Zombie Land 2 full movie download in Hindi Dubbed

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Zombie Land 2 full movie download in Hindi Dubbed
Zombie Land 2 full movie download in Hindi Dubbed 


Zombie Land: Double Tap is a Bloody Blast. This long-awaited sequel is well worth the 10-year wait. A twisted blend of comedy & horror with bigger & batter zombies. The entire cast is great but Zoey Deutch as Madison steals every scene & is the movie.

Zombie Land 2 original storyline:
Zombie slayers Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock square off against the newly evolved undead. 

Zombie Land 2 Full Movie 

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Our thoughts about storyline: After ten years we will see zombie land double-tap movie with the same Actors who are in the zombie land first part and two more new ladies also added and Tallahassee(Woody Harrelson) doing the double role with a different team second Tallahassee team also a zombie hunter team and they meat and team up and kill more zombies Tallahassee may get the girl in this movie and little Rock leave her team and going to with Ewan and we may see bill Murray in Zombie character and we will see so many zombies and fun in this movie.

Movie Cast & Crew

Releasing date in cinema: 17/October 2019

Director of the film: Ruben Fleischer.

Production company: Columbia pictures 

Distribution by: Sony pictures

Music by: David Sardy.

Leading Actors: Emma Stone(Wichita ) Abigail Breslin(Little Rock), Jesse Eisenberg(Columbus), Woody Harrelson(Tallahassee), Zoey Deutch, Rosario Dawson, Luke Wilson

Movie playing time : 93mints

Country & Language: United States of America, English

Bugged of this film: 42 milion dollars.