Girls Phone Number | Pakistani girls WhatsApp number

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Girls Phone Number | Pakistani girls WhatsApp number
Girls Phone Number | Pakistani girls WhatsApp number

Girls Phone Number

Friends, today I will tell you some tricks that you can use to get the number of any girl and also we will tell you how you can make a girlfriend after getting the number because nowadays The boy gets the number but the number is of no use because he doesn't know what to do with the girl and how to talk.

Trust And Confidence

The first point is that you can't get a number without her trust The first thing you need to do is get the girl to trust you, then get the number is not a difficult task and you need to start talking with her And the things that it means like if she watches a drama or a movie, you can show her that you like this drama too and you have seen it many times, it has got you interested. And if you want to get the number of a Facebook or Instagram friend, you have to do the same. You have to go to his profile and check which pages and groups she has joined.

Then you have to join these groups and take note of this girl's activity and find out what this girl is doing nowadays, then you also have to take interest in these things. And you have to convey to this girl that you are also interested in these things And then in the groups that you have joined by commenting under this girl's posts and always remember one thing, the girl does not post on her Facebook account as much as the groups do. And she spends most of her time in these groups So try to join the group in which the girl posts as much as possible and keep one thing in mind Make your account attractive so that viewers are attracted to your account and post a good profile picture

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Five psychology Tips 

No.1 Mere Exposure Effect

Do you know why companies spend so much on advertising? They advertise in newspapers, they advertise on television, they put up banners, they advertise in sports matches, so why do companies want you more See Their Products The reason for the psychology behind hearing the name of the company and seeing this company is that when you hear or see something over and over again, you start liking it more and you start believing in it. The same formula would apply to dating if you look like an unknown girl, then after a few days she will start noticing you and soon she will start believing in you and there are many chances that if She is single She will start liking you

No.2 Make it Known That You Like Her

Friends, you know that if your friend tells you that you know that Nisha likes you, then from the next day onwards, you will start noticing Nisha the most. You will start noticing the sign Similarly if a girl finds out that you like her, she will notice you too, but here I want to make it clear to you that you have to doubt her mind. You like it and you can cast doubt on your behaviour If she confirms that you like her, she will gradually lose interest in you. So always keep doubts in her mind This will make her think more about you and notice you So most likely she will start liking you.

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No.3 Pre Selection

Friends, there was a research in which two identical products were placed outside a shop and both had the same prize. The product that was A was of very good quality and the product that was B  was of normal quality. But outside of Product B, they had gathered their own people So all the people who came to his shop hated product A and did not hate product B while product A was of good quality so it is called pre-selection. Our brain is made in such a way that it likes such a thing. Which most people like So if you are surrounded by a lot of girls, that girl will start liking you too If you go to a school or you go to a college And if you are surrounded by a lot of girls, that girl will be impressed with you very soon Because this girl will feel so special that this guy who lives in the house of so many girls, even after he liked me, that girl will be impressed with you very soon.

NO.4 Have Standards

Friends, no girl wants to be the boyfriend of a boy who has no standard and he wants to be the girlfriend of any girl. If you are a guy who wants to find a girlfriend anyway, anyone can find one anyway, just become his girlfriend, do you think a girl should like such a boy? Don't like it at all And I'm sorry to hear that so many boys these days have completely broken their standard The craze to make girlfriends is so much that they just want a girl. Of course no matter what the girl is. So please brother set your standard and find a girl you really like, not just any girl and you get ready to make her your girlfriend

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NO.5 Celebrity Effect

Friends, a girl obeys her friend the most, so if her friend says that the boy is good, then it is good, and if the girl's friend says that the boy is bad, then he is bad. So your first goal should be to be his friend's friend so that his friend likes you and when his friend will like you So girls have a habit of not talking to their friend. Dude, this guy is very good Will compliment you in front of your friend it is also called an indirect way in which you will become good in front of his friend So that girl will start liking you too, so you should make her friend your best friend So that her friend will compliment you in front of dew and once her friend compliments you in front of her then that girl will start liking you And even when you are in a relationship, this friend of hers will help you a lot to make this relationship successful.

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