Zong MB check code 2024 - How to Check Zong Remaining Mbs

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Zong MB check code
Zong MB check code

If Zong prepaid sim users want to check the remaining Mbs of their Zong data package then dial * 102 * 4 # on your mobile phone. 

Zong users should know how much Internet MB or data they have left whenever they subscribe to the Zong Internet package. Here we will learn how to check Zong's remaining MBs. This code is very easy to use for prepaid users of Zong. They also need to know about other resources like Zong On-Net and Off-Net Minutes, SMS, or Internet MB checking codes. So here are the complete details of the MB check code.

We are sharing some ways to check Zong's resources for free. Below you will find the full details.

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How to Check Zong Package Remaining Resources

So many people search on the internet about how to check the remaining resources of their package. now we are sharing zong official resource checking code, people check their full resources by checking one code or also they check separately their Mbs, SMS, Minutes, etc we have mentioned all codes in the table.

Zong Resources checking code Details
All Resources Check Code (MBs, Minutes, SMS) Dial *102*1#
Remaining Internet MBs Check Code Dial *102*4#
Remaining Minutes Check Code Dial *102*3#
Remaining SMS Check Code Dial *102*2#

How to Check Zong Remaining Data 

You can check the remaining resources through * 102 # Inquiry Service.

  • To check the summary dial * 102 #, and answer with 1.
  • Answer with 2 to check the minutes.
  • Answer with 3 to check SMS.
  • Answer with 4 to check internet resources

Charges Rs 0.10 + Tax / SMS

How to Check Zong Remaining Mbs Through My Zong App

Zong users also check remaining MBS through my zong application zong provided almost every offer and service in their application this is the best way to check the free remaining MBs of your bundle you just need to download my zong application on your mobile and sign in with your account if you don't have an account so go for creating a new account you can add a new account by adding your zong number and after login process, you will see your current package remaining resources 

How to Check Zong Remaining Mbs Through Zong Ecare App

There is also a way to check the remaining MBs by using Zong Ecare. Very few users use this method. If you wish, you can use it to check the rest of your internet.

All you need to do is log in to Zong eCare. Immediately after logging in, you will see MBs of your Zong SIM in the "Data usage graphical view" in the dashboard menu.

Some Details:

* 310 # is a zong service through which users can subscribe/unsubscribe packages, recharge their account, get information of all the latest bundles, and much more. Now prepaid, MBB, and Internet SIM users can avail of the following features through this service.

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