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Perfume Movie Download
Perfume Movie Download

Perfume Movie Download

Hello Dosto Aj Hum Baat Kerny ja rehy he Most famous Movie Perfume ky Bary me ye Movie 2006 ke Most famous Movie thee me ap sub ko Recommend kero ga k Ek Dafa ap ye movie zroor dekh ly is Movie ko Direct Kia he Tom Tykwer ny or is movie ke Screenplay pesh kiy he Andrew Birkin, Bernd Eichinger and Tom Tykwer NY ye Movie Based he Patrick Süskind ke Famous Novel Perfum py is Movie ky stars he Ben Whishaw, Alan Rickman, Rachel Hurd-Wood and Dustin Hoffman.

Perfume The Story Of a Murderer Movie Story Explained

The story of the film starts at the prison where a chained prisoner is shown And the coming soldiers open the prisoner and take them, prisoner, in the balcony while dragging Where all citizens are seen shouting and calling him a murderer and bloody beast Jailer asks a guard to announce his punishment. In front of the crowd, the guard announces that the court has declared his punishment of hanging after two days, But before hanging, the executioner will break his hands and feet, And all People are thrilled with excitement hearing it. At last, who is that killer?

 Let's see Now the story reverses a few years ago where we see a view of Paris Fishmarket, which was the most stinking place in the city People used to earn their bread and butter selling fish and meat. Here we see a fish seller lady who breeds a dead child, And this lady had also bred four dead children before, and she kicks them into the stream with the rotten fish. But she gave birth alive child now. But thinking him dead, she also throws him into a stream. Now that child weeps due to the odious smell of rotten fish. Standing people there catch the sight of this child and curse his mother. 

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This child is the same prisoner who was announced punishment. His name was Jean. He possessed two qualities. Firstly, he has such a nose having a perfect sense of smell. And secondly, if someone leaves him, that person was dead somehow. As his mother, who had thrown him after his birth, is sentenced to death. And Jean is sent to the orphanage of Madam Gulaut, 

who used to foster the children only for the sake of money. But the children in the orphanage feel insecure taking their importance, so they try to kill Jean. But Gulaut saves him coming there and beats those children. Facing difficulties in Orphanage, Jean is unable to utter a word for five years. But using his sense of smell, he knows about everything. Due to the short capacity in the orphanage, Gulaut sells him to the collector of animal skins at 13 years old. As Jean leaves from there, some thieves kill Gulaut stealing all her money. 

The buyer of Jean takes hard work from Jean, And he also takes him to the city were coming out from odor, Jean first time takes the taste of the beautiful World and scents Leaving luggage, Jean is attracted to a perfume shop seeing it. He looks at a shopkeeper holding a very famous perfume. And at the same time, he smells another scent coming from a fruit seller girl. He is enchanted by her. That girl offers him fruit taking him hungrily, but Jean catches the hand of her On it, 

 She leaves the place feeling fear. But Jean finds her using his sense of smell. He sits at the backside of her. The girl suspects someone's presence at her backside, And she shouts in fear. But Jean presses her mouth to avoid the people's attention. So the people may not gather there. As the people leave, Jean removes the from the mouth of girl putting her dead, And her scent is gone gradually, leaving Jean astonished, where will the scent dissolve? Now Let's talk about another character who was the great perfumer of the city of Paris, And his job had gone down with the arrival of new perfumers in the city. 

He used to imitate the other perfumers. On the same evening, Jean visits his shop for the delivery of the goatskin, And he looks at the variety of perfumes there. Sensing the smell of Baldini's body, Jean says that he can make such perfume for him. And Baldini makes fun of him.

 Jean tells him about the power of his ability. Baldini gives him a chance. Making perfumes, Jean gives them to Baldini, who senses the smell of amor in them. This perfume was the most famous, So Baldini is left astonished. Seeing it, Jean ensures him that he can also make the best perfume. Sensing it's a smell, Baldini misses his beloved. 

He has got so much talent. Now Baldini buys Jean from  Grimil. At the same night drunkard, Grimil is dead falling into a stream. Baldini and his perfumes get popularity in Paris because of Jean, And he teaches Jean about his methods of making perfumes.

 He tells Jean, every perfume has three sets in which each consists of four scents. It means total scents are 12, which can be differentiated by human beings easily. Otherwise, No existed man in this World can match this perfume if someone makes the 13th perfume. Jean becomes emotional about it thinking he will be able to make it. And he asks Baldini to teach it's processing, promising to give it's the best method throughout the World. 

Baldini tells the process of adding 10,000 flowers into the bottle according to its designed machine, .which he had learned it before coming to Paris. One day Baldini finds Jean weeping. As Baldini asks the reason, Jean calls him a liar, saying that his told method is unsuccessful. 

I could not capture the iron and glass into a bottle. After Baldini's incident, Jean loses his conscience. Now Baldini is got worried thinking about the loss of fame as Jean falls ill. Jean asks the other processes from Baldini, and he tells him to extract perfume from the fat of the animal's skin. Baldini orders him to go to Grasse. He takes 1000 formulas in return. Jean learns the work going to Grasse as Baldini sends him from there. 

As Jean leaves, Baldini's house is dashed out into dust, putting him into death. Going to Grasse, Jean first time realizes a sense of freedom. He was the slave of no one and could make his own decisions. Now there are two ways which lead to Grasse. One leads through the village while the other is through the mountain. Now he begins to go through the mountains. 

On the way, he observes a cave where he stays for rest. He sleeps peacefully spending many days there, and once he dreams of that fruit seller girl. Awaking in confusion, Jean begins to smell his body but does not feel his self perfume. While showering in the rain outside, he realizes that he has not his self smell. The next morning, he leads to Grasse, he senses the same fruit seller girl's perfume. He sees the prettiest girl getting off the carriage. Seeing, he pursues her and comes to Grasse . Following this girl, he enters a palace which owns by the richest person Richis And that beautiful girl Laura is his daughter, Who was the most beautiful girl in Grasse. 

 Jean works here under a lady whose husband keeps a strict eye on Jean. Living in their company, Jean learns the two ways to extract perfume from animal's fat. He applies the first method over his female coworker and boils that girls dead body in a tank with animals fat, but he cannot achieve success. In the second process, 

he takes a streetwalker in which he uses animal's fat glossing on a cloth. Killing her, Jean shaves her head. And glossing her dead body, he wraps it into cloth. And he becomes successful while extracting perfume from that cloth according to a told method of Baldini, which he applies on streetwalkers pet dog for checking. Then he makes a set of 13 bottles told by Baldini. 

It means the murder of a person for each bottle. At Laura's birthday party, all girls and boys play there to hide and seek. Finding a chance, Jean also arrives there and attacks Laura. But she is survived, and the twin girls at the party are disappeared. Now we know that Jean makes the first two bottles of the set, killing these two girls. And both girls' dead bodies are seen floating in the water under the bridge of the city. After it, the chain of girls murders begins in the whole town. 

And frightened people start to lock their outside doors of houses to save their daughters. But Jean prepares the 12 sets of the bottle and mix all into a big bottle. Now, he needs one more bottle to make the perfect perfume. 

It means the murder of Laura. Observing, Richis says that all victim girls were young. With no mark of seduction on their body. This murderer has killed them for a reason. All people visit the church for help, and the church father agrees to help. A man Coming there informs about being caught by that murderer. all people are filled with joy, hearing it. 

Richie does not believe in this news. Worrying about his daughter, he decided to leave Grasse, so he escapes with his daughter the next day. Jean senses the smell of going Laura from the city. Following her, he finds her with his ability.

On the other side, the streetwalker dog detects the hair and clothes of its owner lady in the Jeans room, which is known by Droot, who was the coworker with Jean. Investigations of police discover the clothe and hair of other girls. 

Riches stay the whole night in a hotel with his daughter Laura and keeps the keys to her daughters room in his room. Jean steals the key from his room, going to Laura's room. Next day, Coming into Laura's room, Richis weeps bitterly, finding Laura's dead body. Now Jean makes the thirteenth bottle mixing it into his final bottle, and becomes successful. Now Jean is arrested by police. 

The story again begins where the punishment is being announced after two days. People come to see the end of Jean remotely. As they bring him out from the prison, Finding chance, Jean opens the lid bottle. As the people stand for the wait of Jean, he moves to the executioner coming out from the carriage as a prince. The executioner kneels down and calls Jean blameless while weeping. Now Jean also sprinkles perfume on a handkerchief, and all people feel the taste of heaven as he waves it in the air. And all call him an angel. 

Jean takes himself as the savior of mankind. And he throws his handkerchief among the people. And within a time all people start making love without discrimination of younger, elder, poor, rich, black, white, etc. Observing this, Jean feels true love. He misses that fruit seller girl. He thinks that by loving her as such, he could make her own. Believing it, 

he is saddened and starts weeping. Suddenly, Richis reaches there, holding a sword in his hand to murder Jean. But the magic of perfume also makes him uncontrollable. Bending down at his feet, he asks forgiveness. Jean realizes his mistake; he departs the city. Later, the effect of perfume is disappeared among the citizens. 

Now Jean moves to his birthplace fishmarket. Bringing out the perfume bottle from his pocket, he pours over him. Noticing this, all sitting people there are inclined on him due to the effect of perfume tearing him. In this way, Jean's life is ended.

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Perfume full movie download


Movie Cast & Crew 

This Movie release: 14-Sep-2006.

Movie Category: Drama, Thriller.

This Movie Directed by : Tom Tykwer.

This Movie Produces by : Bernd Eichinger.

This Movie Distribute by : 
DreamWorks Pictures, Constantin Film Metropolitan Filmexport.

Production Companies: 
Castelao Productions, Neff Productions, VIP Medienfunds 4.

Movie Edited by : Alexander Berner.

This Movie Music From : 
Reinhold Heil , Johnny Klimek , Tom Tykwer.

Cinematography: Frank Griebe.

Movie Screenplay : 
Andrew Birkin , Bernd Eichinger , Tom Tykwer.

Movie Based on : 
Perfume by Patrick Süskind.

Movie Running time: 147 minutes.

Movie Bugged: 60 Million Dollar.

Movie Box Office: 135 Million Dollar.

Country & Language: United States of America & English language.

This Movie Starring : 
  • Ben Whishaw as Jean-Baptiste Grenouille.
  • Sian Thomas as Madame Gaillard.
  • Dustin Hoffman as Giuseppe Baldini.
  • Sam Douglas as Grimal.
  • Rachel Hurd-Wood as Laure Richis.
  • Alan Rickman as Antoine Richis.
  • Birgit Minichmayr as Grenouille's mother.
  • Corinna Harfouch as Madame Arnulfi.
  • Carlos Gramaje as Police Lieutenant.
  • Karoline Herfurth a redheaded girl selling plums.
  • Jessica Schwarz as Natalie.
  • David Calder as Bishop of Grasse.
  • Sara Forestier as Jeanne.
  • Joanna Griffiths as Marianne.
  • Paul Berrondo as Druot.
  • Timothy Davies as Chenier.
  • Otto Sander as the narrator. German.
  • John Hurt as the narrator English


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