Telenor Weekly & Monthly Easy Cards 2024

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Telenor 4G has launched Easy Cards for its customers. In this article, we are trying to share all the official Easy Cards so if you are looking for Weekly and Monthly Easy Cards then you are at the right place.

Telenor Offering Good Packages All The Time For its Customers Telenor Offering Easy cards and Super Cards through these Cards Customers Get All Types of Resources For their Daily Use In Lower Rates to High Rates So If You want So Many Calling Minutes Or Internet Data SoYou Can Easy Card And Subscribe For Monthly And Weekly Basis

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Telenor Easy Cards - Details

We are Sharing four Weekly Easy Cards And four Monthly Which is Mentioned Below With Their Prices So if You Want to Subscribe Any Easy Cards we are Giving Details Below With All Information

  1. Weekly Easy Card 150
  2. Weekly Easy Card Plus 190
  3. Weekly Easy Card Mega 240
  4. Mega Plus Weekly Easy Card 280

Monthly Easy Cards

  1. Monthly Easy Card 450
  2. Monthly Easy Card 600
  3. MonthlyEasy Card 800
  4. Easy Card 1000

Telenor Weekly Easy Cards Rs. 150/ Rs. 175/ Rs. 250/ Rs.300 
Telenor Monthly Easy Cards Rs. 450/ Rs. 600/ Rs. 800/ Rs. 1000

We are sharing eight easy cards in these cards on a weekly and monthly basis. You will get 1500mbs to 15,000 Mbs and you will get SMS Also on-net, off-net minutes. these on-net minutes are only used for Calling on PTCL and Telenor numbers. So Get These Super Cards and Enjoy.

More Details Are Given in the Table Sections.

Super CardsHow to Subscribeon-net minutesOff-net minutesInternet dataSMS
Super CardsWeekly Easy Card in PKR 160How to SubscribeDial *963#on-net minutes1000 minutesOff-net minutes50 minutesInternet data1500 MBsSMS 0
Super CardsWeekly Easy Card Plus Rs. 180 incl. taxHow to SubscribeDial *175#on-net minutes1500 minutesOff-net minutes80 minutesInternet data3 GBSMS1500
Super CardsWeekly Easy Card Mega Rs. 260 incl. taxHow to SubscribeDial *003#on-net minutes5000 minutesOff-net minutes100 minutesInternet data24GB (Incl. 12GB 1AM - 11AM)SMS5000
Weekly EasyCard Extreme Rs. 350 incl. taxHow to Subscribeon-net minutes7500 minutesOff-net minutes200 minutesInternet data20GB (Incl. 20GB 1AM - 11AM)SMS7500
Super CardsMonthly Easy Card in PKR 450How to SubscribeDial *350#on-net minutes500 minutesOff-net minutes50 minutesInternet data1 GB + 2 GB WhatsAppSMS500
Super CardsMonthly Easy Card in PKR 600How to SubscribeDial *530#on-net minutes3000 minutesOff-net minutes150 minutesInternet data6GB+6GB (1am to 11am)SMS3000
Super CardsMonthly Easy Card in PKR 800How to SubscribeDial *80#on-net minutes5000 minutesOff-net minutes300 minutesInternet data9GB+9GB (1am to 11am)SMS5000
Super CardsMonthly Easy Card in PKR 1000How to SubscribeDial *248#on-net minutes7,000 minutesOff-net minutes450 minutesInternet data15GB+15GB (1am-11am)SMS10,000


How to Check Remaining Mbs?

The remaining MBs can be checked By Dialing *999#.

How to Check Remaining Minutes?

The remaining Minutes can be checked by dialing *222#.

How to Check Remaining SMS?

You Can Check Your remaining SMS by dialing *111#.

How to Check Remaining Balance?

The remaining balance can be checked by dialing *444#.

How to Check Status?

The remaining Offer Resources can be checked by dialing *123#.

Terms & Conditions

  • After Activating any of the Easy Card mentioned above, the customer cannot refund the amount.
  • All Telenor Digital SIM Prepaid customers are eligible for this offer.
  • Call Setup fees are not applicable.
  • The Price & Incentives may change based on the geographic location of the customer.
  • After the expiry of the Bundle standard tax/Charges for off-net/on-net calls & Internet data as per the customer’s price plan will be charged.
  • This offer will not be renewed once it expires, Offer will be Deactivated automatically once the validity is completed.
  • These Bundles can be subscribed multiple times within validity.
  • In case of re-Activation during the validity of any Easy Card mentioned above, the offer will be again valid for Monthly (or 7 days if it is Weekly Easy Card) (Ahead of 23:59 at midnight on the last day) 
  • Customers who take this Plan via recharge/Load/Retailer shall have their existing recharge validity enhanced up to a maximum of 90 days.
  • Postpaid users loading this card/easy load shall get the balance as per ongoing business practice(That is the balance stated after deducting the relevant tax and service charge). 
  • Customers may use any other offer along with this plan.
  • plans are available nationwide.
  • Subscribers can check their free incentives/ balance by dialing free string *123#.
  • plans mechanics and price are subject to change at any time by Telenor.

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