Deactivation Code: *109*4#
Helpline: Call 111

  • Using the Peshawar Weekly Offer, the user subscribes to the Peshawar Weekly Offer by dialing * 109 # to get 7 days free subscription on Tamasha App.
  • In response, Jazz will inform the customer via SMS that you will get 7 days free on the Tamasha app by dialing * 2299 #.
  • Users dial * 2299 # and receive a text message.
  • After clicking on the link in the SMS, the user will download the app from Google Play / iOS, register his number on the app and enjoy the subscription-free spectacle app streaming.


How can I check my Jazz Chakwal package?

Jazz users can check the remaining resources of their Chakwal package by dialing * 109 * 2 #.

How can I check my Jazz Haftawar package?

You can check your haftawar package through "jazz world" app or by dialing *109*2#.

How can I check my Jazz Gujarat offer?

Jazz users can check the status of each of their packages by dialing * 2 # with their bundle subscription code.

How do I subscribe to 10GB weekly Jazz?

By dialing *109# you can easily activate this bundle.

Terms and Conditions

  • Limited time offer, subject to change at any time.
  • Upon subscription to the offer, the user will receive 10 GBs of data.
  • Use of data on Tamasha app is not free and data bundle will be used from within MB.
  • The bundle will not automatically subscribe and will need to be re-subscribed when it expires.
  • Dial the bundle status code to check the remaining MB and accuracy.
  • Internet offer can be subscribed and used in areas of 2G / 3G / 4G networks.
  • Bundled minutes / MB will be usable 24 hours a day (no time constraint).
  • The actual speed of the Internet depends on many factors such as SIM card, device, web pages visited, time of day, number of concurrent users, distance to 2G / 3G / 4G sites.
  • This offer is only suitable for use in Peshawar and Chakwal.
  • Offer Multiple subscriptions are allowed.
  • Call setup fee is not applicable on offer.

Tamasha app T&C

How do I access the show for free?

You can subscribe to Peshawar Weekly Offer by dialing * 109 # and by dialing * 2299 # your access to Tamasha app will be activated for 7 days. Data will be used from Peshawar Weekly Offer but there will be no additional subscription charges for Tamasha app.

How much does it cost and how many MB can I get if I choose the Peshawar Haftawar offer?

You can select Peshawar Weekly Offer by dialing * 109 #. From you, Rs.175 Inc. Tax will be charged and you will get 80 all network minutes, 10,000 MBs, and a free spectacle app subscription for 7 days.

Q. How many TV channels and main features of Tamasha App mobile app?

Tamasha has 50+ TV channels with PSL cricket streaming. Plus, you can enjoy 400+ titles of popular channels and 5000+ hours of TV VOD. PSL streams are only available during a game. Also, once you sign up, you can enjoy these cool features.

  1. Rewind Live TV for 7 days so you can revive your favorite pieces from the show.
  2. Record and share your favorite content.
  3. Picture in picture mode, so you can scroll while watching your favorite show.
  4. Screen controls for better experience.

What platforms can I use to access the Tamasha app?

You can download Android apps from Google PLAY and iOS apps from Apple App Store. Downloading the app from the relevant App Store will be charged according to your data plan.

If I use 100% of my allotted MBs 7 days before my Peshawar Weekly Offer, will I be able to watch spectacle channels?

In case of bundle MB consumption or bundle expiration, you can re-subscribe to Peshawar Weekly Offer or you can choose Tamasha Bundle to watch TV channel at price points below. You can subscribe to the following plans by accessing the in-app purchase options.

Package Name

Price Point

Tamasha Daily Model


Tamasha Weekly Model


Tamasha Monthly Model


* FUP applies.

Is Peshawar Weekly offer repetitive non-repetitive?

It is non-repetitive, to avail the free trail of Tamasha application you have to subscribe to Peshawar Weekly Offer and dial * 2299 # again.

Other Information

  • Consumers will be informed about the consumption of MBs through bundled information alerts.
  • If a user uses all the allocated MB, he will be charged according to his bundle average rate of Rs. 1 / MB while the validity of the bundle is still ineffective.
  • If the bundle has expired and the user does not have any other data bundle subscribed, then the user will be charged according to the basic rate ie PKR 3.6 / MB.
  • The user can subscribe to regular daily, weekly, and monthly packages with the application billing options.
  • Upon re-subscribing to Peshawar Weekly Offer, bundled privileges will be added and the latest accuracy will apply.
  • However, customers will still need to dial * 2299 # to extend their Tamasha app subscription to the latest.
  • The current flow of the Tamasha app will apply to all non-bundled users.
  • If any existing user of the Tamasha app opts for Peshawar Weekly Offer, it will terminate its existing paid daily / weekly / monthly Tamasha app subscription and the user will be informed that his subscription is free.
  • However, data from Peshawar Weekly Bundle will be used.
  • After the weekly Mega Plus expires, customers will be able to use the remaining period from their prepaid subscription to the Tamasha app.
  • If a user is a Peshawar Weekly Active Bundle user and manually selects the Pad Daily Bundle for spectacle from the App Billing Page, he/she will be notified that all his / her Provision Package will be removed and he/she will receive only Daily Package only. Will be subscribed to

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