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"The Comeback Trail" (2020) full Movie Cast & crew in hindi
"The Comeback Trail" (2020) full Movie Cast & crew in Hindi

The Comeback Trail

So there's a trailer out for a new Robert de Niro film called the comeback trail de Niro, of course, has had one of the very best careers of an actor in film history but his output over the last 15 years or so has left a lot to be desired the Irishman was an amazing performance one that showed he still has the goods when called upon and good turns in films like the joker and being cast in promising films such as Martin Scorsese's upcoming killers of the flower moon 

suggests we may be getting a bit of a renaissance from bobby d this isn't dino's first film to come out after the Irishman which was released last year you might have heard of this kids movie called the war with grandpa in which de Niro plays an old dude engaged with war with his grandson because he took his room I've actually seen that film and my review will be coming out in a couple of days 

the comeback trail looks like it does have some promise to it given the talent involved and the trailer itself it's hard to tell really I thought the trailer looked quite good and was interesting and there are some strong names attached but that obviously doesn't mean anything these days and this could end up another forgettable de Niro outing but i am hopeful it's directed by George Gallo 

I haven't seen anything he's made but he has written one or two known projects the best of which was a midnight run an excellent 1988 action comedy also starring de niro in which he plays a bounty hunter trying to bring in an accountant wanted by the mob that was a terrific comedy with some great action set pieces and some genuine hot if the comeback trail is anywhere near the quality of midnight run then we'll have a very decent film on our hands so in this movie which is a remake of a 1982 film two movie producers 

who own money to the mob decide to set up the aging film star in an insurance scam by killing him off and hilarity ensures this is an action-comedy and just like with a midnight run de Niro surprisingly doesn't play a mobster but rather he's this scruffy comical wacky-looking movie producer morgan freeman plays the gangster who threatens de Niro's life and Tommy lee jones is the film act that de Niro is looking to pump off 

I like movies about making movies and this one seems to be set in the 70s or something with the characters all looking very retro and funky going off the trailer de Niro is the lead in the film or the worst co-lead it's a pretty strong trailer  I'm ready to cringe anytime I see dino in anything these days because he always does paycheck rolls but he seems to be really giving it a go here 

he's got a lot of energy in his performance and the comedic timing in his lines in the trailer was on point i was getting a bit of a Rupert pumpkin vibe from daniel something about the way his character talks just the way he looks so weird like an Albert Einstein impersonator he really looks like he's going to town here and the story template in the movie has lots of room for laughs not too sure about that cgi fire but this is a good trailer and i do hope that this is going to be an entertaining little comedy.

Hello Dosto aj hum Baat Kearny ja rehy he Hollywood ke upcoming Movie The Comeback Trail k bary me is Movie ko Direct ker rehy he George Gallo or Is Movie k writer b George gello he ye Movie Remake he 1982 me aye hui The Comeback Trail Movie ke is Movie ke Story Kuch is terha he k 2 movie producer jinho ny aging star ke insurance se passy kamany ka Socha he or osy logo k samny pashe Kia jiy ga or is Act ko kerty Huy aging star mar jiy ga ESA in dono producer ka plan tha lekin onhy apni imagination se Kuch Zada dekhny ko milta he.

 I Hope Guy's apko yeh information Achi lgi ho egr ap Kisi or Movie ke bary me information chahty he ya is Movie k bary me to ap humari is site py check ker skty he or egr koi information jo nehi majood ap humy humary FB page ProSaad py a ker req ker skty he.

Movie Original Storyline: Two movie producers who owe money to the mob set up their aging movie star for an insurance scam to try and save themselves. But they wind up getting more than they ever imagined.

The Comeback Trail (2020) Trailer

  Movie Cast & Crew 

This Movie releasing on : 29-October-2021.

Movie Category : Crime, Action.

This Movie Directed by : George Gallo.

This Movie Produces by : 
Julie Lott Gallo, Joy Sirott Hurwitz, David Ornston, Steven Tyler Sahlein, Richard Salvatore, Ghalib Datta.

This Movie Distribute by : CloudBurst Entertainment.

Production Companies : 
March On Productions, Sprockefeller Pictures, Storyboard Media.

This Movie Music From : 
Aldo Shllaku.

Cinematography : 
Lucas Bielan.

Movie Story Written by : 
George Gallo, Josh Posner.

Movie Screenplay : 
George GalloJosh Posner.

Movie Based on : 
The Comeback Trail by Harry Hurwitz.

Country & Language : United States of America & English language.

The Comeback Trail (2020) Cast

  • Tommy Lee Jones as Duke Montana.
  • Robert De Niro as Max Barber.
  • Zach Braff as Dr. Walter Creason.
  • Morgan Freeman as Reggie Fontaine.
  • Emile Hirsch as James Moore.
  • Eddie Griffin as Devin Wilton.
  • Blerim Destani as Boris.
  • Kate Katzman as Megan Albert.