Bekaar films cast

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Bekaar films cast
Bekaar films cast 

Bekaar films

Hello Guys Today We are Going to Talk About Pakistani Youtube Channel Bekaar films Cast And How The Channel Has Start And Who's Start Bekaar films, Bekaar films Cast Was And Bekaar films Now How They Get The Ideas And Making So Much Funny And Entertaining Content We are Also Share The Bekaar films Journey Which Years They Started And On The Which Platforms They Are Working.

Bekaar Films Channel was made by four people together and they were Ghazanfar Jafari Radha Aasim, Mubeenul Haq and Sami Rehman. All four were studying at the Same university. They studied media and the arts. And be good friends later And they worked privately for a while and then the four of them created a page on Facebook in 2014 called Bekaar Films. In those days, YouTube was banned in Pakistan. They started making videos as an amateur and when YouTube became UNBAN in Pakistan, they also created a YouTube channel and started uploading videos on it.

And gradually people started liking their videos and their channel became popular and now their channel has 1.15M subscribers. Besides, these four have created more channels and also created their own separate channels. Ghazalfer is married to Rida and now they have a son.

Bekaar films cast
Bekaar films cast 

Bekaar films cast 

Ghazanfar Jaffery, Rida Aasim Islam, Mubeenul Haq and Sami Rehman are in the cast of Bekaar Films. If any one of these four has any idea, then they all together prepare the script for this idea and then start shooting. These are all director, scriptwriters and cameramen. When none of them had a scene, he would be a cameraman. Besides, these four would have put their wives in this job sometimes. Ghazanfar does video editing and graphics work with them

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